SMITE Watching Replays Guide


SMITE Watching Replays Guide by Zyreal

Hey all,

I know a lot of people have been asking about the replay system, how it works, and how to use it. I decided to create a guide to help everyone easily get into a replay and enjoy the wonder of re-watching a match. I made a video guide which can be found at the bottom of this page if you prefer to watch rather than read.

First off, replays are available to everyone. The spectator client is exclusive to Hi-Rez and media members, but replays can be watched by anyone with a SMITE account. The difference is spectator can view LIVE matches, while replays are for matches already completed.

In order to watch a replay it must first have a server-side file created for it. Currently, the only matches that have a replay created are those spectated by someone using a spectator client and most top tier ranked games. If you find the match on the SMITE stats page, it will have a TV icon at the top of the page signalling that it is watchable by you.

Here is a match history with no icons, so these matches CANNOT be watched:

Here is a match list from a competitive player, these have icons and CAN be watched:

And the stats page without an icon, again CANNOT be watched:

The stats page WITH an icon, CAN be watched:

There are two ways to enter into a replay once you?ve located one with a file created for it. Firstly, if you are using the in-game stats page you can just click the TV icon and it will load the replay for you. Secondly, you can easily enter the command:

/replay 7957320

Where you replace the number with whatever match ID you are attempting to watch. After about 3 seconds, it will load you into the replay.

Once in the replay, here are the keyboard commands to navigate the replay:

WASD ? Movement
Q, E ? Elevation
Scroll Wheel ? Increase/Decrease flight speed
, and . ? Skip back to the previous 30s increment, or move forward to the next one
M ? Cycle fog of war
PG-UP, PG-DOWN ? Speed up and slow down time

Left click on the minimap to jump to a location
Left click on a player portait to lock an aerial view of them
Right click near a player to see player view (A bit buggy, just try and work with it)

If you would prefer a video tutorial, I also made one which can be seen here:

Hope this helps,


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