Star Wars Squadrons Fleet battles strategy guide By: ScalpWakka


This post will be a breakdown of the current fleet battles meta and most effective strategies. Fleet battles is a complex mode and I cant possibly cover everything in a reddit post. My goal is to start an ongoing discussion to expand on the general formula I have laid out here!

General Team composition:

A general team composition I have noticed at higher level play is:

2 interceptors 1 fighter 1 bomber (defense) / fighter (offense) flex 1 support

New republic can choose to run 3 interceptors rather than the 1 fighter. 3 interceptors tends to be too fragile for the empire in my opinion, but feel free to mess around with it!

Overall strategy:

Generally speaking, the team that controls the morale bar wins the game. Understanding how to control the morale, is the tricky part.

To simplify the complex strategies required to play at a high level, think of the battlescape as zones.

Flag ship Frigates Middle Enemy Frigates Enemy Flag ship

In offensive and defensive phases, both teams are fighting to control these zones. An attacking team that tries to deal damage to objectives without controlling the corresponding zone, will fail and lose the offense. A defending team that can’t effectively push pilots out of their zone, will lose frigates or flag ships.

This is where the beauty of fleet battles lies. The single biggest mistake I see teams make is focusing on the wrong task at the wrong time. Simply put, your goal is not to kill fighters or the raider. Your goal is to control your offensive and defensive zones.

It is also important to note that you must be prepared to retreat as soon as you begin taking fire, every death sets your team back. You can still fight with low health, but you cannot allow yourself to be beamed down. Phases are broken down into several attempts to attack/defend until one team breaks. Fleet battles is similar to an elegant dance. Don’t play like a brute.

Let’s start with offense.

On offense your goal is to prevent the enemy team from farming ai or killing your raider. Notice how I did not say killing enemy players. You are trying to push players from the “enemy frigates” zone to the “enemy flagship” zone. You do this by dealing damage to them. It is more important that you push them away than it is that you kill them. If you push an enemy player away, their team is now in a 4v5 against you, and if they refuse to run for resupply they will eventually die.

It is crucial that you prevent the enemy from farming ai with bombers. Again, you dont have to kill the bombers. Forcing them to retreat out of the zone denies them valuable time and morale gain. The defense is much less effective, and often falls apart without a consistent ai morale income.

While opposing players are out of the “enemy frigate” zone, your team will begin dealing damage to their frigates and once destroyed you move into the “enemy flagship” zone. The basic “zone” formula works here as well, but your team becomes more reliant on killing enemy players quickly to maintain offense. Wait to attack subsystems until you have a player advantage or the shields drop. It is crucial that you are killing players during this stage primarily. Subsystems come after enemy players are down and you can safely attack the ship.

The order you should attack subsystems are as follows:

Shield generators Targeting system Power system

Every death at this stage of the game is backbreaking. Avoid dying at all costs. This rule should be applied to all stages, but especially on the flagship stage.

Now that offense has been covered, lets talk about defense.

On defense the same “zone” formula applies. Pushing players from your zone prevents them from harrassing your farmer as well as dealing capital ship damage. An attacking team that rushes objectives, should quickly be punished. They didn’t push you from your zone, ezpz lemon squeezee defense. Now if they play by the formula, you have to protect your ai farmer at all costs. Constant ai morale income is the key to quick defensive flips.

It is crucial that you pay attention to enemy fighters and are prepared to shoot down enemy ion missiles/torpedos. If they quickly drop your frigate shields it could be game over.

On another note, don’t try to kill the enemy raider. A bomber should ALWAYS go for ai. Your fighters and interceptors should be forcing out enemy pilots. If you happen to get a wipe or the other team is back resupplying and there are 0 offensive threats, fighters and interceptors will then attack the raider. Attacking the raider without control of the zone will cause you to be wiped and typically leads to a quick loss of your frigates.

I feel like that is sufficient coverage of the defensive side of the game, it is relatively straightforward as all the pressure is on the offense to maintain “possession” so to speak. But again, this is an open discussion and I’ve probably missed things!

Now that both phases are covered, I want to talk a little about how to play your roles.

Beginning with support ships.

Support ships are the backbone of every team. You should be directing traffic as you typically have a better view of the battlefield. It is of upmost importance that you stay alive, call for help immediately when you are targeted. You should have priority in terms of assistance.

A general build that works well:

Ion lasers feel like the go to here, at least for my group. It’s nice to help drop shields on cap ships

Squad mask, target marker, resupply droid, and shield are all viable components in my opinion. Try them all out and find what works best for you, these could honestly change based on faction and map so experiment.

Lets talk about interceptors now.

Interceptors are probably the most complicated role to play strategy wise. View yourself as a flex player. Be ready to help your teammates when they are targeted, but also apply consistent pressure to the other team forcing mistakes. A good interceptor pilot is hell on the other team and crucial to maintain offensive phase.

A general build that works well:

I run quick lock and barrage as my components. But i trust my flying to get me away from top tier pilots. Sensor jammer and barrage rocket with reflec hull is a nice build if you are struggling to flee. I personally would stay away from the repair component as there are way better options for your role.

Now onto the fighters.

Fighters are your tanky damage dealer. Good at getting in and hitting backline players as well as dishing out massive cap ship damage. Generally you would want to try to get back to kill or wound the ai farmer/support ship while your interceptors keep you alive. You also want to try and drop shields with your ion torpedos on offense.

A general build that works well:

Ion torpedos are a must for offensive shield dropping. Swap to anti fighter components for defense. You can try to run a fast build or a tanky build. This is the ultimate jack of all trades role, feel free to expirement but ion torps are a must on offense!

Now onto bombers.

Bombers are the best defensive unit but the worst offensive unit. Weird right? Only farm ai on defense. It is good for hull damage on offense. But it is more valuable to your team to use a fighter instead, to effectively dogfight and control a zone. Bombers tend to be to slow for high level games. Your mileage may vary though.

A general build that works well:

Multi-lock, goliath is really hood for ai farming. For offense I woukd run the meme-beam and assault shield.

Finally. We have reached the end! If you have any suggestions or want to add anything I missed, feel free to comment! I want to generate a healthy discussion on fleet tactics. I’ve seen so many teams making the same mistakes it’s mind boggling. My goal is to help the playerbase improve and play at a higher level overall! Thanks for reading, much love!

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