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Hi guys welcome back to star wars, still republic data ground hunting or welcome. If this is your first time, you know by now that we’re on odd mantel and we’re headed east out of town to manet point it’s not far to the data ground, but it’s always nice to see which way. You’Re headed just follow this path and you’ll end up here and from here you can already see where we’re headed that beach over there, so we’re just gon na follow the path down to the beach, and when you get there, you just go under the bridge.

Then you of course just follow the water’s edge until you get there. There’S not much else to do around here. So maybe you won’t ever find the data ground on your own. I don’t think i ever did, but that doesn’t mean anything now. There’S a big guy over there and maybe you’ll have to fight him, maybe not all right on to the next we’re in auradon village, and we are heading west out of town. We will be following that path until we see this tent and then you can drop down towards the island from here. Audmantel’S data grounds are so easy to get to once. You know where they are. There’S not a lot of jumping involved just a bit of running and from here you can see the data crown. I think maybe there’s a couple of parts to get up there, but i’m gon na choose the one i know of which is here. As far as i can tell, you, don’t even have to be good at jumping to get up here a little bit of a warning. There’S a few lava pits around so maybe look where you’re going, i haven’t fallen in, but i imagine it’s not gon na give you just a nice tan.

As you can see, it’s almost smack dab in the middle of the island, savory island and from here you can see where we’re headed the foggy beach over there. I’M using this quick travel point and this speeder pad as a reference, so you’ll know where you’re headed and this data run is just like the other two. You just have to use your feet. I’M guessing this is the least probable data crown you’ll ever just stumble upon, even when you know where it is. It’S not that easy to see unless you have something to look for that’s bigger, and what do you know that platform is perfect when you see it from this angle, you just turn around and there it is [ Music ] thanks for watching take care.

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