Hello everybody welcome back, the upcoming Alpha update is going to be very important not only because it will introduce the planetary tech of Star Citizen and allow us to perform planetary landings but also because it will introduce to us for the first time the ground vehicles of Star Citizen. These ground or land vehicles are going to be essential for any type of gameplay on the surface of a planet or a moon so i thought it would nice to take a quick look at the known ground vehicles and focus not only on their stats but also their actual functionality and what kind of utility they can offer you in order to help you achieve your goals. One very interesting and important aspect of these ground vehicles has to do with the spaceships that can transport them from one planet to another, from one moon to another and allow you to perform your favorite planetary activity and this is something that we are going to take a good look at. Right now there are only four ground vehicles known with three of them coming with the Alpha update and the fourth one, the Cyclone scheduled for a later update, for a future update.

At first glance we could place these four ground vehicles in two different categories, the traditional ground vehicles, like the Ursa Rover and the Cyclone and the space bikes, the Dragonfly and the Nox. Their main difference is that the space bikes can operate in space as well but none of these vessels can travel to another planet, not even the space bikes, they cannot perform atmospheric entry so all four of these ground vehicles will require a spaceship to transport them from one place to another. So let’s go ahead and take a look at these four ground vehicles starting with the Nox, which in my opinion is the most beautiful out of these four but also the space bike, the ground vehicle that will offer you the less in the game.

The AopoA Nox, to be more precise, is an open canopy racer, a Xi’An model redesigned for humans with a sleeker, luxurious look and much better aesthetics than the other vehicles of this category. It is a very stylish speedster with exotic design and alien technology since it utilizes magnetic technology, several parts of the Nox’s design float and connect with magnetism. It is a fun to drive speedster but it doesn’t offer any kind of utilities and this is because its cargo capacity is at zero units and this is what i think is the biggest disadvantage of the Nox when comparing it to the other ground vehicles. But to be totally honest this is a very straightforward vehicle, it is offering speed and protection so you can use it in order to fight other ground vehicles or participate in races on the surface of a planet or a moon. Its speed, maneuverability and protection are very good and will help you perform any of these two activities you want. The skin of the bike is an armored type, protecting the rider but also shells come up from the back to provide additional protection.

It can only carry one rider and its weaponry, like most of the other ground vehicles consists of two size one weapons, which sound really weak when we are comparing them to other spaceships but they can be in reality devastating against other ground vehicles and more specifically infantry. Another activity that the Nox could perform with success thanks to its speed and maneuverability is of course scouting. Now the important question, what kind of spaceships can transport the Nox? It will be very easy to be transported with a reworked, the new Cutlass Black that will come with the Alpha update, a freelancer and a constellation and obviously anything bigger.

According to the developers it could also fit in an avenger or reliant but it will not be secured and i don’t know how dangerous it will be having a loose Nox in the back of your avenger. Despite the fact that cannot carry any loot or samples, to bring back home, because of its cargo capacity being at zero it is still a fun and fast vehicle that will help you reach your destination as fast as possible and fight other ground vehicles or infantry with ease. The dragonfly on the other hand is an ultralight space bike from Drake with a limited cargo capacity. The fact that it has some cargo capacity though it is making it an utility vehicle perfect for exploration or collecting samples. It has a durable and simple design and it focuses on functionality rather than luxury or looks.

It also has the ability to carry two riders so you can go out there and have a friend or an NPC coming with you in order to assist you and provide extra protection. The dragonfly will always have a half unit of cargo capacity by having two 0,25 unit containers on the rear sides but you can also choose to replace the second seat for an optional 0,50 unit cargo container and in that way decide if you want to have another player or NPC with you and 0,50 unit of cargo capacity or go solo out there with the maximum cargo capacity, which is going to be 1 unit. Still this cargo capacity is going to be enough for a scientist or an explorer that wants to bring back some loot or samples and try to conduct research, try to see if a site is indeed valuable. Like the Nox its weaponry is kind of limited with two size one weapons only but as we have mentioned already these size one weapons are going to be devastating against infantry. Another great difference from the Nox is that it doesn’t really offer any real protection, like the Nox does and the rider or the riders are going to be pretty exposed.

So what ships can transport the dragonfly, like the Nox it can be transported easily with a cutlass black, the new cutlass black, freelancer and bigger vessels but unlike the Nox it will not be possible to deploy it from a reliant or an avenger and this is probably because of the length of the dragonfly which is one meter longer than the Nox. This is the info we have right now but it might change in the future and it will be a really welcome change. For now if you are the owner of an avenger or a reliant you should take a look at the Nox if you are looking for a ground vehicle. These were the two space bikes that we are going to see in the Alpha update and they are going to be really helpful if you want to travel fast, reach your destination and perform a specific activity.

