Hi guys welcome to narshada data ground hunting. Before we begin, i just want to say that this guide will include how to get to network security district for imperials and high security lockdown for republic. These two places seem to be the hardest to find. If you have not done the bonus quests on narshada i’ll put the timestamps in a comment below, but first of all we are going to the nicto sector heading out to the first main area, taking a left head right and through a building and on the other Side we will get to the open area where you will see the data ground. I think i’m yes, i’m turning around there. It is now we only need to get there and luckily, for us there are a couple of containers, actually a lot of containers and crates, but i’m ignoring those crates and just going up on the container much easier here. You need to place yourself in front so not to hit your head, as i did [ Music ].

Next, i managed to draw some aggro and had my cloaking ability on cooldown, so i had to wait for a while, which just shows you sometimes it’s better to fight the mob than try to avoid them. Don’T jump too close to the item you want to land on like i did it’s not that easy to see when i’m in stealth, so yep, that’s my excuse this time. On this first jump, i usually jump onto the wall just to make sure i don’t fall down and then slide down onto the pipe and this one i always jump too far, so jump and a slight tap twice instead of a bigger tap and then landing on The ground way down there – all we have to do now is run to the second outcrop over there and do a little bit of line balancing, actually there’s not much to balance. It’S just don’t hit your keyboard buttons too hard just ease your way forward, jump without touching your key, the other keys and same hair. The best thing to do is not to have sprint on just tap the forward button. Slightly do, as i say, not as i do.

Okay next is in the red light sector and we’re gon na find an elevator. You can actually see the data ground here straight ahead and take a right, then the first left and then into this elevator, where we’re going to the gauntlet gang area, which is a heroic area. So if you can’t use stealth, then maybe bring a friend. We need to jump on that canopy and again, i’m giving you guys advice, but i’m not i’m not listening to myself so yeah and that count is for my total fails. Since the first video just saying it’s sort of an adventure for me as well, the elevator we need to take is right here and we’re going up to the catwalks above where we entered this area. So there’s not much to it. It’S the heroic area that might be a problem for some. The next one is in shadow town, almost at the very end, so i’m not gon na show you the way over there in full, because if you’re on narshada, you will encounter this area, there’s no one to fight you until you get to this spot. There are usually tons of imperials around [ Music ].

Okay, we have crates, which are my pain for some reason. I don’t know why crates are so hard, but they are yeah containers much easier. Also, there is a light side, dark side event. Data crown here, i’m not sure they’re called data grounds, but potato potato right now. You want to position yourself a bit diagonally towards the beam, because it’s so so easy to jump. Too far we are gon na jump on those pipes over there. We’Re headed for that balcony up there, so there’s gon na be a lot of pipe running to get there and a lot of chances to fall down and get annoyed and frustrated hug. The wall jump and move sideways, and this is exactly why i say: don’t use sprints, it’s annoying to turn it on and off all the time now, i’m getting stressed and then sometimes even as hard as i try. The game won’t recognize the movements, that’s my story and i’m sticking to it.

Just hug the wall and kiss it kiss it make love to it. Do whatever jump and slight tap to the left up on this thing again again, don’t move just jump and then move forward while you’re in the air, because that makes total sense right same thing on this see how far you can jump from standing still now. I finally decided to take off sprint, because this corner is a bit tight and i don’t want to risk it. The thing is, i’m gon na have to turn it back on again because i don’t feel like i can make this jump without sprint on [, Music. ] again do, as i say, not as i do, this guide is turning into a great how not to because what i’m doing here is standing too close to the pipe and the pipe is rejecting me. I feel so rejected again, i’m jumping while i’m kissing the wall. Don’T do that guys, don’t jump and kiss so here’s the elevator to the next level and now every hard part of this is done now on to the industrial sector. And when you get there from the speeder pad head east and go through to the imperial intelligence gadget warehouse now this is the guide to get to high security lockdown. It will not show up on your map due to elevator rides. I guess there’s an elevator down in the southeast corner and also enemies. So if you’re lucky enough to have a stealthy character, then i would use that one. Definitely you want to go to the high security lockdown. Now this is not the area.

This is some sort of alien research outpost thing. Okay, so the thing is now we’re in the right area, but imperials will have to take another route. It starts out the same way, southwest corner of the map, the upper industrial sector, and when you get there, it looks pretty much like the republic version only when you enter it’s gon na look very different, there’s no enemies. Right now and the same thing there’s an elevator in the southeast corner. The thing is, the elevator is called the systec west elevator and it doesn’t mention the area you will end up in and when you get there, you pick the network security districts. Now this three exits from this area use the south east one. If you want to follow this guide, there’s no magic to getting through this area just run straight south and take a left turn to high security lockdown. So now we’re in the area where our republic character was only she came from the door on our left hand side. So i’m gon na switch back to her and now we jump the rest is pretty easy. We will have to use a code, and the thing is that code is from the trash compactor in star wars.

