Star Wars Squadrons how i build my ships in dogfights By: streakinghellfire


A guide to the classes from personal experience and how to build them(dog foght)

My ideas will run per chassis/factions(I found myself exponentially better after getting a joystick and running keyboard+joystick)

x wing: same as tie

Idea here if rebel is to run shield at start to get overloaded, then swap to engines. right as enemy enter into sub 1k swap to weapons and start the rocket barrage/pewage. Tie just keep full engines until 900m out then swap to weapon power so on so forth. First head on always toggle assault shield. Bombers will generally be the roughest contender for a head on, but if you micromanage your shield while on first approach in a joust neither should kill each other. As a tie you should almost always kill the y-wing. Interceptors are your main target as they are easy to kill and you can generally keep up with them in terms of a drift-dogfight.

A-wing is rapid fire primary, cluster missiles and repair drone.At star put power into shield and the. engines. Do NOT do head on passes unless you are against other interceptors. just dont. please your 1k health will not hold up to anything any other role can dish at you. even supports will fuck your throat in a head on.

Y-wing: same as tie bomber below except your dps is worse but you get shields. As rebel ALWAYS start the fight off with power in shields. and when jousting dont forget to balance your shields.

support: just build full tank with supply drone and shield drone. if you play league play support as you would a soraka, AKA unless some interceptor is trying to give you a kill just stay out of the fight.

Tie fighter: Same as x-Wing. People who disrespect the tank from assault shield and dps from plasburst+rockets will die before they can reconsider their misjudgment. Do not worry about getting into a close in fight with an interceptor. Get in some drift turns and you should be able to get snap-shots off with your primary before they pass you. It will be tricky but i’ve gotten much much better over the last week doing it. IIRC with them having overloaded shields you should 3-piece an a wing with no rocket support. with rockets it should be 1-2 primary shots and some rockets give or take.

Tie bomber: give them the brrrrt! assault shield, multilock, 4k health and maneuverability engine. 100% all of the time your power will be in engines. if you are jousting right before they enter range go emergency weapons for the head on. Drop assault shield when they start hitting you and just hammer it out. you got 4k ho and woth assault shield you just cannot die in a head on. The minute they die, or you pass each other go either full power in engine, or emergency engine and drift for another pass. If you are not jousting keep your power in engines. Yes you lose dps and ammo; BUT as a tie bomber you should have enough in theory to kill 2 interceptors before you run out. If you happen to be behind anything but an a-wing it’s fine. give it a minute and fire again. X-wings will have a hard time getting you off their nuts without using the terrain to help them.

my k/d is sitting at above 3.3 right now with the last 20+ games being 10/2, 15/2, 18/4 so on so forth. you can seriously pull some fuck-boy shit with rockets and charge lasers. Also please for the love of god do not tunnel vision on a target. The minute I take damage every game I spam target my attacker and ping target. 9/10 times the person trying to kill me is tunnel visioned and does not expect to get side-swiped by an angry interceptor or get brrrr’d by a bomber. When entering a fight after death I span the rotate target buttons and just consistently look for head on’s, or someone i can easily get behind(tunnel visioned on a team mate)and slam some rockets into.

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