Hello I am SquidofLove welcome back, one of the most unique occupations in the star citizen universe is going to be passenger transport, transporting npc or players from one system to another in order to make money but also admire the beauty of star citizen in a peaceful way and one of the best spaceships to perform this activity with but also try to build a career if you want is going to be the Genesis Starliner. Genesis’ main role in the star citizen universe is that of a passenger spacecraft and it is going to be the most common transport ship in the verse, something that makes it an excellent option for players that want to travel around the verse in that way and perform this activity. It may sound similar to the 890 Jump but it is more suited to passenger transport activity and has long range travel in mind, a most efficient transport ship meant for speed and comfort. Genesis has a maximum crew of 8 persons and can carry up to 40 passengers, its length is at 85 meters and its cargo capacity is calculated at 403 units, not counting the passengers area.

What makes this ship truly fascinating is the high level of modularity it has since it will be possible to change the interior entirely and perform a number of different activities, strictly talking about passenger transport there are several configurations and we can have a luxury, mid-range or an essential model depending on our goals and what we want to achieve, there are also four classes of comfort, coach, business class, first class and luxury class and ships can support one or two of these mostly, so we can understand that there are plenty of combinations we can experiment with, there are plenty of options for us in order to create a Genesis that will fit our play style the most and of course that can carry the passengers that we really want aboard our vessel, we could modify our Genesis in order to have fewer passengers, VIP with a lot more services offered to them like a luxury spacecraft, with lounges and personal quarters or having more passenger seats but not as comfortable or even go for more cargo areas, we can pretty much do whatever we want, modify our Genesis in any way we like depending on our business plan and how we believe we are going to make the most money in the verse and the upgrading options don’t stop there, it is not only the internal areas that we can change but also the capabilities of the ship itself we can choose more fuel-efficient engines, larger fuel tanks, additional storage space for consumables and spare parts, we will also have the possibility to hire npc as flight attendants to take care of our passengers in order to provide them with a much better experience, something that is going to be very important for our reputation in this activity.

We should also mention here that the first Genesis model that we will see in the star citizen universe and the one that has been available for purchase until now is the mid-range model that can carry up to 40 passengers and have the maximum crew of 8 persons. With all these upgrading options we can turn our Genesis into pretty much everything we like not only for passenger transport but for other activities as well, we can turn it into a mobile headquarters for racing teams, we can modify the interior to carry racing vessels and travel around the universe from one system to another participating in races and trying to make money in that way, the Genesis could also be modified in order to undertake military roles, after all in the lore of star citizen the UEE is using several Genesis Starliners for support roles, either as troop transports or patrol hunter-killers, in the same way it will be possible to modify your Genesis, for your organization, your military organization and transport troops in that way, you can replace the passenger seating with troop seating and add also weapon racks or you can also carry some snub fighters, small light fighters for scouting or simply controlling an area, the Genesis can be modified in order to undertake a number of different roles and perform a number of different activities but its focus is always going to be on defense.

Especially the model that we have seen so far and the model that we will first get in the verse, it is a sturdy and heavy ship with decent armor able to withstand an attack and it comes with a size five hardpoint that has the goal to keep would-be attackers at bay and not destroy them, later obviously it will be possible to change the weapon for something stronger, add a good gunner, npc or player plus some extra defensive modules and try to increase your survivability but defense is going to always be the goal of the Genesis Starliner. Your number one priority as a Genesis pilot will always be to survive and keep your passengers alive long enough for reinforcements to arrive or get out of the area, this is exactly why the Genesis Starliner comes with two size seven shields but also six size seven power plants to provide you with all the required power to keep these shields, the life-support systems but also the engines of the Starliner up and running.

With 4 main in 16- maneuvering thrusters, 2 size 7 powerful shields but also loaded with countermeasures your goal will always be to get out of any battle and keep your passengers alive, the motto of any Genesis pilot will always be to survive a battle without having to fight. There are also some more interesting facts about the Genesis Starliner that we have to mention, first of all it is manufactured by Crusader industries in the Stanton system which is the headquarters of Crusader industries and more specifically at the Crusader gas giant that has an atmosphere which is breathable at high altitudes, something that makes it an ideal location for manufacturing large commercial ship transports and being built in open-air allows the cost of these ships to be reduced by almost 40%, the Genesis can also fly without any real problem in the atmosphere of planets and it can land with the help of the VTOL fans in the wings, if you really want to fly a Genesis Starliner but you cannot afford one or you don’t want to buy one until you are sure that this is the activity you want to perform in the Verse then there will also be the option to be hired by an npc company as a pilot of one of these starliners, in that way you will be able to test the Genesis and if it suits your playstyle and then proceed or not with this activity.

Overall the Genesis Starliner is a great option for solo players interested in passenger transport activity that want to make money in a peaceful way and explore the Verse, admire its beauty at the same time. With the many upgrading options and combinations with which you can modify your Genesis you can also break the monotony of transporting npc or players all the time and try to undertake a number of different activities for other organizations or for your own organization. Thank you very much for joining me, if you enjoyed the video please don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe for more, I am SquidofLove and i will see you around the verse, bye-bye.

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