Star Wars Squadrons Best tips to improve! By: SCALPWAKKA


Hey guys!

I have recieved lot’s of questions about the best ways to go about winning games of fleet battles and ultimately becoming a better player. I have compiled a guide of the biggest things I have seen from lower level players, that is really holding them back from dominating in games.

  1. Communicate

Communication is super important in fleet battles. Even if you are solo queuing, the ping system is a super effective and efficient way to relay information to your teammates and can be the difference between winning and losing!

2. Pay attention to Morale

Many players get tunnel vision and tend to chase a retreating player, even if it means certain death. You also don’t want to make risky decisions when you are low morale.

3. Protect your raiders and kill AI/Enemy raiders

This portion of fleet battles is often overlooked. Many times I will see an entire enemy team that avoided AI kills altogether. Killing AI is a super easy way to get morale for your team. Enemy raiders are also an easy way to boost your morale and removing them quickly prevents damage to your frigates or capital ships! Keeping your raider alive on offense shields you from enemy frigates as well as distracts opposing players.

4. Target Subsystems

Taking out subsystems is super important. I tend to target shield generators first, targeting second, and power system last. Although if you have a fighter or support class with the ion torpedo (the one with a minimum 500m range) it will 1 shot the power system.

The damage breakdowns are as follows:

Subsystems – 1hp Hull sections – 5hp Hull breaches – 7hp Turrets – .5hp

5. Practice

Squadrons is a mechanically demanding game. The only way to improve both decision making and mechanical ability is to practice!

If you want a more in depth version of this guide, Watch this video ->

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