Let’s go ahead now and take a look at the more traditional vessels, ground vehicles starting with the Ursa rover that will also come with the Alpha update. The ursa is an all terrain rover that comes with the constellation Aquila and it is actually a rapid deployment vehicle originally developed to transport the UEE marines and obviously more appropriate for group gameplay. It has the ability to carry up to six persons, two in front and four in the back offering them certain utilities like a weapon rack, where they can store their weapons and use them in case of an emergency.

As for its weaponry it comes with one turret with two size 1 weapons, like the other two vehicles that we have seen so far. It is a slow and sturdy vehicle that can carry up to four units of cargo and because of this it seems like a nice option for transporting personnel or extended exploration and scientific trip/expedition thanks to its utilities and of course the protection its design offers. As to what spaceships can transport the Ursa rover, well it comes with the constellation Aquila so every other variant of the constellation series can also transport an ursa rover but also bigger vessels that have a big enough cargohold for it to fit. And last but definitely not least is the Tumbril Cyclone that is not coming with the Alpha update but is scheduled for another later update, probably or 3.2.

If your only ground vehicle is the Cyclone then all you need to know about the Alpha update is that you will get an ursa rover as a loaner. The cyclone is an all terrain ground vehicle with four wheel steering that give it better stability while maneuvering at high speeds and X-TEC tires featuring cutting edge segmented plate treads providing maximum traction on a variety of surfaces. The biggest advantage of the cyclone, for me personally, is the variety it offers since it comes with five variants in total for every taste. The base model of the cyclone like most of the other variants has a maximum crew of two persons and an open flatbed in the back where cargo pieces can be safely secured and transported making it a great vehicle for exploration and scientific tasks but also for short range planetary deliveries.

The flatbed is offering a cargo capacity of one unit which makes the base cyclone a very good alternative to the dragonfly if all you are looking for is a sturdy ground vehicle to perform some exploration with and bring back samples and loot. One thing we have to mention about the base model is that it has no weaponry and you will have to rely on your speed in order to escape from a pursuer or the protection that the second rider, the second player that is coming with you can offer from his seat, something that will probably be implemented in the future, the ability to use your weapon while seated on the cyclone. The racer variant that comes with nitro boost and will be perfect for anyone that loves speed, the recon variant that comes with an upgraded radar system and the ability to place beacons in order to call or guide your allies, so for example if you want to find your enemy’s location place a beacon and guide your allies in order to attack them or you can simply help an allied vessel to land at a certain area under some very dangerous conditions.

The turret model that is one of the two cyclone variants that comes with weaponry, it comes with a size one turret with one size one weapon and can have three persons as crew, two in front and one gunner. This variant seems to be very good for protecting or attacking convoys and ground installations and the most impressive of the cyclone variants, to me personally, the anti aircraft, AA Cyclone, that can offer a nice protection against fighters, bombers and dropships. It can be equipped with two size two missile racks that can have two size two missiles or four size one missiles but also a countermeasure package with chaff, flare, smokescreen and a size one EMP. I believe that the anti aircraft cyclone, although doesn’t sound very strong against other fighters and bombers, it might be a very good option as a support vehicle especially in large numbers in order to protect a certain area, a ground installation or a convoy and that size one EMP is going to be very strong, especially against dropships that need to come close and deploy their troops.

All the cyclones, like the ursa rover, can be transported by the same ships like that rover and although it technically fit in the cutlass and the freelancer cannot enter because their ramps are tapered. We might see this changed in the future and it will be a very welcome change because it will be quite awesome to have a cyclone inside the cargohold of our freelancer and cutlass black and perform planetary exploration like this.

These are the four known ground vehicles for Star Citizen right now and i think as the game progresses, evolves and our options for planetary gameplay increase it will be no surprise to see more designs in the future, more interesting designs, such as a tank-like vehicle, a hover-tank or even a dedicated cargo transportation vehicle. From the designs we have right now I think my favorite one in the update is going to be the Nox, based on its looks and functionality, despite the fact that it will have zero cargo capacity. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions about the ground vehicles of Star Citizen, the ground vehicles that we know now, which is your favorite and what kind of designs would you like to see in the future or you think we are going to see in the future? Thank you very much for joining me, if you enjoyed the video please don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe for more, I am SquidofLove and i will see you around the verse, bye bye.

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