All Spellbreak Spell Combos & Gauntlet Spells


What’s good, It’s Fevir With the NDA dropping in Spellbreak it’s time to dive in and share some of the specifics. Today we’ll be taking a look at just what what kind of spells you’ll be slinging, what they do and how they combo together. The elements you’ll be casting spells from in Spellbreak are Fire, Frost, Stone, Toxic, Wind and Lightning. Some quick information – in a match you will find different elemental gauntlets. You can equip one to the left and one to the right hand – they allow you to cast a primary, spammable, attack – which costs mana… and a secondary attack, called a sorcery that doesn’t cost mana but is on a much longer cooldown and more impressive looking.

Let’s start with Fire. The primary attack you have is a standard fireball. A projectile that flies in a straight line and explodes in a small AoE on impact. These feel much like rockets from other FPS where sometimes you aren’t even looking for a direct hit but just trying to clip people in the AoE by attacking the ground. The sorcery ability here is a wall of fire. This allows you a measure of zone control.. and should be a bit straight forward here.. if you or anyone else touches or tries to pass.. they get hurt. Next up is Frost. The primary attack here is a chargable ice lance.

When you click and hold down the attack.. you’ll have a slight zoom in effect and gain increased damage and velocity tied to the length of charge. There is some slight drop to the projectile, especially over long distances. The frost sorcery is a blizzard. This is a short range, self centered AoE that freezes enemies in place allowing you to make an escape or line up a shot safely. A note about Frost attacks is that they leave ice slicks on the ground.. these reduce traction and increase movement speed while on them.. they’ll also defrost into water after some time. Now my favorite element, Stone. The primary attack for this has you smash the ground and shoot forward a shockwave that deals high damage – but only against enemies touching the ground.

This will not hit someone if they are in the air or on a different level. Stone’s sorcery is the ability to hurl a large boulder. This shoots out in an arc and can travel huge distances.. the longer it stays in the air, the bigger it gets.. it looks like it’s supposed to deal more damage but doesn’t seem that way yet. Toxic is next. The primary attack here fires a loose spread of multiple arcing projectiles that if they miss.. will leave a puddle of poison on the ground.. dealing damage to anyone touching them. The Toxic sorcery is lobbing out a massive poison cloud.

It’s thrown in a very slight arc and deals damage to players for standing in it and not just on impact. Now for the flashiest element, Wind. The primary attack here works like a minigun kind of.. upon activation.. there is a bit of a windup before it fires.. but holding the button down will just fire them one after another without restarting the windup. This attack if fired facing the ground will blast you into the air quickly and gives you killer mobility and helps create some very cool kill clips. Wind’s sorcery is being able to summon a stationary tornado. Dealing damage to those inside of it and pulling players towards the center. And lastly is Lightning. The primary attack here will fire 3 bolts of lightning straight ahead and is the closest thing to hitscan the game has. Reliable but underwhelming damage. This element’s sorcery is a Lightning Storm.. which on top of damaging those inside of it – has the ability to stun. This is also a running theme of Lightning damage types.. especially if you see kind of lightning tendrils.. as opposed to strikes.

So those are the basic moves – where stuff starts to get rather cool is with the interactions between spells and elements. The first style of combinations – are more ability specific – namely the Stone’s Boulder toss.. and Wind’s Tornado.. essentially, you can alter the element of these. Hurl a boulder and hit it with a fireball.. and it becomes a meteor and leaves behind fire on the ground. Hit it with an ice lance.. and it becomes a falling iceberg and leaves frost on the ground. Same thing essentially when we hit the Tornado with either, Fire.. Toxic.. or Lightning.. it just soaks up that element. Aside from changing the type of damage and the appearance.. it also can play around different class skills or items and it also feeds into the normal type of spell combinations.. which are just elemental reactions. It’s probably easiest to just go element by element here. So Frost – we’re aware it leaves slicks on the ground. Stone skills and Wind skills.. will clear up those slicks..

Or puddles if they’re left to defrost. Fire abilities remove them.. but create steam in the process which does very light damage and lingers for awhile – Toxic.. burns through and replaces frost on the ground. And Lightning electrifies Frost and Water.. although this doesn’t deal damage but can stun people who stumble on it. Now here is a bit more to add here. Steam, created when fire and ice meet – cancels each other out and steam is the byproduct.. there should be a clip running of me in a firefight against someone and we keep nullifying each others projectiles – this pair of elements is unique in this aspect and makes for some interesting combat. Steam also is incredibly reactive to Lightning causing a huge AoE if it’s electrified. Toxic, also creates puddles on the ground. Just like frost, both Stone and Wind will clear it up. Wind leads to small explosions when doing so.. and will also clear up the toxic sorcery. Fire applied to Toxic causes an explosion and a very short, incredibly powerful fire, to both the puddle and the sorcery. Lightning also electrifies toxic. Frost though, is where this gets interesting.

Frost crystallizes Toxic. So on a puddle on the ground.. it gets the same slippery properties as an ice slick.. but, is still toxic, and will still explode if hit with fire.. when it comes to the sorcery.. you solidify the entire cloud. Creating a very dangerous, solid object, wall like object. Which because it’s Frost and Toxic, it reacts to Lightning… because it’s Frozen Toxic.. it will explode and burn from fire.. and additionally a stone shockwave will shatter it.. so.. it’s usefulness is downplayed, defensively at least, but man is it cool.

Both Fire and Stone have largely been spoken about at this point. They do share their own unique interaction though. If fire is on the ground.. Stone’s shockwave will spread it and create it’s own mini wall of fire. A small quirk is if Toxic is applied onto a burning fire – it will still become a toxic fire but there will be no explosion.

Wind and Lightning also have mainly been spoken for.. the only thing to add with Wind is that while it generally will clear out most elements on the ground.. it will actually carry lightning and charge up if it passes through some. This also happens with Toxic shot through lightning. It’s easiest to see being shot through a Lightning Storm, but also works elsewhere. As far as I’m aware.. that’s all the interactions. I promise this word salad explanation is way more intuitive in game…

What gets chaotic is running in squads and having tons of elements at your disposal as a group.. and I don’t know if I mentioned.. most of these AoE effects taking place on the ground.. will not only hurt the enemy, but they’ll deal damage to anyone, including you. The interplay between a lot of this stuff is really cool to play with.. but also makes me wonder how difficult it will be to add new elements with similar levels of interconnectivity. But.. that’s for another time. That will do it for me, for now.

Until next time, this is Fevir. Peace..

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