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[, Music, ], um hi guys welcome to star wars: the old republic, entertainer, chrome, hunting, that’s right! I keep talking about them and i never show them so. While i explain i will go back to the starting point where you can get a glimpse of this data ground from below. So what is this? It’S a data chrome of course, and it’ll give you a permanent boost to one of your stats between plus, two and plus ten. Also, some of them are matrix shards. You can create a matrix cube from three of them using a matrix assembler. This is a relic type item you can equip to gain. Stat boosts, there’s a wiki on data grounds. You’Ll find a detailed description on how to on that page but vivi. Why am i looking for a plus 2 to plus 10 increase on one single stack? Well, i’m happy you asked because the answer is you’ll get some experience doing this and a title, a shiny, new title when you’ve collected them all, but the real reason to do it is to torment yourself. They get frustratingly hard to access sometimes and that’s where the fun lies.

Nah, who am i kidding it’s for bragging rights and for when you’ve forgotten all about the game, but you still go remember when i fell from that pipe. Just as i was about to reach that data ground ah good times, that’s why i do it and of course you only have to do it once it will transfer to your whole legacy, which means that you do it once and never look back. But you know that first character is gon na be way more experienced, have seen way more of the galaxy than all the rest of your characters combined. So you’ve probably heard it already. The dataground gives out this specific sound and you will hear it when you get close to one unless you’re like me, and hard of hearing then spend the first year playing without headphones. So, even if you can’t see it, you will hear that it’s in the area, sometimes it’s better to not use a mount [, Music, ].

Okay, so first fail. I think i’ll keep count as best i can it’s so easy to misremember afterwards. I want to show you my fails as well, because that’s the honest guide right so we’re on to the last one on tython, there’s only three here, so we’re heading up to the area where there’s a world bus. I think not that i’ve seen it more than a couple of times in all these years, but this time we’re taking a right turn instead of left and we’re going through the cave over there [ Music ], that’s where we came from this is where we end Up and here you can turn left or right, i’m taking your left because less aggro for me this way, and now we have to go on the other side of that ruined temple, whatever it is, and here we are behind these walls. There are possibly two ways to get in there. I’M gon na do how i remember doing it the first couple of years. I did this because back then i had to do it with every character i had, and let me tell you i was ready to quit out of frustration more than once there it is oh wow um that glitch useful glitch for once, but bad for the environment. You can, of course, go down there and fight the flesh raiders, but i’m trying to be quick, alright, this guy over there, we need to have a chat, yeah he’s worshipping this state of ground, okay, that was the last one on python. I hope you found this helpful thanks for watching take care.

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