Hello everybody welcome back the Pioneer was finally revealed and it is indeed a construction vessel, a vessel that will change star citizen forever since it will allow us to build our own base in the verse, the pioneer from consolidated Outland is in reality a mobile construction vessel that is specializing in creating modular planetary structures by utilizing an on board reserve of resources can construct outposts at an area of our choice and help us create the base of our dreams anywhere we want help us create our own home in the stars, the job of the Pioneer doesn’t end there though with just laying down a basic base somewhere we want but it can help us expand that base by adding more buildings essential for providing the necessary energy, oxygen or food in order to survive and fulfill our goals the addition of the Pioneer to star citizen is truly revolutionary for the game and this is because it adds a whole new gameplay experience it adds a new profession the profession of construction that is giving players the ability the opportunity to not only start building their own bases but also start working as constructors jumping from one system to another and offering their services building bases for other organizations or persons no matter how big or small your base is going to be no matter if you want to create just a simple hideout hidden on one of the moons or establish a settlement at the fringe of known space for your exploration needs the Pioneer is introducing a new aspect of star citizen and is taking the game to the next level if we really think about it the possibilities now are endless you can create a military base somewhere in the verse in order to protect your trade routes or if you are a pirate, a criminal organization you can just create a military base to raid important trade routes and make some profit at the same time if your organization is focused on exploration you can create forward exploration bases and continue your efforts to discover new planets and systems from there or even establish a settlement on a new world for research and exploration purposes a big organization with strong military will also be able to create military outposts, military bases to control and monitor a specific area by taking a closer look at the Pioneer’s design we can also realize how the whole construction, how the whole creation of outposts and bases is happening, is becoming a reality the two major areas of the vessel are the outpost manufacture area where the outpost the buildings that you are going to place at the area of your choice are actually been built and the outpost assembly area the area that is used in order to lay down the outpost and start building or expanding your bases in order for this to happen this main area of the Pioneer has to open, widen and allow to your crew to not only build the outpost but also place them down another important part of the Pioneer is the cargo bay where you will have to store not only supplies for your crew members but also the necessary material to build your outpost and create your bases without any doubt the Pioneer is a quite big and valuable vessel for any organization that will choose to buy one and operate one and for this it will require some significant escort to keep it safe but even without escort the Pioneer can protect itself up to a certain degree thanks to the multiple turrets it comes equipped with the addition of construction to the game is also introducing a very interesting mechanic the mechanic of land claim which basically has to do with organizations and individuals registering their plot their base with the UEE if they want to have the UEE’s protection it will be possible to build outside of the UEE jurisdiction but your base is not going to be protected if you are under attack from another organization or from the aliens of star citizen the Pioneer apparently will also be responsible for maintaining the bases and outposts which is a hint on future gameplay and it means probably means that outposts will have wear and tear and will need to be maintained or else they will be removed from the game the Pioneer is now available as a concept sale and the sale will continue until Monday November 6th or until the Pioneer will be out of stock since it is available in limited quantities something else we have to mention is that the Pioneer will enter production right now something that means that base building will probably come to the game relatively soon sooner than we were expecting it.

This was the pioneer, a base building vessel that is changing star citizen it is indeed a game-changing ship and I am really excited to see it in game and to see its results in game to finally have the first bases built somewhere in the verse. I would love to hear your opinion about the Pioneer what do you think about the introduction of construction to the game and if it is something that would interest you if it is something, a profession that you would like to follow. Thank you very much for joining me, if you enjoyed the video please don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe for more, I am SquidofLove and I will see you around the verse, bye bye.

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