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Advanced Starfighter Techniques + Tactics in Star Wars Squadrons! (Game Tested!)


Hey guys, this is eckhart slaughter Hello and welcome to another star wars squadrons video Now before we begin, I am very very excited to announce a new patreon launching for x2 the patreon will be managed by charlie who will be hooking you future patrons up with a lot of cool rewards everything from Game nights with us to an x2 newsletter god i’m interested to see what gets in there exclusive merchandise and more So if you’re interested in supporting the channel, which of course is never required, but always appreciated check the link down in the description So today big surprise we’re talking about star wars squadrons, and I actually did a video before I got to try the game about some of the techniques from star wars legends that might work in Squadron that might be effective in various battles. But today we’re sort of taking things from a different angle so after having played squadrons early thanks to ea and And having talked to other content creators within the community who also got to try the game I’ve put together a list of what i’m calling advanced techniques for fleet battles and dogfight Mode now not all of these tips will apply to both game types Some may be fleet battles exclusive but I think you’ll find them all very interesting as a note when I say advanced tactics Keep in mind that i’m coming from the perspective of a group which only got to play the game for a little while So in just a few months when we’re all in this game and when charlie and corey and I have made an elite starfighter squadron These may feel pretty basic But for now, I think not only are they interesting but they show the depth of the combat experience The first two advanced tactics relate to some of the most important systems within the game.

Let’s start first with power management So when you build up one of your component powers Which you have three of if you’re the new republic or the thai reaper and two of if you’re the empire If you’ve got full power to engines, for example Regardless of how fast you’re moving you’ll begin to build up a boost which can be activated and which makes your ship go really really fast even slower vessels like support ships or bombers power to shields actually gives you an overshield and if you wait long enough The shield will actually double your original shield output power to laser Increases their speed and allows you to fire more without the weapon overheating the interesting thing Is that these bonuses remain although they do slowly decrease? Even after you’ve normalized power or shunted it to a different system So just because you’ve moved your power back equally distributed among all of your components your ship still has its active overshield So the tactic here is before engaging an enemy get a bonus ready What I like to do before jumping straight into battle is to chill out for a minute and let my ship get a full Overshield it only takes a few extra seconds But you just have to be conscious of what you’re doing and not just rush into battle and of course, it also requires a little bit of patience and if you pull this off well That means you can also have several components with that extra charge the boost builds up really quickly.

So You can attack an enemy capital ship with a fully charged front-facing overshield while boosting into battle then when you’re at the sweet spot you can shunt power over to your lasers or equally distribute it or Do whatever you want as I mentioned my second pro tip also relates to a system within the ship and that is target switching so your ship’s scanner is incredibly useful even the most basic and new players will use it to track enemy fighters to check an enemy’s health and Find their direction and position but there’s so much more you can do if you hold the target select button Which on xbox controller is l you can actually choose which targets you’ll select So if you hold it, for example You can choose to target only enemy starfighters or only enemy ai starfighters or human starfighters Or human starfighters on your team or capital ship objectives or whatever else This is really a fundamental aspect of the game And when I spoke to people who figured this out, I personally only got the basic hang of it during my play sessions It completely changes how you play certain ships For example, if you’re playing a support focused thai reaper with a healing ability, you probably want to set it So your targeting systems focus on human allies now, that doesn’t mean you won’t see enemy starfighters on your map or anything like that What it means is if there’s a friendly ship nearby and you click the target button You can select them and it’ll be really easy for you to find them as the reaper You can also check exactly the health of your allies So you can tell if they need a resupply targeting your allies.

I find also works Very very well for coordinating team play for example If I was flying as a wingman to one of my teammates rather than manually changing my target selector, I would just keep it on All but I would select them so I could follow them around the battle because sometimes when you’re pulling insane maneuvers You might lose visual sight of your ally but if you have them selected it will say Your ally is right behind you or that your ally is over off to the right Another really important use of this feature is when attacking enemy capital ships Especially as bombers looking to inflict massive damage you can have it So you only target enemy sub systems And it makes it much easier to sort of flick around targets on the battlefield without picking up stray fighters or whatever else You can basically check which subsystems are most damage and decide to go for them or go for the one that’s strongest a tougher but arguably even cooler way that you can use this system is if you target missiles one thing that I did although Without the target system was in a title use a boost to gain some distance between a missile, which was trailing me Then I turned around and shot it out of the air Because I was out of counter measures and I really had no other option.

I was in pretty open space missiles move very quickly So the targeting wheel will definitely help you in this case and it’s a pretty simple selection as well You just hold l and then choose whichever target you want to focus on or whichever type of target My next tip is one that I think will be a little bit controversial and is definitely less Objectively helpful than the other two. That is if you’re a shielded ship put full shields to back I’ve got a couple of reasons for this first of all on any ship The weakest part and the most vulnerable part is the very back There’s no way to fire back at an enemy Second of all, I played a lot of interceptor and I noticed a lot of my deaths were coming from ships shooting me from behind Rather than head-on thirdly and this is just me There’s a lot of controls on the controller and I just found it easier to not always have to shift power Because you can keep it equalized but I just think most of the time you’re dying It’s to one enemy either in front of you or behind you.

