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hey guys it’s Deshy here and welcome back to another spell break video so today we are going to be talking about what I was talking about last video and that is gauntlets and what i’m mainly going to be talking about is the primary secondary gauntlets what they mean how they will affect you throughout the match how to choose wisely with each gauntlet that you will get and especially the combinations that you can do with certain gauntlets so let’s get on straight into the video *Music* so before you even pick what gauntlet that you’re going to have obviously once you start the match you press the play whether you’re doing squads duos or solos or even going to practice just to understand the game a bit more you will see six different gauntlets that you will get in the match and that will become a bit more easier for you to understand late in this video on which gauntlets that you want it highly depends on what you want to do and the combinations that you want to do in the match so there’s six different classes to choose from i’m going to explain that later in the video but we’re just going to be focusing on the primary gauntlets and essentially with the primary gauntlets you only are able to get the skill levels on that gauntlet itself sadly it will not apply to the secondary gauntlet so if you want the pyromancer because you enjoy like the firefly and you also want toxicologists because you like the puddles sadly you’re only able to choose one of them is because that’s how the game runs sadly i can’t do anything about that the second air goalless is what you get in the match itself so obviously primary one is one you pick before the match begins the second aim one is what you find either in chest or in the low or that gives you legendary items also to add on you will get a weak arcane spell which is on your left or your right hand sorry so your left hand is your primary right and your secondary your right hand without any goodness you get a weak arcane spell very weak it’s very useless but if you want to play around with that and try and do a challenge and kill someone with it go ahead it’s just a basic attack it has no effect no sort of special abilities that you can do you’re just throwing your hands with like a pink small orb at the enemy now we’re going to explain the gauntlets that you will get and i’m going to be talking about the primary goal is only second incorrect is going to be mainly talking with the combinations but with each gauntlet i’m going to be talking about i’m going to be actually showing you full screen of a visual representation of what it what i’m talking about what it means so it’s a lot easier for you guys to understand visually and also to hear my voice so we’re going to start with the fern school that you get in the tutorial so you understand a bit more and that is prior mansa so skill level number one is combust on direct hits you ignite targets for two seconds and your fiber explosion radius is over 200 extra percentage that just simply means once you hit the person they get burned for two seconds and your radius on the actual hit will be a lot higher so you hit the targets skill level number two is firefly you are immunity of firewalls and whenever you actually go through your flame walls you gain the flight ability for two seconds so once you enter it you basically get your ruin that gives you the ability to fly for two seconds pyrolysis your flame wall is an extra 100 damage you’ll obviously know that because you’ll see your flame will become blue for two seconds and then you lose the 100 damage afterwards so make sure you get the direct hit on enemies with your flame walls to use the pyrolysis effect effectively then your final skill level on number four is conflagration on fireball hits small spawns four smaller fireballs so as you can see on screen you will see four smaller fibers hit on the ground in like so square formation so one on each corner once you hit the main one on the ground or even a enemy the next one is frostborn immediately skill level number one so all of these you get um you get the first one immediately once to stop the match and for frostborn the first one your iceland leaves the icy trail you and your enemies will get 150 percent fast acceleration on ice trails that just means that once you shoot your ice logs anywhere wherever it goes there’ll be a ice trail following it and you can either use that to get away from enemies or go towards enemies bear in mind that it also goes to enemies as well so they could also chase you with those ice trails i’m going to be talking about how to counter that late in the video when i’m talking about the combinations but for now let’s just get straight to the skill levels level two your icelands hover in mid air while aiming only for five seconds and whilst you’re using your ice launch you get to highlight targets while aiming so they get a red overlay above them through them i mean so you can see them a lot easier and you can obviously target them bear in mind the further you are make sure you aim a bit higher because gravity also affects it so once you’re using your ice launch in the air you’ll hover you you go really really slow so you’re able to attack make sure if you like to aim a bit faster make sure you have your sensitivity increase because with your sensitivity at the normal how it is it’s really really slow just to let you guys know skill number three is tundra immune to flash damage while casting flash freeze and the fast restoration is off it’s doubled so i’m going to be talking more about that later in the video on why that is really powerful but once you use your flash freeze you won’t be frozen inside only the enemy