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WhatUpFriends Welcome back to another spellbreak video, in this video i will be talking about the future of spellbreak as well as how to spend your credits. Before any of that though, i want to gve a shoutout to Neospek Gaming, who commented THIS in the previous vdeo, if you want to get featured in future videos make sure to go down to the comments and type away. Following the very successful launch of Proletariat?s Spellbreak, a lot of players are left wondering what it is that Spellbreak will bring us in the future. If you follow Spellbreak or Proletariat closely, youll know that there are a lot of things that were in the beta and arent on release, but more than that, you know there is a ?chapter? dynamic that we dont fully understand just yet. This Chapter dynamic appears to be some sort of monthly scheduled event that will be used to bring out major updates to a lot of things. The map, the store and the Storyline.

Like other major battle royale games, there are seasons and chapters and season passes for those who are eager to get the premium content before anyone else. During these chapters we are most likely going to see new game modes added other than solos, duos, and squads, mapp changes, storyline progression, and much much more. Before i keep going howerver tell me down in the commetns below what you think will be coming to the game in the future and what you would like to see. Now back to the main part of the video. After Spellbreaks closed beta, there was a reddit post by Proletariat Co Founder, Jesse Kurlancheek where he explained the long road for spellbreaks development. The post said: ?The Chapter system is how we plan to deliver ongoing content to you. Chapters will allow you to unlock the stories of the world and characters of Spellbreak, take you on quests, unlock gameplay options with new classes, Gauntlets, Runes, and more. Our studio?s DNA includes MMORPGs and we want to evidence that story and experience to you through Chapters.? Make sure to remember that because i will be coming back to that quote in later videos.

Before i go on guys i want to talk to you about my new upload schedule so that you are always informed of changes i do to my channel, i have been posting almost daily but the overall quality of my vdeos has been sub par for me. so from now on ill be uploading evry other day in order to have a full day of editing. Follow me on instagram to stay up to date with changes in the future. Going back to Spellbreak, Currently we dont knwo how we are going to be able to obtain the First chapter or second chapter of the games progression in the storyline.

If the chapter system is anything like the seasons in other games however, then the best thing to do with your money is not to spend it on the item shop. If youre like me, and dont like to or just simply cant spend real money in an online interface, then the best thing is to store your money untill the Chapters come out. Do this so that when the newest chapter comes out, you have enough credits earned to actually purchase the Chapter pass without spending any real money.

If you dont care to spend money on the chapter pass though, i suggest you spend your credits as you please. Anyways, it is still all up for the future to decide what kind of fun surprises Proletariat has planned for us. If you enjoyed this vdeo make sure to leave a like and subscribe so we can hit that 500 sub mark! thats gonna be it for me guys, i will see you in the next video.

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