So it’s sort of a waste for me personally Just how my brain works. I find it a little more easy to hold the shield button and switch my shields to front Then just keeping them defaulted to back now Of course, there are exceptions to this if you’re flying into a battle and most of your enemies are in front of you Of course You want to normalize your shields or put them forward if you’re attacking a capital ship you definitely want to put them to double front Until you pass over them and I will say you cannot underestimate the importance of power distribution and of shield switching for power distribution Especially there’s no reason to have your ship Equalized when you’re just flying somewhere unless you anticipate being attacked you might as well put your power into your engines So you can get there quicker or one of your other components to build up one of the benefits that we talked about earlier Just generally on this point before I move on.

I think the game rewards people who play on the edge Rather than just flying the ship without, you know, managing your power or your shields or your targeting or whatever else All these things are some of the ways the skill gap will manifest and you are definitely rewarded for playing smart My next tip is don’t die. That’s very advanced you guys probably didn’t know that before you watched this video, but seriously in capital ship battles, especially Dying is a very very very bad and I think this is a good opportunity to talk generally about how fleet battles work and I can do a whole video on this if you’re interested because I think it’s really interesting So one of the most important aspects of fleet battle really the most important besides your capital ship health is the morale system as you kill Starfighters or corvettes you gain more morale and it’s morale which allows you to eventually attack the enemy’s frigates And their capital ships dying comes however, not with only a serious serious morale loss But the opportunity to get enemy morale and an entire 15 seconds if i’m remembering correctly respawn window, I think at high competitive levels when people are communicating and coordinating among all five players within their squadron having even a one person advantage will be absolutely critical and it’s a snowballing at that point because if you notice The enemy is scattered and you can get a couple of ships on one enemy and just get that little starfighter advantage then suddenly A lot of people are dying and you’re having a much easier time Moving morale and attacking their more difficult targets like their frigates and their capital ship just generally you want to think about the game somewhat like a moba and the nadiri shipyards is very Mobile-like because of the three lanes and as I mentioned I can talk about that later But you do not want to feed the enemy And there are also ways you can build up morale without having to fight enemy starfighters when I played as the thai reaper For example, I wasn’t really going into battle.

I was sitting back and healing my allies however Because I was sort of in the middle of the map staying away from the enemy. I was able to farm some ai Starfighters and if you kill a few of those the morel really starts to add up a connected tip tip number three be your 4b Whatever we’re on is to coordinate sieges on capital ships and coordinate it not only with enemy starfighters But if your corvette is taking a run at one of the enemy frigates It will be taking away some of their firepower because they’ll be shooting at the corvette and it will be inflicting damage as well But when we’re talking about player coordination the ping system is great for this You can ping an enemy target just with a simple y press on the xbox controller Then friendly starfighters can acknowledge it and you can attack together Just imagine this you’ve got three or four starfighters together on the same target Maybe two y-wings are going in to actually attack the frigate while an a-wing and x-wing are responsible for keeping fighters off their back That’s not an imaginary situation.

That’s one that will actually happen if you properly use the systems and it is very very cool The pings will also be really really useful if you’re being attacked or if you need a heal because like with the targeting wheel There’s just a basic ping which will just target an enemy and you can actually hold it to open up a context wheel why up y Is used to mark your own starfighter and then especially if you’re on voice chat You can coordinate with your team to help get that fighter off you get that heal or to have them form up Whatever you need. My final tip for today is to be smart with how you use capital ships Now I covered this a lot in yesterday’s video.

So just a brief discussion right now, but capital ships will absolutely annihilate starfighters Especially if you’re not moving or even moving slowly or parallel with the ship you need to attack hard full speed doing maneuvers You get in there cause some damage and you leave if you’re really gonna go for a sustained bombing run You need to make sure that you’ve got all power to shields And even then it will really only work if the capital ship is focused on something else or you get very lucky That’s why coordinating with multiple people works really well however It’s more than just that especially when you’re on attack when when the morel meter is favoring you Your friendly capital ships your two frigates in your star destroyer or your mc75 Will be laying down almost like a flak screen The enemy is not going to get very far over to your side when the morale is high, especially if the frigates are alive So if you’re almost dead head back towards your fleet try to survive and your frigates will really do the rest of the work They will easily kill an enemy trying to attack you and most times they’ll just give up you can also Resupply at your star destroyers or your two frigates if they’re still alive your star destroyer gives you full health It repairs any cracks in your screen or whatever else And it allows you to change ships or loadouts If you want to the two frigates, don’t do quite that much But if you’re attacking and you stop under a friendly frigate, well, there’s a very clear area so you won’t miss it You’ll have your ship resupplied and repaired It is very very useful, especially considering how important staying alive will be in fleet battles Other than that, I think there will be some emerging meta about how to attack the final enemy capital ship Which components you want to take down in which order so pay attention to what your teammates think you should do? I really don’t know the best way to take out an enemy capital ship but I think there will be Some very interesting information that you can learn to at least make an informed decision about the sort of end game Of the fleet battles match, but that’s all i’ve got for you guys today I hope you enjoyed this star wars squads video as always This has been at cart’s ladder until next time be safe and may the force be with you You

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