that’s in there and the duration is a hundred percent extra so bear that in mind and then ice prism ice lance over tasks for 0.5 seconds for 35 damage as you can see on screen once i did overcharge i got the extra 55 damage however i didn’t do that i lost that damage of course now i’m going to move on to the next one called conduct and the initial level is potential energy lightning bolts one damage for every bolt until you stop casting max is plus five so with this attack it’s not a constant damage so you’re not shooting lightning all the time it’s you’re shooting lightning bolts constantly at your opponents and every time you hit that you will gain extra damage only one extra damage and obviously with your mana you can’t shoot constantly so you won’t be getting that extra damage all the time it does say plus five but i noticed that i was able to get only like plus four three or four it also depends how much money you have in the beginning overload on caster lightning strike you gain one rune charge max of one therefore if i have like the teleport rune the dash rune or the feather full rune once i use my lightning strike again extra one so i could teleport twice flapping air twice dash twice etc etc that’s what that means power surge on castle lightning strike you don’t consume any mana at all so it allows you to use a lighter strength and also attack enemies without you worrying about losing mana and then you know getting disadvantaged final one is secondary strike lightning strike plus four strikes so if your lightning strike before is just one once you get to level four you get four plus four strikes in total of five so you can combine that well with maybe tornado and your lightning strike you make sure it all hits the enemies bear in mind that with lightning you can play shock i’m going to say what that means later because it goes really well with some of the combinations i’m going to talk about fourth one is stone shaper and stone shaper on the first initial level your max armor is plus 20.

On car shockwave with under 20 armor we gain five armor so this is just another way of using shield potion if you don’t have one just cast your shock wave just to get five art marks just to add 20 bit more armor therefore when people hit you they’re not going to get rid of your health they’re going to get rid of your armor first level two on the cast your shockwave be crushed to the ground so when you use your shockwave in the air you can go straight down the crash to the ground and then use your shock wave which causes an eruption of fast-moving earth along the ground accretion at level three boulder size grows as it flies so if you throw it in the air the longer it stays in the air the larger it grows there’s a limit it doesn’t keep on growing there’s just a limit it grows i believe almost twice its size and then it stops growing and then the final level is avalanche max folder for charging is plus one that just means you’re able to throw one wait like a second maybe if you wanna throw another one not just yet and then for another one without being affected by cooldowns so if you missed one you could be likely to get another one if you’re lucky second to last one is tempest and the initial level is a wind surge on your basic attack which is wind shears if you hit on the ground you will basically levitate up in the air so you can use this as a way of flying in the air well for them using the x button it’s a lot quicker honestly and if the enemies are below you you’ve attacked them as well level two is hot draft you’re immune to tornado pool so if you enter your tornado you will not be pulled in however if you are in your tornado you’ll be launched in the air giving you height advantage against the enemy squad at level 3 in the air after one second your spell damage is increased by 20 and in the air for one second again incoming damage is reduced by 10 so in the air not immediately after one second of being in the air if you’re attacking someone you gain damage reduction and spell damage and then the final level at level four in the air after one second sorcery cooldown speed is increased by 100 so if you do lose all your mana you actually gain that mana twice as fast not immediately but it’s twice as fast and then finally is your toxicologist at the initial level and level one you gain viscosity if you hit your toxic spray which is your primary fire on the ground it leaves a sticky toxic plug you can use that really good for certain secondary gauntlets to create a nice effect level two is a vanishing mist immune your toxic clouds so once you enter it you don’t gain damage like what other people would do however which is a really nice effect once you enter your toxic dash cloud sorry you will dash and you also get invisibility for three seconds so obviously no one can see you and this goes well with the third level is outbreak once you’re invisible you gain 75 toxic damage bearing in mind you can only attack once until you’re revealed or you wait three seconds and then you so you only get one attack that is 75 extra damage and then you’re back to your normal attacks if you want to have a rune that gives you invisibility so you have two attacks that this is safe practicing toxic damage likelihood killing the person a bit more and then the final level is spreading sickness toxic clouds gives you two extra clouds bigger explosions bigger radius food to hit the person so that is all with the gauntlets this can go really well with talents but i’m going to be talking about that in another video because i know this video is going to be quite long so now we’re going to be talking about the combinations that you can make whether that could be pyrolysis with tempest or snow shaper with