Star Wars Squadrons X-Wing Boom and Zoom is a legit strategy By: Duke_Victor


I think the best way to describe the current style of play is that imperial ships are more forgiving for new players and on average,(your build may vary) are better turn fighters than most of the rebel ships,(the exception being a variety of a-wing loadouts).

However, I think rebel ships have a higher skill ceiling and are more rewarding for skilled play.

Note: I?m not a fan of the fleet battles and really enjoy dogfight more. I?m sure this strategy will work well in fleet battles but this guide will be geared towards dogfighting.

Rebel ships have something most imperials do not…shields. Shields add an interesting dynamic to rebel play styles and power management. Shields regenerate, hull integrity does not. The key to the ?boom and zoom? strategy is to go all in on shields and speed, at the expense of maneuverability, acceleration, and hull. I recommend the thrust engine and deflector shields components.

To excel at this strategy you need to learn to master power management, situationally maxing shields front and rear, and maxing weapons near the end of your attack runs.

Hit and run, get in fast annihilate your target, and speed away,. Rinse and repeat. I?ve had matches where I?ve gotten 10+ kills and no deaths. Not dying is huge in both multiplayer modes and just as important as getting kills, by not dying your denying points to the other team. A 4kill/1death player (Net +3 to the team) is better than an 8kill/9death player (Net -1 to the team)

With a boom and zoom X-wing the first thing you should do when the match begins is go all power to shields. Max out your shields and then max engines for boosting and speed. I recommend approaching the enemy squadron from an indirect angle, go up, down, left, or right. I don?t recommend just going straight at them unless it?s unavoidable. Once your shields and engines are maxed prepare your attack run, pick a target and go at it from angle where it can?t see you. Overload shields to the front of your xwing, max weapon power, Unload lasers, and fire missiles. Annihilate the target, max engines, overload shields to the rear of the your xwing, and boost away. Whenever boosting away try and boost towards friendlies or cover/concealment.

Remember to adjust shields to front and rear depending on the situation. You should always be maxing shields and engine. Alternate accordingly. Only max weapons near the end of your attack runs.

When running away you should have shields to the rear, whatever hits the enemy fighters get on you should be negligible and with this build you should be able to outrun most imperial builds. Your acceleration is slow but your top speed ceiling is high. The shields to the rear should keep you alive long enough to reach top speed and boost to safety.

Sometimes turnbattles are unavoidable, the best strategy with this build is to literally take the other fighter head on. If you get in a turn fight you?ll more often than not lose. So deny them the turnbattle that is favorable to them and take them head on which is a more favorable engagement for you. You should have max shields and engines as often as possible. What you want to do is boost, drift 180 degrees, shields front, you should be facing your opponent head on, max weapons and open up, until they are dead. Once again, they key to this strategy is having your overloaded shields to the front of the xwing. TIES are more fragile than you and 90% of the time will lose head to head. You shouldn?t even take that much hull damage,if any, if your shield/power management was done correctly. Remember shields regenerate, hull integrity doesn?t, you can afford to lose shielding.

I?m really enjoying this strategy and my win and K/D ratio has skyrocketed since. I consistently am a net positive contributor to the team, and more often than not, finish 1st on my team.

Thought some of you might like this build/strategy. Good luck pilots.

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