Hello i am SquidofLove welcome back update has been live for a couple days now and it has brought some new interesting features and additions but also a better, an easier way to change our weapons, to change our loadouts something that has made our life a lot easier so today with this short video i would like to show you how we can very easily change our loadouts, our weapons not only for the arena commander but the persistent universe as well. From the main menu all we have to do is go to the arena commander and to the ship customization page and here we can choose our ship, the ship that we want to change the weapons, the loadout and then we can proceed so for this example we are going to choose the Aurora LN, the legionnaire, that has four hardpoints and can also bear some missiles, it is very easy to see what is equipped on each of these vessels you can click the tabs above the turret, gun, missile in general everything that is up there, if there is paints like here or if there is avionics you can change everything, you can change everything that is implemented in the game right now and we can very clearly see if we go to the gun for example we can see all the guns that are equipped on our legionnaire and we can change them if there is a turret, if there was a turret on this vessel it would have shown the turret and the guns that would have been equipped on that turret as well, so let’s go to the guns, let’s see what kind of weapons we have equipped by clicking one of these options we can see what kind of gun is equipped, what kind of weapon is equipped and of course the size of the hardpoint and if we click on one of these that we want to change the first one for example we can see our options what we have available, equipped on other ships or sitting in our hangar and we can see how many of these weapons are used, are equipped on another vessel and how many are free obviously we can remove weapons from our other vessels and equip them to the vessel that we want to change the weapons and it depends on the size of the hardpoint, a size 1 hardpoint will be able to be equipped with only size 1 weapons, so we can choose anything we like we are going to equip this hardpoint with a 9 series longsword, a ballistic weapon and when we add ballistic weapons to our vessels we also have to add some ammo to these weapons so they can fire because they need projectile, obviously, so we again do the same and we see what kind of options, some weapons have more options in ammo and you can equip them with a lot more ammo than others, this 9 series longsword has only one ammo choice so we’re going to go this one and we’re going to repeat this process for the other size 1 hardpoint and after we’re done we can move on to the size 2 hardpoints, now here we can equip weapons up to size 2, so we have a lot more options again depending with what kind of weapons we have on our vessels and what is sitting on our hangar, we are gonna choose some strife mass drivers and put here because they are available, i would prefer the tarantula but as you can see they are in use and i don’t really want to change them, now something that you have to know about hardpoints is that a size 2 hardpoint for example, can take up to size 1 and size 2 weapon, if you equip a size 2 weapon it will act as a fixed weapon but if you equip a size 2 gimbal on a size 2 hardpoint then you can equip a size one weapon on that S2 gimbal, size 2 gimbal and it will act as a gimballed weapon, this is if you prefer gimballed weapons, a gimballed loadout instead of a fixed load-out and the same principle of course applies to the other hardpoints, so a size 3 hardpoint if you equip a size 3 weapon on that hardpoint will act as a fixed weapon but if you equip a size 3 gimbal on a size 3 hardpoint then you can add a size 2 weapon on that size 3 gimbal and it will act as a gimballed weapon it is a very easy process to understand you just have to practice with these weapons and the different gimbals for a couple times and you will have absolutely no problem to create your own loadouts.

Like we change weapons we can also change missiles and it is very interesting to see how the missiles work now with 2.6, as you can see there are some numbers next to the missile rack, 442 these are not random numbers they have a meaning so the first four means that this is a size four rack hardpoint that can carry four, the second number, size two, the third number, missiles so when you see a 442 missile rack it means that it is a size four rack that can carry four size two missiles, if we click on this we are going to see what kind of options we have, what we can change this missile rack with and our other option is a 423 missile rack, which means that it is a size four missile rack that can carry two size three missiles. Very interesting, very helpful to know what you can equip on your missile racks and what kind of missiles you can carry with you, we can go on, change the missiles if we want, change the missiles that are equipped, with some we prefer and then when we are done, when we have changed our weapons and our missiles and everything on our vessel we just have to save our changes, apply to the ship and get ready to use them.

With a quick look on our hangar the weapons are equipped, the weapons that we have chosen and this is still a way, a possible way to change your loadout, if you want to get in your hangar and change the weapons and the missiles in that way but it is easier to use the ship customization page and it’ll also change your weapons for the persistent universe. Definitely a great addition to the game an a very easy way to change our loadout, to change our weapons and missiles and be ready for action whether we want to fight in the arena commander or the persistent universe. Thank you very much for joining me, if you enjoyed the video please don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe for more. I am SquidofLove and i will see you around the verse, bye-bye.

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