SWTOR Custom Gear (Orange) Guide

SWTOR Custom Gear (Orange) Guide by Zoroth

Whenever you find a ?custom? gear piece (orange item), always remember that it levels with you and your mods. If it?s getting outdated, DO NOT throw it away if you like the piece. Just update it with better mods.

Essentially, ALL customs seem to be of the same level, except for some that only has a level requirement.
It?s when you mod it that it gets better values (including Armor value and more, even though the mods themselves don?t provide it).

Removing mods from an item will bind the item to you! (Thanks Borea for reminding.)


? All orange items (customs) are equally powerful when unmodded.
? When a custom gets outdated, leave it in your storage until you can improve the mods.

E.g. I?m level 21 and I still got the Black Talon BH chestplate, it currently has 250 armor or so, give or take.

Edit: Right now, I got a SW armor robe that I?m using with success as a BH. It?s kinda awesome running around with a ?trenchcoat? and two pistols xD

Some reminders from replies:


Originally Posted by Dasffion

you should note that Armoring and Hilt/Barrel are the most important mods as those are the ones that will increase the armor and damage stats.


Originally Posted by Zalidane

I believe orange items are classified as Custom not artifact.

Thanks to both.

(Just throwing it out here, because a lot of people have been wondering about this in-game.)

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