Star Trek Online Diplomacy Guide

Star Trek Online Diplomacy Guide?by PatricianVetinari

  1. Tables of Contents, Rules and Intro
  2. Quests that grant Diplomatic Experience Points (DXP)
  3. Diplomatic Investigations
  4. First Contact
  5. Other Ways to get Diplomatic Experience Points (DXP)
  6. Rewards
  7. Misc
  8. Trek Trivia Questions
  9. Update Log

Season 2 added a new facet to the game, Diplomatic Missions! These missions range from First Contact to Story Line style Diplomatic missions where you meditate disputes, negotiate treaties and learn about new races and new civilizations!

By doing diplomatic missions you gain XP, DXP and bridge officer points. DXP will gain you levels in the Federation Diplomatic Corps, allowing you to get new gear, titles and other fun stuff!

The main contact for the Diplomatic Corps. is Ambassador Jiro Sugihara, who is located at Earth Spacedock in Admiral Quinn?s office. He does not give you missions until you are Attache level.

I would also like to say thanks to the following people:
Zepari of Stonewall Fleet
Spark88 of Stonewall Fleet
BFelczer of Stonewall Fleet
Wolf of Stonewall Fleet
Nick of Stonewall Fleet
Doctor Comics

Section 2: Quests the grant DXP

Bajor System: 1
Vulcan: 1
Memory Alpha: 4
Memory Alpha/ K-7: 1
Starbase 39: 1
Orellius Sector Block (The Breen): 2
Eta Eridani (The Devidians): 1
Psi Velorum (Cloaked Intentions): ?
Sirius Sector Block: 2
Regulus Sector Block: 2
Beta Ursae Sector Block: 1
Alpha Tranguli Sector Block: 1
Alpha Centauri Sector Block: 2

As with first contact, it is vital to read all information that is offered! Sometimes information is not available until you ask someone different a question, so even once you think you have read everything, go back and double check.

DO NOT choose any choice that would interact with an item of evidence (such as turning an unknown technology on or off) until you are sure you have read everything.

Also, be careful what you click on! One mis-click can lose all your work!

Bajor System:

From the Bajor System

You get this mission by zoning into the Bajor System.

Information has been given to the Cardassian Defense Force that Captain Antos has betrayed the Cardassian people to the True Way. His friend and former prot?g?, Captain Surjan, has requested the duty of arresting him in the hopes of proving him innocent, but he will do his duty if necessary.

Antos denies his guilt, but first glance will confirm the authenticity of the evidence. What lies beneath the surface?

Be sure to take careful note of what each captain says, and don?t forget to do your research!


Ancestral Sin:
From Ambassador T?Sawa

Beam down to Vulcan. You get the mission from T?Sawa.

A Romulan Ambassador has arrived on Vulcan early, and the preparations for him are not complete. By being an awesome Starfleet person and just standing around, you can help ease the diplomatic tensions.

After talking to the Romulan Ambassador, Jirok, you can see that he is upset. He tells you he is going on a walking tour, but before you can leave for the tour he gets an insulting and threatening anonymous message. Who sent this talk braking message?

Be sure to pay close attention to where the NPCs tell you to look, Vulcan is a big place after all, and what the Vulcan Historians tell you!

When you find a Vulcan Historian that has the information you need you will see this:

When you have all the information you think that you need, go back to Jirok

Remember, Starfleet Officers never say they are right just because they say they are!

Memory Alpha:

The Missions from the three brothers are a bit different than normal ones. In normal missions when the mission objectives text goes red you have failed the mission. But in these three missions when the text goes red that only means that ONE of TWO options are no longer do-able. You can still follow the other option.

In this example, you have chosen an option that will no longer let you talk to Zara Dren or to report to Commander Romaine, but you can still go talk to Markin!

Shady Supplies
From Zel

Zel is worried about the quality of supplies that his fellows are selling because when they sell bad supplies, he gets tarred with the same brush.

The latest issue involves Markin, who is selling stolen supplies that he gets from the Orion Syndicate. Can you put a stop to it?

Be sure to do a complete inspection of all the crates!

Hostile Takeover
From Markin

Markin thinks that his brother, Quex, is stealing his business. He wants you to help him chase his brother off the station by spread rumors about what he sells.
How will you solve this family squabble?

