The DEADLIST TIE DEFENDER loadout in Star Wars Squadrons


The thai defender is quickly becoming one of my most favorite ships to run in star wars squadrons, despite it only being released literally a week ago. I’M seeing huge potential in this ship, but don’t just take my word for it. Higher tier players are starting to run this ship more over interceptor. Now, of course, the tie defender definitely has its strengths and weaknesses. For example, this starfighter is much stronger at taking out other starfighters that aren’t necessarily interceptor but does struggle to take on the flagship without the strength of the reflect hull that the interceptor has.

But in today’s video i’m going to be showing you one of the strongest offensive loadouts that i have for the thai defender now these aren’t just based on personal opinion. Some of these components are purposely chosen to negate debuffs and to get the absolute most out of other chosen components and just before we jump into it. If you want more loadout videos like these definitely hit the like button. So it really shows me that you want to see more, but with that out the way, let’s get right into it. So these are all the components that i run for my thai defender. The primary weapon is standard. Laser cannon, the left auxiliary, is aps. The right auxiliary is rockets, counter meshes is particles, hull is agile, shields are fortified and engine is standard. So let me break these down one by one standard. Laser cannon is just the general be-all best. All cannon that you can run on the tie defender guided has a massive nerf on how much damage output it puts on right now. So it’s just not effective.

Even against interceptors, the a-wing is still king of the hill when it comes to all other starfighters and the massive damage debuff on all guided laser cannon variants is just not worth picking right now. Plas burst cannons did get a nerf as well. So i really wouldn’t recommend those either and ion. Cannons are just too situational for left auxiliary, we’re running aps advanced power systems, so you must run this auxiliary on every single tie defender build you have. This makes the tie defender super special. It gives a moderate overcharge to any system with max power. So if you have max power and shield you hit the button, you get a ton of boost instantly same for lasers and same for shields. Now get this. You don’t really want to be using advanced power system on engines or lasers. These charge up super quick. You can get one bar of boost almost instantaneously when you hit max power to engines, so there’s no point in putting it into that same with lasers.

They charge really quickly, so there’s no need to put them in there either, but putting into shields is seriously overpowered, putting all power to shields and then hitting advanced power systems gains you literally 50 percent of system charge gained on shields. I’Ll explain why this is super special for the thai defender. A little bit later on in the video next up is rockets. Despite the 40 damage nerf on each rocket fired, it’s still very reasonable to use it’s great for capital ship damage, it’s great for firing against other players and because there isn’t any tie defenders on the enemy team. You don’t necessarily have to worry too much about ion rockets. That is unless you want to go toe-to-toe with a-wings, but that again necessarily comes down to how good you are at a dogfighter, because really good a-wing players are going to be nion impossible to hit with them the other option. I would recommend, if you see a lot of a-wings is anti-starfighter missiles. The quick lock-on for those rockets make it very easy to target a-wings going at max speed and because your ability to lock on again and fire another missile is quicker than their countermeasures, which can be really good at taking them down with ease if they’ve already used Their countermeasure and they’re having to wait nine seconds to use another and since guided laser cannons, have been heavily nerfed. This is the only real auxiliary that can counter interceptors seeker mines is another option to go with, but expert a-wing players are going to see this a mile off for counter-measures measures.

It’S particles, i really wouldn’t go with any other. They are the be all best all counter measures are compared to all others. The cooldown is probably the strongest thing about it. It’S a nine second cooldown, which is the shortest out of all of them and, despite you, only getting free compared to the seeker warheads. 4. It’S the cooldown that makes it really really important. Now this is where it gets interesting for hull. I go agile hull. Now i go for this based on the fact that i’m sacrificing the least amount for agile hull thai defenders have roughly about 400 hull on standard. So when you pick agile hull you’re only losing 20 of already a very small hull, which means, whilst i gain 38.5 acceleration and 11.5 maneuverability, i only lose 80 hull. That’S a massive gain for the tie defender without much trade-off, because the hull is so small. 20 of that hull isn’t a lot really, so i really recommend running agile hull on almost all of your thai defender builds next up for shields. I’M running fortified deflector.

Now this reduces shield generation by 25, but gains me 20 shields. Why would i want to run this when the tie defender really relies on shield it’s because of our auxiliary advanced power systems? The negative about fortified deflector shields is the fact that you regenerate shields slower. This is really bad for elongated dogfights, however advanced power systems recharges very quickly. It only has a cooldown of 20 seconds. So when you put full power to shields and then hit that advanced power system, you gain 50 of shield instantly, no matter when you took damage. One thing to take note of with shields is that you don’t regenerate shields until you’ve been out of combat for about five seconds. This is what really hurts fortified shields, but that debuff is completely gone thanks to advanced power system, so you’re pretty much getting. All of that shield, in return for you just being a little bit of a better player, just remember, to put all power to shields before you hit advanced power system, and then there you go you’ve just negated all of the debuff of fortified shields. That is what makes advanced power systems and fortified deflector so strong for tie defenders, and it’s why it makes them so tanky.

This ship is so complex and requires a lot of training that it becomes very difficult to kill because high-skilled players are managing their power, their shields and their components effectively, and this is why i can just keep dog fighting for ages better. Yet, if you’re really exhausted from fighting numerous players and you’re on defense and your flagship is miles away and you don’t want to fly all the way there just to resupply, this is where you want to put all power balanced. I know crazy right. Why would you want to put all power to balance? It is because you almost get a mini resupply by putting all powers to balance and then hitting advanced power system auxiliary. You get 30 system charge gained on your boost, your lasers and your shield. All in one go and from there you’re instantly ready to fight again. This is why i love advanced power systems and why i love the thai defender.

