SWTOR Eternity Valut Gharj Guide

SWTOR Eternity Valut Gharj Guide by Roofie and Petrus


Cooldown: 10 seconds
Description: Dispels

Range: 90m
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Description: Jumps into the air, doing aoe damage upon landing.

Smashing Leap
Range: 75m
Cooldown: 4 seconds
Description: Causes the ground to shake, and lava to cover the area.

Pulverizing Slam
1 seconds
Range: 15m
Cooldown: 24 seconds
Description: A quickly cast melee attack that does high damage to a single target.

Rending Swipe
Range: 12m
Description: Hits everyone in front of Gharj for high damage.

Normal Mode HP: 1020436
Normal Mode Damage: 100%
Hard Mode HP: ?
Hard Mode Damage: ?
Nightmare Mode HP: 1122480
Nightmare Mode Damage: 110%

Boss Description:
Gharj is the second boss of the Eternity Vault Operation. He starts out on an island in the middle of a large lava pool, and you reach him by hoping your way across some conveniently places pebbles.

Fight Information:
Occasionally, Gharj will pounce (Leap), doing damage to all players that stay in melee range. Shortly after the fight begins, Gharj will go into a Frenzy (Smashing leap), causing the ground to shake and lava to spill over, and melee players should move away. During this phase players need to keep an eye out for a new path of falling rocks that will lead to another island, as the original one will sink and anyone caught in the lave will take extra damage.

Once the island sinks, Gharj will jump to the new island and proceed to attack the tank once more. Gharj will also gain a new ability, where he will knock all players, except the tank, back into the lava. After moving to the third island, when Gharj does his next Smashing Leap (signaling the move to the fourth island), he begins to summon 8 adds during each Smashing Leap, which can be AoE?d in a few seconds.


Melee: Gharj uses a cleave, so be aware of it and don?t stand in front of him. Gharj also uses Pulverizing Slam on his target, a short cast melee attack which cannot be interrupted, doing about 1000 more raw damage than his regular attacks.

Healers: Be aware of the AoE knockback into the lava. The lava puts a debuff on everyone that ticks for 4 seconds, so not only should everyone be shielded or topped off before hand, but dispelling a target of the fire debuff will save some time healing.

Everyone: When the adds spawn it?s best just to stack up quickly and burn them down with AoEs. Healers can toss out a couple AoE heals, and everyone will be set. While the adds generally spawn right when you need to move to a new island, it is still preferable to quickly burn them down and then move, rather then drag them with you to the new island.


Additional Information:
The summon adds mechanic may be health based instead of based on the number of times he casts frenzy.

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