What is exploration in 3.0? It mostly consists of just quantum traveling around the various moons, exploring small and large bases and maybe a derelict capital ship or two. All in all, there’s no crazy jump point discovery and yet there is a ship that is better than all of them at it. Let me explain how I got to this conclusion The more advanced or nuanced mechanics of exploration simply aren’t there in 3.0, we’re limited to the very basics which is just going to bases and looking for cool stuff. I mean recordings and screenshots from community members continue to amaze me and other people, and as such you’d want your favorite exploration ship to have a great a view from the cockpit — Just to allow you to see all that crazy stuff. The ship that I’m talking about isn’t actually what a lot of people — you know — pops into their head when you say Exploration. and this is in part due to CIG, they actually labeled it as a mining ship on their website, of course I’m talking about the Prospector. Uhm, the fact is that the ship has just great viewing angles all around, allow me to illustrate: I’m sure that a lot of you know how a lot of the ships look from the cockpit, but to just really take the point across, let’s look at the Hornet.

It’s a military ship and as such you’d expect it to have pretty good viewing angles, but it actually doesn’t the view is pretty limited all around and it has all of those annoying struts that CIG is famous for. Then you turn to the Constellation Aquilla which is advertised as an exploration ship, however the main thing that we’re focusing on, is again lacking, the side-view is obstructed by the large amount of struts, the co-pilot ships and then there’s a similar story when looking ahead, just struts everywhere! Now we’re into the good stuff.

We’re into the Prospector and.. just look at this view! Like, it’s absolutely amazing. It, it has amazing forward and lateral view, exceptionally wide with the MFDs well out of the way. And the best part, not a single strut, anywhere! It offers the best visibility of all the flight ready ships, hands down! This is why I think it makes for the perfect ship when thinking about what to use to explore the various moons in and with it being a smaller ship, it’s surprisingly agile, when compared to the bigger ships, like the constellation, what, its not even close. It’s like comparing a truck and a two-door. and why? why is this mining ship just so good at exploration with its great visibility? is it just random? well, no. Let’s, uhh, listen to Adam Parker, a Junior Tech Designer at CIG: A company could use that to Prospect, like panning for gold in the old days and come back and tell them where it is, and then they’d send out the big fleet.

So it’s a great exploration/mining vessel that I think that it’s gonna be a really fun sort of career to embark on. As you just heard from Adam, it’s a mining/exploration ship, it’s actually meant to go out into the verse, find asteroids and either mine them as a solo operation or report back for a larger group, or a mothership like the Orion and bring a full fleet to mine what it found. The only downside about this ship is the fact that it can’t carry a ground vehicle, like a Rover or a Dragonfly, but when you’re this agile and you have such great visibility, do you really need one of those? One last great point about the ship is that it has a bed, uhm, as you might know in we got log-out feature, finally implemented, at least the first stage of it and as such you probably would want to explore in a ship that has a bed. and this ship has a great visibility and a bed. now I explained why I think the prospector is the best ship for exploration in — Do you agree or do you disagree? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

This has been Battle Authority, and I’ll see you in the verse!.

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