frostborn and we talk about every single combination you can make and i’m going to be starting with the frostborn and then listen everything you can make with it for spawn i might do the same one just so you guys are clearly aware that it still works however with certain primary gauntlets once you have you with your primary gauntlet you will lose certain um combinations and that’s because you lose the skill levels so we have to bear that in mind and i’m also going to be talking about which combinations do not work because of that i wish combinations do not work in general so let’s skip on straight to that so we’re going to start with our prior mindset and then what i did first was the prior monster and also the stone shaper if you shoot your prior monster your basic attacks on the ground it will leave a fire that stays there for a couple of seconds however if you use your shockwave and it goes through the flame it will leave a lane of fire that just means that wherever the shockwave goes the lane of fire will follow and you can make multiple of them and it will not burn out if you use multiple shock waves and it make sure it hits the fire you will have fire all over the place giving a bit of giving a little pressure to the enemy next if you throw your boulder full on any sort of fire whether that be the firebase on the ground or the flame wall the boulder will be set on fire that just means that people will get the initial impact damage from the rock itself and also be set on fire because once it hits the ground the floor that it got impacted on is set on fire that’s when you get burned and the initial impact as well next we’re gonna be talking about fire and frost nothing is really special about this combination but the foster simply extinguishes fire with both abilities nothing really special so if you are against someone with fire and your frost and you want to get past just simply use either your flash freeze or your ice launch to get rid of the fire it’s really simple as that next is your fire and poison toxic fire with the poison projectiles with the basic attack for fire or the flame wall so what this means that once you use your projectiles for your toxicologist gauntlet with the toxic spray the fire will become a poison fire poisoning enemies and also pound fans in addition to that that also goes for your flame wars as well if you shoot your basic projectiles for your toxicologist gautlet which is a toxic spray that also becomes a poison flame nothing really too special about that is just simple combination the next thing i do want to talk about is a really good one which is the toxic clouds and also your fireball or your flame wall any sort of flame that touches a toxic cloud will create a very large explosion dealing poison damage and initial explosive damage i did use that on my first match that you saw recorded and once i believed i threw the toxic cloud i immediately exploded it which killed the enemy next we have the fire and lightning and no combinations can be worked on that i tried everything and nothing really happened and then finally we have fire and wind if you do use your wings basic attack which is the wind shear it will extinguish all the fires whether that be a flamewar or the fight that is left with your basic attacks however if you do use your tornadoes on those things the flame walls the flame on the floor or even shoot at the tornado itself not only would it extinguish the fight again but it will create a flame tornado sucking the enemies in the middle and also platinum burn to them as well with the damage and that is mainly it for the prior monster gauntlet so now we’re going to be focusing on the frostborn gauntlets and the combination that can be made with it starting off number one with frost and stone using your basic ability on the frost trail will destroy it but leaves a frost over that slows and freezes enemies within the range as simple as that with obviously with your frostborn gauntlet you gain the frosting alacrity that just means that you leave a frozen trail an ice trail and using your stone gauntlet and using the basic attacks will leave a frost over on the ground which therefore means that any enemies that are in that frost aura is it’s a very small aura they will be slowed and if they stay for too long they will remain frozen for around two seconds that gives you a bit of our advantage just to hit them but once you hit them they will become immediately unfrozen if you use your flash freeze and then you throw your boulder through the flash freeze the boulder will come through a frozen boulder that will charge of impact wants to hit a surface or a person initial damage on the person and in addition to that it creates another frost aura staying in that frost oil for too long will freeze you and slow you down next is the fuss and fire even though you couldn’t really make a combination with your prime monster as your primary gauntlet you can make a small combination with your frostborn as your primary corner and something really powerful with tundra which i’m going to explain right now so shooting fire at the frost lanes on the floor causing a small non-harmful explosion and it just creates a field of that blindness essentially once you go in that or enemies are in that they can’t see around them i tried going in there to see if i could see the enemy and there was literally almost no sighting of the enemy mainly because i was really close i could kind of see but once i was in that i couldn’t even see what i was looking at so you can either use it to blind someone so you can get away or if you can see them from above maybe use that as a way for them to not understand where to go and then you kill them with this as well which i’m