Hello ladies and gentlemen, CaptainShack here and welcome to my on going coverage of Star Citizen. It’s hands down the biggest space sim title that’s ever been dreamed off with a huge number of impressive game features but the one single feature that has me, personally, more excited than most is the modding support. For the uninitiated mods or modding is all about changing your game customizing it in some way. Examples can range from changing the sound of a single weapon or maybe improving a single texture or UI element, up to and including total conversion which can literally take an old game and remake it completely inside the original engine making it pretty much a new game. One RSI’s initial designs was to have hosting of a version of a persistence universe that could possible on a private server allowing for players to mod whatever they wished inside their own server outside of the main server. Ship modeling and basic design tools were also planned. Something that has some mod authors kind of concerned and the reason why a lot of the well known mod teams are kind of on the wait and see fence or attitude is the fact that there hasn’t been much of a mention of modding tools for some time now so we don’t know exactly what’s going on for modding support.

Hopefully we’ll find out soon. But Star Citizen, with its incredible level of detail has inspired many talented individuals to start working on custom assets already designing new ships for the title. With such an amazing group of artists volunteering RSI decided to hold a competition a while back called “The Next Great Star Ship” that brought a bunch of teams together to see whose ship would make it to the final game’s release. It was really compelling to watch and if you’re interested the videos are still up on RSI’s YouTube channel so I recommend you check it out. You can actually see the ships be designed from the ground up.

Anyways, getting back to the modding community there are a lot of current projects being developed. If you’re a fan of Science Fiction and love the idea of a universe populated with lots of different ships then you’ll see why this has me so excited. Keep in mind, most of these ships are still in development. Alexander Advanced Weapon Class Destroyer. It’s equipped with gauss cannons and an under slunk captain’s yacht that is definitely one of my favorites. This was made by Lexxen over on the forums. The X-2 Manta Advanced Starfighter by Chmee, I think I said that right. It’s a Xian/Human hybrid representing the pinnacle of cutting edge star ship design. The X-2 Manta is a formidable opponent for the most demanding of combat situations. The Osiris, by Korathan. This little baby is a deep space exploration scout and cargo vessel. A real multi-role ship. I love the odd ball design on this one. This one is definitely one of the strangest: the Hopper MK003, by Marius Jonas.

It’s built for long expeditions in the extreme conditions of uncharted space and harsh planets. The legs are built to allow landing on just about any surface. Lots of thrusters and big fuel tanks keep the Grass Hopper an agile long distance ship. The Switchblade fighter. If a Capital Ship had a pocket knife to protect itself, this would be it. Perfect for a ship that has storage space problems. The X-38 Sundagger, another design from Chmee. Chamme? Shmee? The X-38 Sundagger is another design from Chmee, I hope I said that right. Talk about retro, it even has a Batman paint option. I love these paint jobs. The fact that it even has the standard docking ring from Star Citizen integrated into the retro design just makes me laugh, I love it. And this is without even having full on tools released, there’s even Halo mod on the works by a small team. But what are you guys most excited for, and what kind of mod would you like to see made? Let me know in the comments below.

As always, thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys next time..

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