SMITE Jungling Beginner’s Guide


SMITE Jungling Beginner?s Guide?by glenneten

Feel free to add or correct me on anything I say here 🙂

BUILDING A JUNGLER So, you called your role (or you instalocked that sh!t :P) and you got jungle. First thing you want to do as soon as the game begins is get a starter item for jungling. For fast hitting gods like Thanatos or Bakasura, Death?s Toll is solid. For most of the other junglers, I suggest getting Bumba?s Mask. Second get Hand of the Gods. You can get rank 2 hand of the Gods if you want a quick clear every 60 seconds. Alternatively, you can get hand of the Gods rank 1, and get Boots rank 1 to get some Movement speed going on. Grab an HP and a Mana pot.

BEGINNING OF GAME Now, if you start on Order side, go solo red, and then help Solo get his Blue Buff. This is the only moment in the game where you want Red Buff. For the rest of the game, you drop red buff exclusively for mid lane. If you start on Chaos side, you start with the solo laner, starting from orange buff and going on to blue buff. After this, go and assist your solo laner till lvl 3. Next thing you want to do ASAP is gank mid, especially if he doesn?t have an HP pot.

WHICH BUFFS GO TO WHO So now you are level 3, you are already feeling the jungler?s blood running trough your veins. The team relies on you to provide buffs for them to be better than the opposition. Buffs can give an amazing advantage, and boost your laners? performance. Generally, as soon as you are level 3 and go back to jungling after helping the solo laner, your red/orange buff has ran out. Clear the small exp camps. From now on, your job is to : A. clear mid camps. B. get orange buff for yourself. C. get red buff for you mid. D. get blue buff for your solo. E. clear small exp camps whenever you can. Don?t bother getting duo lane?s blue buff unless you have nothing to do. This will usually be taken care of by the support.

KEEPING UP WITH EXP AND LEVELLING Clear jungle camps as soon as they spawn, and if you feel confident, or the enemy jungler is dead/ far away, you can invade his jungle and steal the buffs. Remember this, the more time a buff camp is left standing, the more experience you are losing. Also, if you see that your ally is dead or has backed to base, defend his lane, try to clear AT LEAST 1 wave, it?s some free exp.

GANKING AND GETTING KILLS (or KS the sh!t out of your team 😉 ) Ok, so you have hand of the Gods, what now ? As a jungler, upgrade your Hand of the Gods to Fist of the gods. This will help in your ganks, where you have a stun in your arsenal to either help you get a kill, or help you escape as they are stunned. As soon as you see the enemy over pushing a lane, maybe too deep, punish. Immediately gank that lane and try to put down some dmg.

DUELLING/BOXING You might bump into a rotating enemy, or the enemy jungler himself. Get to know when in the game your god is the strongest, depending on your build and the god himself. A god such as Thanatos or Bakasura have a strong early game, so don?t hesitate to 1vs1 anyone early. (Don?t 1vs1 irl tho, we all know you would 360 no scope fakie fakie that fegit right ?).

TEAM FIGHTING So, your dumb Geb support went too deep to chase a kill, and now every single enemy and their grandparents are chasing him down. Suddenly everyone has gathered up and basic attacks can be seen being exchanged. A couple of abilities are popped here and there, and suddenly you have a full fledged teamfight going on. Now, as a jungler you should try to disengage a teamfight, by dealing some dmg and giving your team an advantage, or dealing a sh!t tonne of dmg to a high value target. Junglers like Hun Batz or Mercury can quickly disengage teamfights by using their ultimate, which combine dmg with cc. Other junglers like Serqet or Fenrir can focus dmg on the high value target on the enemy team, such as an enemy healer.

That?s all that comes to my mind when I am asked about how to jungle, I will answer any question and discuss any points 🙂

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