A new hope just enter the incinerator. Room, [, Music ], enjoy the pain and hit this terminal. The second number you want to hit the second one. Now you won’t die. I ran past the data ground also, while you’re here you want to hit this one, because that’s the key to opening the next data ground we’re just going to run out of here. Now we want to head west and north to network security districts where our imperial character just was so now, both our imperial and our republic character can go to the data ground that my assassin passed a couple of minutes ago, i’m so bad at giving people directions. Here’S animation showing you where to go so again, there are crates to jump onto and yeah. I almost didn’t get up on the tiny crates at the start, and no i’m i’m not counting that as fails, i’m just not okay. I should warn you. There are enemies here you want to make sure you don’t fold into enemy hands literally, i don’t know if i can make this any clearer, but you want to hit jump and you want to hit it hard. Actually it on my keyboard. That’S the only thing that will work, i hit jump hard and then move forward, and i have to do that three times. Okay, let’s see, if i can, there now select moving backwards.

If i’m honest, it looks like, i should have taken a step backwards before every jump. I’M learning too [. Music, ], oops yeah well crates my bane my lot in life. Now we will need the slot machine key thing. We got to open up this to get to this data ground actually from here on out. Zion is going to take over because the rest is on the imperial side. We are headed for corellian sector or sioness. What should go and to the first area where you will see your transport, so we have to jump on to the roof of what looks like a bus. Stop, i’m not sure what what it’s supposed to be in in game, but the data ground is up there through the trees. You can hardly see it, but it’s there. I promise and not testing out my jumps. I find it easier to jump a bit diagonally from this and i almost didn’t make it and it’s so hard to to jump. All we have to do is wait. It’S gon na take a couple of minutes, and so i’ll see you in a second. I almost didn’t make it again. I was too close. I keep forgetting i’m so nervous, so scared, i’m gon na fall that i do that now. This trip is gon na take a few minutes, so you don’t want to do this. If you feel like uh, you have to go with something because it’s gon na be a huge disappointment.

If you come back and you find that you’ve passed the data ground, i’m just saying the next one is gon na be in network access. This data ground is a fun little trip. There’S nothing hard about it. Uh it’s gon na be a bit painful. No, i’m not jumping down here. [ Music ], just showing you the taxi, so just follow the platform until you get to this to this spot jump on the railing and make sure you have the pipe connection below you. It’S gon na hurt a bit, but that’s nothing compared to the next one. But you will survive barely just remember, to heal up between jumps and you’ll. Be fine totally fine. Maybe this jump would have killed you if you hadn’t healed between. I don’t know. I’Ve never tried. When i get to this part, i don’t want to try.

We are headed to the area straight below the taxi pad the speeder pad where we came from here. It is and there’s a lore object here as well for those interested. I don’t remember which one at the moment onto the tourist sector, this one is gon na, be so much fun. I can’t wait. I remember hating this hating it so much, but that was the first four characters. After that it started to get a bit easier, a bit not much a bit. I keep making the same mistakes again one day, i’ll learn these jumps. I’M not even gon na comment on. If you can’t make these jumps, then i’m not the teacher for you did. I say teacher, i mean, go, find the teacher and send them my way getting stuck i’m impressed that proved that was too close to it. Alright, so i’m not even counting that as a fail, because that wasn’t my fault, you wan na position yourself a bit diagonally. I wish i heard future me. I didn’t position myself nearly diagonal enough same with this one yeah, the the failed counter is getting busy and diagonally. Please there we go see, you can be pretty diagonal and not fall down. So this one, it’s gon na go without a hitch right, yeah, i’m learning! So we’ve got crates again great. They are scary, be careful here because you can hit your head on the thing. That’S holding the canopy up and fall down.

Also, you can’t fall down between the canopy and the balcony, i’m enjoying this. It’S it’s uh, so much fun. Doing this again now jump from here there we go and then the elevator to the next area we’re high above the criminal riffraff criminal riffraff. Here we can see the data ground, it’s still a ways to go, but the worst is behind us again. You might want to turn off sprints, i’m feeling overconfident at the moment. So, oh i’m not i i forgot. I have actually turned off sprints yeah. My editing is, i didn’t. Even i fooled myself all right jump over to wait. Um here is the closest to the railing. I don’t know if you can’t fall down there, but i’m guessing you can i never tried. I mean this is the most painful one to get to. Why would i try that? Oh actually, i should have done that now, but i’m not because i didn’t think of it. When i recorded this. That was the last one. I hope you learned something, or at least had some fun take care the force be ever in your favor goodbye.

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