Spellbreak but on the LOWEST SETTINGS – gameplay montage by WhatUpFriends


WhatUpFriends! Welcome to another Spellbreak video, this time, we?re gonna be playing on the lowest settings, And I mean LOW, you can?t even get these settings in the game menu. Are you ready? Let?s go. So THIS is how Spellbreak looks like with the absolute lowest settings, i know, it looks a lot different than what the normal game setting would be, it kinda looks okay if you dont watch it in full screen and step away a little far from the screen, but not even that compares to the in game lowest setting whcih are ten times better than this. playing the game in all ultra settings and its a video idea that i really want to make, so if you want to see that video in the future make sure to like and comment below. Starting up the game, the loading screen is in high resolution and so are the items in the shop. Also In game, the health, gauntlets, rune, and inventory are all in the same resolution, also the sounds don?t change practically at all even though I put everything at 0, I found this very interesting This looks really really low quality but I have to admit, this does improve my frame rate by a lot. If you?re a gamer, you know that lowering your settings helps your frame rate although you decrease your game quality.

The way I got this type of quality is by going into the actual game files and changing them manually all the way down to 0 on everything. Before i keep going guys i want to thank you all for getting us to the 500 subscriber mark! it makes me so happy to know that you guys are here to like and support the recent and future video. my next mark goal is going to be to get to 1,000 subscribers and ill be doing a giveaway when we get there, slowly but steadily i know were going to be able to reach that goal but for now mae sure to Hit that subscribe button for more spellbreak content and comment down below anything you want for a chance to be featured on my next video.

So lately my game has been running very slowly and I honestly don?t know why that?s happening this has caused me to rage quit more times than i should be and to play less time than i should be playing. so i tried to put the lowest settings on and when it still didnt work i decided to look into the game files and that?s where I got the idea to try the game in the absolute lowest settings, if you know any fixes for low FPS on spellbreak please leave a comment. So what do you think? You?ve heard of games being all about high quality but this is something totally different. Of course spellbreak actually does have amazing graphics and you can?t get the kind of graphics I?m using unless you snoop around in the gane files, but just getting a chance to play this game with these settings is crazy. If you wanna know how to do this, let me know in the comments and I?ll make sure to make a video on it. This is great for players who either have a very old or bad PC and for those players who care more about the frames per second rather than the in game quality.

One more thing I wanna say before I wrap up this video guys is thank you for all the support on the last video and the one before that, it really means the world to me when you like the video and subscribe to me. So make sure to make my day by doing those down below! So to conclude the video guys, I wanted to leave you with the rest of the montage so you can truly appreciate the quality of this video. Thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video..

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