Family Ties
From Quex

Quex is worried about his brother?s relationship with each other. He thinks that if you can show them that they are making a good profit, the family rift will be healed.
How will you show these two distrusting Ferengi what is going on?

A Taste of Home
From Lt. Kirayoshi O?Brian

Little Yoshi is all grown up, but still wants food from home! He is craving a Jumja stick from DS9 and asks you to go get one for him. How someone who was two years old the last time he called DS9 home thinks of Jumja sticks as a ?taste of home? is beyond me, but hey, it?s a easy quest!
The mission does not require you to go to DS9, only to give Little Yoshi a Jumja stick.

From Lt. Orlando Mai

From Lt. Orlando Mai. Lt. Mai is on the Memory Alpha map, but the Majority of the mission takes place on K-7.

Dangerous Biological Samples need to be taken to K-7! They have been packed well and need to handled carefully, but somehow in transit your crew has come into contact with a deadly bacteria!

How will you save you crew in time? Be sure to read all your research, talk to the doctor and nurse, and take careful notes. Maybe your science officer will have some ideas for you?

If you are having trouble I suggest you treat it like a logic puzzle. Take a sheet of paper, make a grid. Along the side put each element that is mentioned in the reports or that people give you (Mercury, Iron, Alpha Lipcic Acid, etc). Along the top put harmful to people and helpful to people. As you read your research and what people say to you, put check marks in the corresponding grids. This will help you narrow things down.

Here is a grid that will have more than enough space for all the clues you get in your research and from people. I?ve started it for you, but you?ll have to fill in the rest!

Harmful to PeopleHelpful to People
Alpha Lipcic Acid*

You can get the vast majority of the clues needed for the cure just from research and what people say! For instance, when Dr. Yoc?m tells you that he can not help because his Mercury based blood is too vulnerable to the Biological Sample, you can reason that Mercury would help the bacteria, and should not be used in a cure.

If you only have two options to choose from when you are making the cure, and you know that one is harmful to people, you can then choose the other even if you have no information on it.

Once you have the information from what people tell you, you can use the experiment option to narrow down the rest, but if you read your research, reports and what people tell you carefully you don?t need to do any experiments, and can go right to making the cure. However if you want to experiment, then always keep in mind what your science officer tells you!

Starbase 39:

Trade Deal
From Lt. Commander Brocal

Lt. Commander Brocal is in charge of trade negotiations, but feels that she is in over her head! You must help her by talking to each of the Ambassadors. Talks have come to a halt because of the vastly differing cultural norms of the races and what each race wants.
Be sure to read all of your information carefully.

Deferi/Breen Space:

Rescue Deferi Captives
From Ambassador Surah

After completing Episode 2: Out in the Cold Ambassador Surah offers you a new FDC mission. This mission can be completed daily.
He tells you that colonists from the Kelvani belt have gone missing, and that a Breen ship has been seen in the area. Will you rescue the Deferi colonists?
Be sure to keep your Gold Pressed Latinum with you at all times, you never know when it will come in handy. If you don?t have any Latinum, you should fine tune your deflector dish!
The Breen Connection
From Jiro Sugihara

After Episode 3: Cold Comfort Ambassador Surah tells you that someone from Starfleet wants to talk to you. After you complete his mission look to the lower right hand side of your screen and click on the hail box to talk to Ambassador Sugihara. Read what he says, and then you magically get FDC points.
This mission replaces ?A Taste of Home? for easiest FDC mission.


Everythign Old is New Again
From: Automatic Game Reward

Everything Old is New Again, has an accolade called Cunning and Guile. If you can ?Avoid Confrontation in 23rd Century Drozana Station? ? Basically you have to complete the mission without shooting at (or knocking out) your 23rd Century counterparts. It?s ok if they shoot at you, but you have to run away and keep your BOs from shooting too (place them on passive). So avoid contact, lock them in rooms, and if you must confront them, try to talk your way out of any violence. Once you get to ?ahem, the Doctor, you?re safe. You can still shoot at any Devidians you may come across. *

Section 3: Diplomatic Investigation

Diplomatic Investigations start at Attache level, and are given out by Ambassador Jiro Sugihara in Earth Space Doc. He will given them out at varying intervals.

