We MADE Star Wars Squadrons in EMPIRE AT WAR!


Hello there and welcome to x2. I am corey and today we’re going to be looking at something uh that i think, is pretty cool. So obviously, here on next to we are big fans of star wars squadrons, as well as star wars empire at war. So, a few months before release ek had an idea that what if we tried to uh, put the two together and he asked me to set up a kind of map in star wars, empire war with the forces you’d see in star wars squadron. So i went to one of the modelers on empire expanded, which is the mod from part war that i run uh cerato and asked if he would model an mc75 and then he modeled that and i textured it.

We got it in game and i started setting up a map for that which, as you can see here, is modeled after xavian abyss in star wars squadrons. But the original plan was just to pop those ships on the map. Maybe have some modifiers for health and everything, but i started thinking what kind of elements of star wars squadrons could i put in other than just putting the ships on the map, and you can see here. We have two x-wing squadrons for uh for the new republic. We have a viewing squadron and an a-wing squadron, which is uh basically what you’d have in star wars squadrons, although i obviously don’t have a ewing squadron here and on the imperial side we have the raider. We have the architects, we have two tie fighters, a tie, bomber, tyner, scepter and thai defender, which is over here harassing our ships, but much like in star wars squadron. The game works in a few different rounds off the opening. Here we have basically the initial dog fight and in that mode, rather than trying to just rack up points with the uh with the fighters, which would be a little bit difficult to track. You have the raider and you have the cr90, as you can see, with the highlighted marks here and you’re, basically trying to destroy the other sides first. This will then activate the next state where, if i win and kill the raider, then we’ll see some highlights over the architects and we’ll be targeting their architects or if they win, we’ll see them go after the nebula on b.

Obviously, some of this doesn’t necessarily translate on its own as a game mode. A big part of the goal here was just to see what elements of squadrons we could get in uh and there’s probably some changes. I’D make to reflect that a bit more to make the game work a little bit better as an actual dedicated game mode. But i think what we’ve got here is a pretty cool representation of one of our favorite star wars games in another of our favorite star. Wars games, sorry, but we are still in this initial fight here it’s a little bit difficult to take out this initial one.

When uh players are keeping them next to the to the flagship, the ai obviously doesn’t really know, uh that they’re in a special game mode, but we’re starting to get some damage here, unlike in the main empire war, expanded mod setup um, we don’t have. We have penetrating shields here which allows the fighters to have a pretty disproportionate impact on the fight. Obviously we are assaulting an anti-fighter ship with some fighters, so it’s going to be a little bit dangerous for them here, but we’re getting some damage done here. I’M going to wait for our next set of all the fighters that we can send them in together. I’M going to try to send them down on this side because it looks like we might be able to even start getting some pot shots in from our capitals.

All right now that we have them all together, we should be able to start making a move here and all right there. We go they’re coming in a bit closer, so if we can cover our fighters what we’re getting uh getting them into the raider stop the other enemy fighters from getting them. We should be able to take out this uh, this raider with another, with one more pass, especially because we do have our cr90 uh. Let’S pop the power weapons on that and i think one more good bombing run and we might have this viewings there we go so we won the round that gets rid of our corvette as well, much like in squadrons uh and we’re gon na. As you can see, our ships are really picking up speed. Now uh, when you are on offense, you are able to to go a lot faster, so the imperials are going to be sitting there, uh relatively immobile, but we’re going to have another cr90 here which isn’t tied to how long the round lasts so that we’re on Offense we have 90 seconds to do as much damage as possible.

The farther into the game. You get the more impactful those rounds get because you’re giving yourself more time to get across, so your ships are invulnerable, while you’re on offense and during the dogfight phase. Your frigates will always be going a little bit faster than your capital and that’s where your corvettes are going to be spawning ready for action. Let’S see if we can cover these fighters, get our a-wing to do that as well, and we’ll get the y-wings and the b-wings in on we’re gon na go for this one first. If we need to, we can pull our x-wings off to defend, but they have some proton torpedoes and you can see we got a good round off there. We’Re going to be close to the end of our first offensive round, but our nebulon bees will actually be in a good position to assault their corvette at the start of the next round as well. So we’re going to start having some actual uh.

Some actual frigate damage onto the onto the raider, even if they were to try to pull it back a bit more, whereas their ships won’t have quite the same access to powers all right, let’s see if we can get this out pretty quickly, that x-wing is uh. It’S gon na be done for i’m gon na keep the the a-wings back, and i want to be ready to go on the offensive pretty quickly here. Oh so, we’ve got our our our profunder. Our mc75 probably won’t be in range to attack the architects, but it looks like we’ll be able to get a good round off yeah there. We go all right now, let’s get our cr-90 up. Let’S get you guys back a little bit and we’re going to go for this guy still, so we got that one. We got this one and well, let’s still keep him back a little bit.