going to be talking about and also for other projectiles as well if you have tundra unlocked and you use your flash freeze anyone with the prior monster corners that primary one can’t shoot you in that flash freeze because it acts as a shield and fire it will basically extinguish the file so it can’t shoot at you i did try this and i realized how powerful it could be you can use your flash freeze to essentially take a health potion take a shield potion really quickly and then come out and fight the person bearing in mind if the person do does go in they try and kill you they’ll be frozen and they can’t attack so you can kill them instead of them killing you so your flash freeze can act as a shield but only for two out of the three two out of the five gauntlets excluding the frostborn because obviously that can go through because it’s frost and frost but it only applies to cryomancer conduit and tempest the toxicologist and the stone shaper can go through it with a toxicologist i’m going to explain what that what happens stone shaper is simple you just go through it because you attack it from the ground not a projectile next i want to talk about is frost and poison shooting poison at the ground doesn’t leave a puddle because it’s not your primary corner unless it touches the icy trail in which it replaces the ice trail to a poison trail instead poison the enemies that touches it next if you combine your flash freeze with your basic attack it frees in the poison bolts so it still penetrates it but if it goes through the flash freeze it freezes it instead which is pretty cool as well if you want to combine frost with poison a bit of frosty attacks and also poison attacks as well and then finally combining toxic clouds with any of your frost attacks whether that be the icelands or the flash freeze it can either remove the toxic cloud and replace it with a frost cloud stirring enemies then eventually freezing them or the toxic cloud becomes frozen and i’m talking about why that is the case but i’m going to do that on the toxicologist primary corner rather than the frostborn one because it’s a lot easier for me to explain it next with your frost and lightning if you shoot your lightning bolts on the ground that has the icy trail it will shock enemies that are standing on the icy trail and you also hit them with the lightning this will apply shock to them and shock is a debuff that doesn’t allow you to attack for one second not too overpowered but it just means that they can’t be attacked and they move in the obstacle direction so you can hit them for a bit of extra damage although you do have to bear in mind that for example if you remember me talking about the frosting stone the stone will destroy the whole ice trail lightning doesn’t affect the whole trail it only affects a small portion of the trail which is not really too op but if you get close enough and you hit the ice trail where the enemies are standing or let’s see trying to run away from you can shock them for that second and next i’m going to be again same as the prime minister using your flash freeze against conduit you cannot shoot through it so again i said it’s really really okay to use if you want to get away from someone or just actually defend yourself against someone that is trying to kill you you don’t have to worry about them paying you unless they have the stone shape or toxicologist as their primary or secondary gauntlet so remember that if you do see someone with tempus condor or prior manso as either their primary secondary gauntlet or even both use your flash freeze as a defense mechanism and also quite offensive so they can’t shoot you at all then finally frost and air using basic attacks on the frost trail leads a similar effect to the stone with the with its basic attacks with the shock waves but you can’t affect the whole trail again you can’t attack through the flash freeze with your basic attacks on the second gorlix base attacks so again as i said with the condor and timeline so flash freeze does not allow you to attack through it next we’re going to be talking about conduit and i’m probably saying conduit isn’t it oh well i’m going to say lightning the lightning gauntlet and with this one you do lose some combinations so if you have this as your primary corner you lose the combination between frost and lightning as you don’t get the frost trail no more from the frostborn frozen alacrity lightning and toxic your toxic clouds becomes a lightning poison storm that creates a large explosion of lightning that hits enemies and if you’re at a range of that cloud once it becomes a lightning cloud it will track you down and actually shoot lightning at you shocking you for one second so you can’t attack so if you’re at range it will essentially hone in on you this is the only attack that i know that homes on an enemy or even the ally itself it’s something that was completely new to me once i saw it because i got a bit too close it just literally attacked me when it comes to abilities you do have to be careful because they obviously these abilities are not trained to not attack you they will attack you so let’s bear that in mind when it comes to certain combinations and then finally the only combination you could combine the lightning on wind combining any of your primary gauntlets basic attacks to your tornado makes it a thunder tornado striking them and also pulling them to the center of the tornado make sure you stay away because if you are too close to tornado it will pull you in as well and you’ll get built damage as well and you don’t want that so with the conduit you do lose certain combinations in addition to that you can’t really combine a lot with it so you can’t combine the prime monster and