Hello I am SquidofLove welcome back star citizen is going to be a universe full of opportunities for the players, giving us the freedom to perform a number of different activities and follow our own path, one of the most interesting activities is going to be salvaging and the best vessel that comes to mind when talking about salvaging is the reclaimer, an industrial quality salvage ship from Aegis, a dedicated salvage and reclamation platform, perfectly equipped to discover a wreck, take advantage of its secrets and protect itself at the same time. The Reclaimer is going to be the perfect option for any player and organization that wants to perform this activity, that wants to try and make a living in that way, it is going to be the perfect option if you want to explore the verse in order to find riches and loot.

By taking a proper look at the reclaimer and its equipment we could dare to compare with the carrack, we could easily say that the reclaimer for salvaging is what the carrack is for exploration, a specialized vessel with proper equipment in order to perform and excel at the activity it was created for. The reclaimer has a maximum crew of five persons, its length is at 158 meters and its mass, when empty, is at six hundred thousand kilograms, one of its special characteristics is the fact that it is equipped with a massive multi-tool arm that can help it grab spaceborne salvage and then carry it aboard for processing, an activity that the reclaimer can perform on site , since the ship is packed with reclamation equipment and salvage machinery capable of processing salvage and storing it in its reinforced cargo bay that has a cargo capacity of 6266,88 units for raw scraps only.

The ship also has a standard cargohold that can carry up to 288 units and this is really helpful because you not only have a massive cargo capacity for raw scraps, that will help you make a lot of money out of salvaging but also a decent cargo capacity if you want to transport something or if you find something valuable, an artifact and you want to recover it, bring it back aboard your vessel in order to sell it for a good amount of money at your next destination. Let’s not also forget that salvaging as an activity has strong ties to exploration and this is because in order to make money out of this activity you first have to discover wrecks and points of interest. This is exactly why the reclaimer comes equipped with a Tarsus Marauder jump engine that will help you travel from one system to another, increasing your chances in that way of finding loot but also advanced density scanners that will help you discover that loot easier. The reclaimer like the carrack also carries specialized drones, an array of surveyor-class drones that will help you discover valuable items in areas that you cannot reach easily, it is easy to understand that the reclaimer was built with salvaging in mind, with equipment and characteristics that will help you maximize your profit out of this activity but it has also enough firepower to protect itself in case some pirates appear or you have to deal with aliens.

After all it is manufactured by the military contractor Aegis, the reclaimer in total has 3 size 5 turrets, 2 size 5 unmanned turrets on each side, that can be transformed into pretty much everything, they are in reality multi-use hardpoints that can be mounted with defensive guns, missile batteries or additional tractor beams, floodlights, scanners and other salvage specific options, allowing you to modify your ship in any way you like and one size 5 topside manned turret, in that way you can choose what kind of equipment you want to bring with you, you can choose to have 3 turrets for extra protection and offensive capabilities or go with one only turret and replace the other two with salvaging tools or tools for scanning and exploration, make it easier to discover points of interests and salvage them for maximum profit, it is up to you and your crew how you want to modify your reclaimer, you can have more protection or more tools to make money or take a more balanced approach.

We should also mention that the reclaimer is also going to be equipped with four point defense weapons something that will be really helpful especially if you want to bring more tools with you instead of turrets and increase your profit out of salvaging. The reclaimer has six main and eight maneuvering thrusters that will help it maneuver around and of course reach your destination, 2 size 6 power plants that will help you power up all your equipment and weapons in order to keep you safe and of course help you make money and one size six shield, necessary equipment that increases your survivability and will help you remain alive in case you find trouble.

Last but definitely not least the vessel also includes a pocket spacecraft, a manned cutter which can be deployed for EVA or recovery operations and can carry tools and supplies for your crew when they are going out of your ship in order to perform salvaging, after all EVA salvaging is going to be a reality in the universe of star citizen and later we will also have salvage guns that we will be able to carry with us in order to strip surface materials from ships. The manned cutter is going to be extremely helpful in situations like this since it will be able to carry tools and supplies but also transport recovered artifacts back to the ship, with that kind of equipment and capabilities the reclaimer seems to be the perfect option for salvaging, for performing this activity and making money in that way but it also seems to be a very good option for a combination of salvaging and exploration. If going out into the unknown, exploring the verse with the purpose of finding salvage and valuable items is your goal in the star citizen universe, then the reclaimer is going to be the best vessel for you.

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