They are examples of the types of explore mission that you can find randomly that will give you DXP. The difference is that by talking to Jiro you will automatically get one of the non combat Explore missions.

You do these in the same way as normal Explore missions

Section 4: First Contact

First Contact missions are given out by Ambassador Jiro Sugihara at random intervals by contacting Starfleet. First Contact missions are in explore areas for your level. You can start doing First Contact missions at Envoy level.

The key for First Contact missions, and most any diplomatic mission, is to take a few notes!

Take notice of minor details, such as who governs their society, what kind of government it is, how they deal with conflict, any sort of fine arts they enjoy, and how they think of the federation.

Be sure to talk to everyone before you start to answer questions!

When you start your the Q&A;, be sure to read each question, and the answers, very carefully! Some answers differ only in minor ways, but one is wrong and one is right! Consider not only the facts, but the tone of the information that was given you.

If you don?t know the answer to the trek trivia question, then you should look in Section 8 of this guide or go to Memory Alpha (website, not the place).

Section 5: Other Ways to get DXP

Other than doing the Diplomatic missions, there are two known ways to get DXP:

?Most non-combat missions now grant Federation Diplomacy Experience (FDX) in addition to the normal skillpoint rewards.

As you earn more FDX, you gain accolades that rank up your Diplomacy Title. With each of the 4 titles comes better and better rewards.

I?m eagerly awaiting for someone to discover the top rank rewards 🙂 I think they?re pretty darn cool.

So don?t pass up those scan the planet, trade commodity, first contact, and other sprinklings of non-combat fun out there ? because you?ll end up with some cool diplomacy rewards.? ? DStahl

The Stonewall Fleet Diplomatic Team feels that, because of numerous bugs and changes that do not always appear in patch notes, that we can not give a firm guideline of how to find Explore missions that will give you DXP at this time. A general rule is as follows:

If a mission has a mission objective of killing X number of people/ships, then it will not give you DXP.

However, should a mission have peaceful objectives (scan this, fix that, etc) where you just happen to have people also trying to kill you, you will likely gain DXP. Should you have a mission with peaceful objectives and no one trying to kill you this will also grant DXP. Scan Anomalies is the only known exception to this, as it grants no XP or DXP.
Explore missions that give DXP will give you a reward of:

Patrol missions that give DXP:
Sirius Sector Block

Beytan Sector Patrol- Patrol the Vulcan Sector
It?s the mission where you talk to the miners to hear their problems.

Pellme Sector Patrol ? Patrol Orion Sector
Sensor Investigations

Regulus Sector Block

Celes Sector Patrol ? Patrol the Celes System
It?s the mission where Starbase 114 has been having accidents. Sabotage is suspected!

Celes Sector Patrol ? Secure the Zenik System
Scan some Cocoons.

Beta Ursae Sector Block

Kalandra Sector Patrol ? Patrol Chapel System
Scan some wreakage.

Alpha Tranguli Sector Block

Algira Sector Patrol ? Lilsis System Patrol
Scan some asteroids.

Alpha Centauri Sector Block
Teneebia Sector Patrol ? Secure Icari System
Scan some Asteroids.

Teneebia Sector Patrol ? Secure Elvren System
Scan some Generators.

Section 6: Rewards

Rank 0 (Default, 0 DXP): Nothing
Rank 1 (Attach?, 160 DXP): Attach? Title and Diplomatic Missions (Diplomatic Investigations)
Rank 2 (Consul, 400 DXP): Consul Title and Transwarp power to K7
Rank 3 (Envoy, 720 DXP): Envoy Title, Grant Diplomatic Immunity power, First Contact missions, and Transwarp power to Starbase 39
Rank 4 (Federation Ambassador, 1360 DXP) Federation Ambassador Title, uniform, ability to choose one Bridge Officer from Klingon Empire, Transwarp power to DS9, right to vote for the Transwarp token store. Uniform may also be used by bridge officers.

Grant Diplomatic Immunity
Grants an ally Diplomatic Immunity. Diplomatic Immunity allows the target to travel at near maximum warp velocity while traveling in Sector Space. More importantly, Diplomatic Immunity will protect the target from hostile deep space encounters. Patrolling enemies in sector space will ignore the target unless your protected ally approaches them.

