Star Wars Squadrons [PSA] Steps to take to enjoy VR By: Tiltinnitus


This guide is the combination of all the advice I’ve repeatedly given on the Discord. It’s been tested by quite a few players as being effective to varying degree’s. Anyone who reads this should understand that your results will vary.

1) Turn off in-game motion smoothing and dynamic resolution scaling and force reprojection via SteamVR. ( Motion Smoothing set to Force Always On )

  • If you are on Oculus, avoid doing this via SteamVR, and instead make sure you’re using ASW via Oculus. Do not let it sit on “Auto” as the engine’s reported FPS will keep it from ever triggering.
  • Note | I do not recommend SteamVR’s solution to Reprojection in any circumstance other than this one, so be sure you’re making this change specific to Star Wars: Squadron, like in the screenshot above. Once the patch is out, be sure to turn this off.

2) To turn off in-game motion smoothing and dynamic resolution scaling, you can alter these values in ProfileOptions_profile at DocumentsSTAR WARS Squadrons Steamsettings using Notepad or any text editor. Do not include anything that starts with // — it is there for your edification.

// TURN OFF MOTION BLUR: GstRender.MotionBlur 0.000000 GstRender.MotionBlurEnabled 0 GstRender.MotionBlurEnabled_VR 0 // TURN OFF DYNAMIC RESOLUTION SCALING: GstRender.EnableDynamicResolution 0 // MANUALLY SET YOUR REFRESH RATE GstRender.FullscreenRefreshRate 90 // VR GRAPHICS QUALITY: // OverallGraphicsQuality being set to 5 just means "Custom" in-game. This is important for ResolutionScaleVR to work properly GstRender.OverallGraphicsQuality_VR 5 GstRender.ResolutionScaleVR 1.0 ( or 1.2 if you want a little extra oompf ) 
  • If you are having issues with getting these values to persist, try again, but open the file as Administrator and save accordingly. Avoid any Graphics / Display graphics settings.

3) Recommended nVidia Control Panel Settings — Set these to be specific to SW: S

NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL • Antialiasing - Gamma correction: OFF • Antialiasing - Mode: APPLICATION-CONTROLLED • OpenGL rendering GPU: SELECT YOUR GPU, DON'T LEAVE ON AUTO • Power management mode: Prefer maximum performance • Threaded Optimization: OFF • Vertical Sync: OFF • Virtual Reality pre-rendered frames: 1 

4) If you’re really worried about performance, remember to turn off all overlays and ancillary programs.

What does that mean? For me, it means:

Turn off Origin in-game overlay Turn off Steam in-game overlay Turn off NVIDIA in-game overlay Turn off Discord in-game overlay Turn off Rainmeter Turn off Wallpaper Engine Turn off PowerToys Turn off Google Chrome instances ( Chrome Icon in Icon Tray -> Right click -> Exit ) 

I’ve fiddled with literally all the other settings within the config files. Nothing you change will have any other additional effects other than what you see via the in-game settings menu.

With these changes, the game runs pretty smooth. 80hrs so far and no motion sickness / game has routinely made me go “Dayum” in my Odyssey+. Much of it I think is attributed to turning off the in-game motion smoothing and bumping the internal VR output resolution from .8 to 1.0. Not sure why .8 is the default, but that adds a lot of blur.

Is it ideal / buttery smooth? No.

Is it fun / looks better / enjoyable? Fuck yes.

Happy Hunting and may the Force be with you all. o7

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