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SMITE Solo Lane God Selection Guide

SMITE Solo Lane God Selection Guide?by PokeFunAtYou

Hello all! This guide is directed towards players who would like to play the Solo lane in a competitive manner. I?m going over Pros and Cons of my top picks for the Solo lane and explaining why I choose these gods. This post is biased by myself, and may or may not follow the current meta trends depending on when you read this guide. There also maybe a few spelling errors. Please let me know if you find any that you?d like to be fixed. First off, I?d like to explain the 2 different kinds of Gods that I play in the solo lane. I prefer Carries and Pseudo-Supports in the Solo lane. I?ll break those 2 down now.

The Carry solo laner will be a god of high damage output, that has favorable boxing match-ups and/or team fight damage and positioning. Popular carry gods include but are not limited to: Mercury, Bakasura, He Bo, and Freya. Some features of building a carry solo laner include high damage items, offensive/defensive active that helps the carry, and/or Fist of the Gods.

The Pseudo-Support is most often a bruiser that can tank moderate damage and towers, but also supplies damage and utility to the team and during teamfights. Some popular Pseudo-Supports include but are not limited to: Hercules, Hel, Sun Wukong, and Thor. Some characteristics of building a Pseudo-Support include but are not limited to items with moderate damage/defense/health, actives that hinder the enemy team OR actively help teammates, and Hand of The Gods 3.

Okay so now for the picks. I?ll go through in no order and list a few gods, with pros and cons for each of the 2 roles.


Mercury- Very good mid/late game if played safe early, requires high farming, counters gods with low defenses and low CC, high mobility, excellent boxing with moderate team fighting, can be counter with actives

Vamana- Excellent during laning, mid, and late game, requires excellent positioning, very tanky with burst damage, can be countered by actives and items, easy to learn but difficult to master, Excellent in both Team fighting and boxing, diverse item build potential, easy to counter-build the opposing solo and enemy carries.

Osiris- High sustained damage with moderate defenses, has built in anti-healing counter, strong mid/late game, requires safe play during early lane phase, high farm requirement to play effectively, low mobility, excellent boxing and moderate team fight presence, insane amount of Slow capability, has a flexible item slot.

Ra- Has a supportish ability, low CC, high burst damage, excellent early/mid game, excellent split push, excellent team fight with a moderate boxing ability, easy to counter build/pick, difficult to gank during mid/late game, helps a lot with objective game play, high skill cap on abilities, THE JUKES!

Bakasura- One of the most unique gods to play in the solo lane, difficult to lane against, very high damage, ult has a cripple, low cc but high mobility, flexible build, one of the best boxers in game with a slightly below moderate team fight, difficult to counter pick, but easy to counter build, not as farm dependent, but if he gets ahead is one of the strongest carries in game.

Now onto the Pseudo supports.

Chaac- Unique god kit, moderate CC, great early/mid/late and easy to play, high healing, excellent chasing/escape mechanics, great mana efficiency, hard to counter pick/build, above average boxer with above average team fight, great initiation, easy to counter his damage.

Hercules- Excellent CC and displacement abilities, Great self healing, high base damage, excellent early/mid/late, can solo Gold Fury and FG very well at end game, shuts down most solo lane gods early, flexible build, high mana consumption in early game, and can be shut down easily by invading mana buff.

Tyr- Insane CC and displacement abilities, very high mobility and flexibility, great mid/late game, requires CDR to be most effective, moderate self healing, great boxing potential with above average team fighting, counters most mages, can play well even if behind, very high skill cap to play.

Hades- Great laning phase, moderate CC, difficult to gank, counters loki hard, used to shut down solo laners and deny their carry potential, awkward mid game with bad late game, terrible boxer late game with slightly below average team fight, works like thanatos to win the game before you go into late game.

Those are my top picks and hope you enjoyed the guide. Hope to see you in game!


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