SWTOR Jedi Sentinel Watchmen Guide

SWTOR Jedi Sentinel Watchmen Guide by nbuskirk

A couple people have been asking for something like this, so I figured I would write what I know so far.

Spec I utilize:
Jedi Sentinel Watchmen Raid / Heroic Build

Points of interest:

1. Inflammation seems to be a PVP talent. Initially I thought this might help unlocking the ability to use our bash/powerful strike when someone is slowed. Turns out you can?t slow any bosses in heroic?s (at least so far, so it?s kind of wasted).

2. Reducing the time on pacify is essential. You will be on interrupt duty quite frequently.

3. Force Fade is great for semi-bugged encounters like the HK47 droid?s stealth and garrote that he does. You can stealth and that will make you immune to his pokey that usually 1-shots people.

Word?s about a semi-rotation:

You?ll want to keep cauterize up as much as possible. This is the main point of the watchmen build. You want to overload saber, and keep those dots rolling constantly?as much to 100% uptime as possible for max damage.

I start a fight by usually hitting the 30 stacks of centering buff, into a transcendence for heroic?s. This gives the tank extra speed, and defense.

Next, ill force leap to a non-champion/elite, usually a strong/whathaveyou, and then force sweep to stun any surrounding lowbies, then immediately followed by an AWE. This will give the tank enough time to pick up anything around him generally and get into position.

Now, once you are focused on a target, I will overload saber if i have the power, and immediately issue a zealot strike to bring the power meter back up. At this point cauterize. Next you should be able to do a merciless slash (possibly already resetting your CD on cauterize). If you did NOT reset the CD on cauterize, your next priority should be slashing. Slashes also have a chance of resetting the CD on cauterize.

You basically want to keep using zealot?s strike when its off cd to get power, dump it on overload saber and cauterize, then next in line is resetting the cd on cauterize anyway you can.

I stay in Juyo Form always for DPS, and I always use Juyo?s zen proc. At least for now, stance-dancing leads to too much downtime for me.

Mixing in thing?s like force stasis is useful when you can actually use it. All bosses are immune to it, and most champion mobs as well.

Here is a trick to fast-tracking heroic?s or flashpoints if you are of the nefarious kind?

SWTOR does not put invisible walls or bounds around any pit or chasm in the game. This can be to your advantage.

Force Stasis any mob you wish while next to a ledge. Then call for your awesome smuggler buddy/anyone to shove them. Later mob. (This plan was devised after understanding how to kill Darth Malgus btw). Figured we could retro-fit the strategy to regular mobs.

Sure enough, You can lift and knock back any regular/strong mobs into pits of doom. Pretty damn funny.

Stats / Gearing stuff:

You want Strength above everything. It buffs all of your skills.

Next, comes power. Power passively buffs your damage as well.

Next, is semi-debateable. Right now I shoot for accuracy and surge. Since all sentinel burns can be FORCED to crit using juyo?s zen, there?s no reason to really STACK crit chance. But, because you can force crits there?s a decent arguement for stacking surge.

Will have to check meters, etc and see how the accuracy vs surge thing goes.

Any comments/questions that are sincere i will try to respond to

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