Our a-wing is having some fun over there. That is a unfortunately common empire or bug. Why wings? You don’t need to do this x-wings keep covering them and b wings. Here we go all right. We also have some fighter repair abilities on this, which i just pressed at an inopportune time, because obviously they wouldn’t be on the uh in range. Okay, we might be able to actually take out the architects in the first round here, so we got one more assault. Coming up and let’s see if we can get the cr90 a bit farther up, give it some support it’s faster than nebulon b, so selecting them together is probably not the best thing i could be doing, but our offensive round should be coming to a close here And i think two more: we might actually have this uh. If we were to destroy the architects right now, it wouldn’t actually switch the the isd to being able to be attacked uh. That would be another check that i haven’t put in.

If i were to continue developing this mode, which i i i really want to do, because i just love squadrons – and i i really want to see where i could go with this – then that would probably be one of the next things i do is make sure That it can transfer during the same mode uh during the same run, rather all right, we’re back on dog fight mode or the dogfight stay here, and our fighters are gon na. Go there one of the other things that i’d really like to do. If i were to uh or if i am going to continue, this is have some more downtime for the fighters once they die uh, because, oh there we go [ Music ], because right now it can be a little less effective, taking out enemy fighters than uh. Then you’d, probably like, like you, can keep them away from each other, which is actually very helpful, but it’s not quite as powerful as as you might like, all right. The mc75 we’re gon na pull around the corner here, see if we can actually get it to the architects, but i think we’re just gon na have to rely on our nebulon bees go in there. Let’S group our fighters out back here – and i don’t know that yeah – that those y wings are done for, but we can bring the cr90 up behind and then we’re going to have a good area of control in around our nebulon bees and we’re going to be Able to get some bombing runs off.

Actually those y wings did survive, so we’ve got. We might actually get it here, yeah nice, all right. So, at the end of this offensive round uh, if we’re able to win the next one uh, which isn’t necessarily a given, considering that the mc75 is actually much farther up than than is safe, i was kind of hoping it would help us against the architects. But we didn’t get that damage out and we did put ourselves in a much more dangerous position at the start of the next round. So let’s just uh fast forward through the rest of this one, because all the actual ships are going to be invulnerable. But, oh that came in right next to the nebula on b. So if we can get a good shot off here, obviously the a real player. I i really want to play this against charlie uh.

That’S the plan, but it might desync empire war being what it is. So i figured showing it off on its own, would probably or on my own, would probably be a good first step, but we would like to do some multiplayer matches unless we can, but a real player there with the isd, probably would have been telling it to Go after the cr90 uh, i didn’t do a full ai rewrite for this, but we’ve got the shield gen down and we can start taking out the the rest of the isd. It’S looking good for the new republic here we can. We can take out basically everything except the hanging felt that might be a little bit overpowered, a squadron’s game mode where uh, where there’s no squadrons left but uh, even the cr90, can get in get some power.

Weapons on those they’ll have probably one more shot at a uh at an offensive run themselves, but i’m making sure that we take down the uh these heavier weapons, so the mc75 is actually much weaker than the uh than the isd would be. But it does have these two proton torpedoes which, when the shields are being pierced, means that it’s pretty good at taking out the uh the empire or taking out the shield gen compared to the other way around. Obviously, in squadrons itself, uh shield penetration isn’t a thing. Other than flying through or using the uh, the newer update that has the uh the prototype penetrating missile.

So it’s not as common as we’re representing here, but again empire war being what it is. It did seem like a good way to make them have that kind of disproportionate impact on on the battles it looks like we had a pretty easy win there uh on that round and we’re just finishing off this isd, but two hard points left that poor little Arrow there we go so that’s it for the star wars, squadrons game mode. Here again, it’s something that i plan to do a bit more development on. If you’d like to see more of that, you can check out the mod. This is based on empower or expanded. Uh there will probably be a link in the description for that on steam and if you want to see more of me working on it or seeing a game from the imperial side, then i’m also going to do one of those on my own channel. Corey loses which i’m going to beg for them to put in the description as well.

So thanks for watching everyone hope, you’re enjoying star wars, squadron hope you enjoyed this fun little game mode uh. Even if it’s not the most balanced thing right now, i thought it would be a fun way to pay homage homage to again one of our favorite games to come out in recent times. Star wars squadrons have a good one.

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