Targets Player Friend
15 sec recharge
60.96 meter Range
Grants Diplomatic Corps. Immunity for 300 sec
Cannot target self

Section 7: Misc

Helpful Tip: By using the NPC tab you can see a record of what the NPCs tell you! If you have deleted your NPC chat tab, you can turn on the NPC record keeping by having turned on the NPC option in your chat options. This way you can see all the text at once from every NPC, but it can be cluttered.

Helpful Tip: To pick up NPC dialogs you?ve closed by accident: open the journal and go to ?Communication Log.? It?s a little bit cleaner than having the NPCs spam up your chat box.

The first known person to reach the rank of Federation Ambassador in Stonewall Fleet on Holodeck (live) server was Ooom on July 30th 2010.

The first known person to reach the rank of Federation Ambassador on Holodeck (live) server was Ernest of Jupiter Force on July 31st of 2010.

The first known person to reach the rank of Federation Ambassador on the Tribble (test) server was Starkaos.

At the moment there are two known Diplomatic Missions types that are not in the game. One involves spelunking to find things that had been lost and another involves studying a pre-warp society, without interfering or breaking Prime Directives.

Section 8: Trek Trivia Questions


Where Travis Mayweather was born and raised?
The answer was The Horizon a cargo vessel commissioned by the Earth Cargo Group.
What was the name of the captain that fought Khan Noonien Singh in the Mutara Nebula, also also helped found the first peace treaty with the Klingons.
Answer was something like Captain James T. Kirk of the 23rd Century
What were the four founding races of the Federation?
Vulcans, Andorians, Humans and Tellarites.
What happened to the Enterprise crew when they crossed the Galactic Barrier?
Two crewmen with latent psionic abilities grew to almost godlike powers but were also mentally unstable
What were the Borg going back in time and ask to what year did the Borg travel to change time?
The Borg went to 2063 in an attempt to stop the first warp flight by a Human.
What are the Ferengi beliefs regarding the afterlife?
The correct answer explains that upon death a Ferengi goes before the Blessed Exchequer, whom Ferengi prayed to in life, and is evaluated on the basis of the profit earned while alive.
Who was the first person to break Warp 10?
Tom Paris
Are Betazoid?s fully telepathic or just empathic?
Betazoids are naturally telepathic and they develop the trait during adolescence.
What is the source of the android Data?s intelligence?
Positronic brain with advanced artificial intelligence
What do Klingons to on the Day of Honor?
Perform the right of the 20 pain sticks
What was the race that killed seven million people on Earth back in 21XX?
Answer: The Xindi.
?Who was the Vulcan ambassador who helped create the first treaties with the Klingon Empire??
?Sarek of Vulcan was a driving force for the first alliance with the Klingons, with the assistance of his son Spock.?
?Who was the first Human to fly at warp speed??
?Zefram Cochrane invented the warp drive in the 21st century. His ship, the Phoenix, was the first Human vessel to break the warp barrier.?
?How was this conflict resolved?? (concerning the cold war between the Andorians and Vulcans prior to the Federation)
The Vulcans suffered from internal corruption that falsely villainized the Andorians. After the Vulcan Reformation, the Vulcan High Command was dissolved and the new government entered into a less hostile stance with Andoria, ending years of cold war and military tension.?
What ability does Elasian women have?
Females had the ability to produce Elasian tears, a biochemical compound transmittable to males (including Human men) upon contact.
Are Vulcans and Romulans related?
Yes. The Romulans are an offshoot of the Vulcan race who choose not to follow the teachings of Surak.
What was used to power the faster than light speeds of the Bajoran Light Sail ships?
The Solar Sails would catch Tachyon Eddies and that would propel the ships
Who invented the Duotronic Computer that was used in the 23rd Century?
Richard Daystrom
Has the Federation ever found a stable Wormhole
Yes. The Bajoran Wormhole can take you to the Gama Quadrant.
Why do you call the other universe referenced in you computers the ?Mirrior Universe??
Because the people and events in it are similar to our universe, but are flipped like a Mirror.
What is Kanar?
Answer: ?Cardassian alcohol that takes non-Cardassians time to develop a taste for.?
How is the Vorta kill in the line of duty return to life?
If a Vorta is killed, they can quickly be replaced with a clone, retaining the memories of his or her previous incarnation.


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