Star Wars Squadrons How to win more fleet battles, my guide for newer players By: wxduff


Hello all, I really enjoy playing the game and really enjoy fleet battles in particular. I’m no ace but I enjoy the game and feel like I have figured out enough to give advice to others. Feel free to comment and disagree where you want.

Tips to winning more Fleet Battles as a new player:

1. Play through campaign first: This should be a requirement by the devs, but it isn’t and players skip it. My first fleet battles I ran into plenty of players who didn’t know how to power shunt, manage their systems, or even use countermeasures. All the game mechanics are covered in the campaign.

2. Play through campaign a second time on a higher difficulty. You will learn important survival skills against the tougher AI and hone your skills.

3. When on defense, hunt AI. A bomber with multi-lock missiles, killing AI and not getting killed is much more helpful to your team than going 1 for 1 with the enemy.

4. When on defense, ignore the Raider/Corvette. Its not a massive morale mover and it will kill you easily enough. Focus on AI or opposing players on defense.

5. Unless you have practiced and perfected your skills, avoid the interceptor class. No A-wing, no Tie interceptor. The ships are fragile and a good player in a fighter or opposing interceptor will eat you up day in and out. Its a powerful class but only in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing.

6. If you are focusing on opposing players on defense, especially near your flagship, don’t forget the ion missiles. The flagship or another play might get the kill but the enemy are unable to complete their task, and its morale for your team. In particular I cycle through the opposing squadron to find the bombers first.

7. On offense, the multi-lock missiles are still useful. If the shields are down on a frigate/cruiser/flagship and you are making your attack run, you can take out up to 4 turrets on your way to your destination. This will make future attack runs safer for other players and keep your raider/corvette alive longer.

8. Learn how to get under your a flagships shields efficiently. Load you shields as NR, then hit the boost as you get close on approach (2000ish meters is effective on full boost). I watch so many players attack flagships from outside the shields where you don’t do any good. Get under them and find a subsystem.

9. Ignore the power system until the shields are down. Shield generators should be your first target, no matter what. If you have a chance to hit the targeting system on the way there, then fine… But if you don’t take out the shields before moral turns you are right back to where you started. There’s no point to hull weaknesses if the shields are in the way.

10. Once shields are down on the flagship, there is no reason to get closer that 800 – 900 meters when making your attack runs, and no need to stop moving. Attacking after shields are down like when they are up is inefficient and will get you killed quicker.

11. There’s no shame in return to base for a resupply or the hanger to relaunch. A death is a drop in morale and a generally more time out of the game. If you are hurting, get out of there as fast as possible. Many times I’ve had players chase me like fools back to my cruiser where they get taken taken out, while I’m back in the fight quickly.

12. The guided laser cannons are a trap. Unless you need help with shifty interceptors, the tradeoff in damage isn’t worth it. Get good with the standard or heavy rotary (bomber) which will be much more useful.

13. I find only one good use for Ion Torpedoes, and that’s stripping frigates/cruisers and potentially raider/corvette shields. If my team is doing well against opposing starfighters, or my team is bomber heavy I’ll switch to fighter and use the ion torpedo to clear some shields for my teammates. Make sure you don’t fire from 1500 meters away and run, its unlikely to make it. I usually try to get under 800m if possible and let it rip. Then it is right back to enemy players.

14. Even out the team. If you notice 3 bombers and a support ship in your que, maybe go fighter instead of adding bomber #4. If you really want to go bomber, mic up and ask teammates if anyone is good at running fighter/interceptor and ask if they can balance you out. If not, bite the bullet and do it yourself.

15. Mic up. Talk to your squadron, coordinate. I have won 3×5 and 4×5 matches by lucking out with squad mates who were willing to talk. If you want to play a mode where working together doesn’t matter, dogfight or ai fleet battles is for you.

If I remember more, I’ll add them, but for now these are my tips for the new players joining the battle this week.

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