Star Trek Online Crafting Guide

Star Trek Online Crafting Guide by Nytshaed

T1 to T2

Crafting 101:
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So first I?ll say that the existing system is pretty limited at low levels and may be replaced at any time.
With that said it is very simple and with massive farming it is a straight path.

The Practical upshot is that a fleet can do this pretty well and soloists will have such a ScanFarming time cost that they could farm the rare drops more easily.

During Beta it took 28 transactions to open Tier 2
On Live it took 63.

===> There is no known way to tell how far along you are ? please post if you find one.

Medium Hypo . ? . ? . ? . -Used for Large Hypo(2 of each red Research item ? 6 total)
Medium Shield Charge . -Used for Large Energy charge(also 2 of each red ? 6 Total)

These two items are the only combines that only use cheap red bits. The rest of the tier 1 upgrades require larger amounts of both low level and higher level research bits. (Usually 21 total)

All Crafting combines start with a Base item (like the Medium Hypo) plus some research bits to create an upgraded version ? a green quality item for the Tier 1 ? Blue item for Tier 2.

So to start you go to Memory Alpha ? talk to the lady officer in the center of the base(Romaine) and hit up her store for 60+ items or so opening the next set of vendors.

The three Tier2 Vendors are in rooms on the left side of the base and again buying upgrades from them opens them, though we have no idea how many and it is extremely likely that each Tier2 vendor opens the single Tier3 vendor in each section.

The only systems worth doing at this time are:

Tier1 ?- Mk II:
Phaser Beam Array
Photon Torpedoe Launcher

Tier2 ?- Mk IV and VI:
Covariant Shield
Combat Impulse Engine
Hyper Impulse Engine
Impulse Engine
Plasma Beam Pistol
Plasma Beam Array
Plasma Dual Cannons
Plasma Torpedo Launcher
Quantum Torpedo Launcher

I Noteably omitted the body armors, personal shields, etc, that have a lesser effect on game play.

Happy Zappin!

? Many thanks to the folks of for all the collecting of bits to make this possible!

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