The thai defender is supposed to be seen as this really really powerful starfighter, and i know the guys at ea motive had to balance the ship, so it wouldn’t be the overpowered destroyer that it is in canon. But honestly, i think they’ve made it very balanced in gameplay and still fulfilled canon, because, if you’re really good with this ship – and you really know what you’re doing this thing is unkillable now many of you are probably wondering why i’m not running unstable, twin engine. On a tie defender, just like agile hull is minusing 20 of your max health, so the same rule should apply right like you’re, only going to lose an extra 80 more hull and in return you get more max speed and acceleration. So why aren’t we running that? Well, as of recording this video, there is a little bit of a bug that comes with unstable engines. When you highlight it for the thai defender, it says you only lose 20 percent of max health. However, when you apply it, you also lose 20 of your max shields. Also.

So despite the infograph saying that you do not lose any shields, you actually do so don’t run twin engine on a tie defender because it will completely negate the extra shield you got with fortified deflector and, as you can see here, i’ve got 240 extra shield. I put on the twin engine and then it’s gone, so that’s something to take note of if they do fix it, where it only removes health. I highly recommend running it until it’s fixed, but judging by balancing issues, i think it’s probably going to keep the miners shield as well. So that is my ultra offensive. Tie defender build for star wars squadrons. I’M really proud of this build, probably more than all other builds. I’Ve worked on mostly because i sat down did the math. I tried to figure out what would be best to negate certain debuffs what bus would be best to negate those debuffs alongside it and honestly, i feel like this build is generally far better than the standard tie defender build. I would not be surprised if a lot of thai defender players are just going to run this build and nothing else. So, let’s look at gameplay wise. How do you play the thai defender with this build? You got to treat the tie defender almost like it’s.

An interceptor you’ve got the speed and maneuverability of an interceptor now right, so you kind of have to act like one without the agile hull in say, eckhart’s ladder’s interceptor build. So, instead of being able to hide yourself from lock-on by other players, you have to be really careful of your shields instead, because once those shields are gone, you are just dead. It takes like literally three or four laser hits until all your hull is gone and you’re down. So don’t worry about what your health says if it’s 50, if it’s 70, if it’s 100 does not matter, you want to be keeping an eye on those shields and if your shields are down and your advanced power systems is on cooldown you’re in major trouble. So if you go against players that are running an even amount of different starfighters rockets are really helpful. It gets you that extra power boost when you’re taking down a b-wing or a y-wing for example. Same goes for x-wing. If they’re flying in a straight line or not very maneuverable – and the same goes for support as well, if you do find there is a really good support and you really need to take him down very very quickly. I do recommend running ion rockets instead of standard barrage rockets.

This can shred its shield pretty quickly and honestly. The same goes for x-wing and y-wings and b-wings, i alike, so i do recommend having a secondary build with iron rockets instead, because it is a very situational component. The thai defender is actually very good at taking out frigates as well when i’m flying towards it, and i’ve got full shields full power to boost. I actually like using my advanced power systems on firepower. This is where i’m barraging my rockets. I’Ve got 25 damage buff because i’ve overloaded, my lasers, really good at taking out quite a lot of damage and because the tie defender can drift almost instantaneously after putting power to engines, it’s probably best to do a frontal run on nebulon b. Do a 180 drift behind it and then boost across doing a second run as you head to your side of the map. I’Ve had really great success with this, and, if i am being tailed, you just got to keep drifting again and again and again making it really hard for the enemy player to hit you. However, if you’re an attack and both nebulon bees are down, the thai defender starts to struggle a little. It’S not very good at attacking subsystems. In my opinion, the interceptors reflect hull is so much more effective at taking up subsystems compared to the thai defenders shields.

For example, so in situations like that, i do swap over to the thai interceptor afterwards and that pretty much concludes how i play tie defender on a fence. Now, if we’re playing on defense, that is where the tie defender really shines. This ship will outgun out, run and be more tankier than x-wings y-wings b-wings u-wings, the like the only time it does struggle is against a-wings. Really good. A-Wing players mind you, so that is where you want to be running rockets anytime. Somebody tries to do a run on your cruisers and, if your cruisers are down, you want to be very close to your star destroyer and take out anybody coming too close to your shield generators or power systems. When i’m staying very close to my side of the map, i tend to put all of my power to lasers, especially with advanced power systems, because i care more about the damage rather than maneuverability, because unless i’m being chased down while hovering around my cruisers, i want To have as much damage as possible to take out any enemy player, so that is actually it for defense. The thai defender just has one role in defence and that’s just purely dog fighting.

I wouldn’t worry about farming ai with it. I wouldn’t worry about trying to take the raider out with it. You should be taking out other players and, to be honest, i think you should be running rockets at all time in defense. Yes, you can use iron rockets as well. If you find that there is not as many a-wing players plus, it is really effective at taking out the shields on a cr90 when you’re on defense, and that is pretty much everything. I’Ve got to say about my most offensive thai defender loadout in star wars, squadrons. What do you personally think of the bill? Do you think you have a better build than this one, and also for our question of the day? Do you prefer playing a thai defender or the thai interceptor in star wars squadrons now? Let me know your reasons why, in game play only don’t tell me you like the thai defender, because it’s better in canon, for example, let me know why you like playing that particular ship gameplay-wise in star wars squadrons.

So let me know all your thoughts and opinions in the comments down below i’m actually going to be reading all of these, because i’m super interested in how you guys like this build and the builds that you run with tide defender but other than that guys. I have been charlie, you’ve been watching x2 and i’ll. See you in the next video take care, guys!

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