conduit the stone shaper with condor as well next is the stone shaper you do lose some combinations from having this as the primary gauntlets but it’s just a few you can still create a lane of fire because with your prime monster as your gauntlet no matter where it is once you shoot the ground it will leave a small flame that will burn enemies so you can use a basic attack to leave a trail of flames again and as i said before with your frostborn and the stone shaper flash phrase and the boulder full will make the stone frozen and it will have the same effect as before there’s no combination between the poison stone nor with the lightning as before and with the next one i’m going to be talking about this one i’ve been trying for a few days right now and i still don’t know if it’s 100 true but i still need to try it out and that is with the stone shaper and the tempest and the only combination that it has is the tornado and the boulder fall i’ve noticed that i’m probably wrong here but i’ve noticed that if you throw your boulder fall at a tornado it temporarily increases the movement speed off the boulder fall and then it goes back to its normal velocity but after one second every time i throw my tornado i know it different in the projecting projectile speed of it it goes a lot faster and then literally a second later it goes back to normal that is the literally that i’ve noticed i’m still trying it out if you guys do know let me know in the comments below just makes my life a bit easier next is tempest literally nothing new as tempest as if you notice with the skill levels it doesn’t give you anything that allows you to combine a lot the only thing that’s the same is the tornadoes you can still create the poison fire and your lightning tornadoes as before and you could also remove the flame on the ground and the toxic clouds with your basic attacks or even with a tornado again nothing too special and then finally is the toxicologist stone and poison the stone attacks can remove the toxic puddles from the ground but that’s the only thing sadly if you do have your stone shaper corner and you have someone that’s putting toxic puzzles on the floor you can re simply get rid of it with your basic attacks toxics and flames like before nothing new toxic flames and explosion when clouds hit the flames but the explosion is tripled the size as before as you now have three clouds instead of one with your skill level four having two extra clouds on your toxic clouds toxic and frost shooting your frost at the three clouds to either as i said before create cloud of force slowing and freezing enemies or you can completely freeze the clouds however this one will explain right now if you freeze the clouds completely or you see someone else do it and you either have a frost corner a fire golem sorry as your secondary arm or there’s one next to you use the flame gauntlet and if there’s someone nearby nearby shoot the frozen toxic clouds it will surprise the enemies because what it would do it will literally explode the toxic clouds the frost doesn’t melt so there’s no frost or well it just creates a poison explosion damaging enemies and poisoning them as well toxic and lightning powders can become conductable striking enemies in the puddle and planes shock to them for one second same as the other way around clouds and lightning but triple the effect as there’s three clouds and all three clouds will hone in on enemies shooting lightning in them and again shocking them and then finally wind and poison wind can remove the clouds away and also make a poison tornado in addition to that which is something that extra because you now have viscosity if you strike the poison puddles with your basic attacks with your wind shears it will create a small poison cloud play enemies within the range and tonias can remove the toxic clouds and it becomes a poison tornado so that is every single combination that can be made this took a very long time and this video is probably really long i’m going to try and cut out i mean showing it down to is reasonable level but that is the end of today’s video hopefully this was really helpful for you guys to understand a bit more about gauntlet and the effect they can have on the actual gaming experience next i will be talking about the talents and how and what each one does which one is powerful but that will inquire me to actually do some research because this the talents do affect your ranking so as you progress in the game you will get more talents so once you get to rank 6 on certain gauntlets you will get certain talents for your mind body and spirit that’s not overall ranking you only get a ranking for each gauntlet so your prior mancer your toxicologist your stone shaper your frostborn your tempest and your conduit you will get a rank for each one that means you have to play every single talent and gain a rank up and that will only apply if you have it in your primary not your secondary your primary only but that is all i’m going to be saying i’m going to be talking more about each one we’re going to talk about where you get first and what they mean and then each one that you can get and how it looks like in matches that is gonna take a few days because obviously i cannot get all of these yet i have to play some games and yeah hopefully you guys enjoyed today’s video if you did leave a like subscribe for more let me know in the comments below what you thought about this because i really really enjoyed doing this it’s very detailed yes i understand but it’s something to help myself and you because i did teach myself a lot from doing this and yeah have a lovely day and i’ll see you guys all next time bye bye you

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