SWTOR Juggernaut Versus Powertech Tanking Comparison

SWTOR Juggernaut Versus Powertech Tanking Comparison by Sykomyke

I did some comparisons and I think Juggernauts/Guardians need some loving in comparison to other tanks. In direct comparison to Powertechs/Vanguards that is.

I?m expecting Warrior/Knight changes (for the better) in the future. There are clearly issues with the class (even though I enjoy it) with tanking in general.

Powertech/Vanguards have much more core defensive talents that definitely have synergy where as a Juggernaut I feel like my Immortal tree has very little synergy. Aside from a +4% to shield chance, I feel like there is very little cohesiveness with the tree.

Let?s compare what I consider the optimal ?Tank? build for Powetech versus Juggernaut.

Powertech: http://www.torhead.com/skill-calc#30?RrogzZMcbZ0c.1
ONLY Defensive Bonuses with Powertech build listed below:

Temporary Buffs/Debuffs(On enemy)

  • Combust-Lowers enemy damage by 4% when affected by Flame Sweep/Flame Burst
  • Oil Slick-Lowers enemy accuracy by 20% in an area for 18 seconds.

Permanent Buffs/Debuffs (On enemy)

  • Rebraced Armor -Armor rating increased by 16%
  • Shield Vents-Shield chance increased by 2% (Also has a chance to vent heat!)
  • Ablative Upgrades-Increases Absorption Rating by 6%. (Also reduces cooldown of Self Heal!)
  • Ion Screen-2% Damage Reduction
  • Empowered Tech-10% Increased Shield Chance.
  • Power Armor-Reduces all damage taken by 2%.
  • Integrated Cardio Package-Increased endurance by 3%.

Total Permanent Defensive Bonuses:
Shield Chance=X(Base Value of your shield chance)+12%
Shield Absorption=X(Base Value of your shield absorb)+6%
Damage Reduction=X(Base Value of your DR)+4%
Defense Chance=X(Base Value)

Juggernaut: http://www.torhead.com/skill-calc#101fMGbu0rkuRZhZGb.1

Temporary Buffs/Debuffs(On enemy)

  • Quake-Smash lowers affected targets accuracy by 5% for 18 Seconds.
  • Blade Barricade-Defense chance increased by 6% when using retaliation.
  • Sonic Barrier-Moderate damage shield that lasts 10 seconds or until broken. Can be used every 12 seconds.
  • Dark Blood-Increases duration of Endure Pain by 5 seconds (Total of 15 seconds with 30% temporary health)
  • Invincible-40% Damage reduction for 10 seconds every 3 minutes.
  • Payback-Heals 10% hp every 1:30 (includes Unleashe talented cooldown reduction)

Permanent Buffs/Debuffs (On enemy)

  • Guard Stance-Defense chance increased by 6%
  • Shield Specialization-Shield chance increased by 4%
  • Dark Blood-Internal/Elemental damaged reduction by 4%

Total Permanent Defensive Bonuses:
Shield Chance=X(Base Value)+4%
Shield Absorption=X(Base Value)
Damage Reduction=X(Base Value)
?Damage Reduction versus Internal/Elemental=X(Base Value)+4%
Defense Chance=X(Base Value)+6%

As a comparison let?s look at a few of the differences.
*Oil Slick versus Smash: Holy crap! 20% versus 5% reduced accuracy for 18 seconds. Wow what disparity!

*Self heals: Fully talented ?Unleash? versus fully talented ?Kolto Overload?
10% Heal every 1:30 versus 15% heal every 2:00 minutes. Comparatively over a timeframe of 6 minutes the Juggernaut would heal for a total of 40% while the Powertech could heal for a total of 45%. The main difference here? Unleash REQUIRES you to be under the effects of some crowd control in order to use, while Kolto Overload doesn?t have any such requirement. Meaning?if you aren?t being CC?d (Slowed, stunned, knockdown, etc) you can?t use it.

*Damage Reduction. Powertechs get 4% damage reduction to EVERYTHING. Juggs get 4% damage reduction versus internal/elemental only. Another big disparity when you consider it.

What does this all mean though? It means that Powertechs rely upon increased shield chance as their main form of mitigation. They shield more often, and for more damage. They have more permanent bonuses, they have more mitigation bonuses. This means their damage will be ?less spikey? making them easier to heal. Damage on them is more consistent.

A Juggernaut?s damage will be spikey, most of their bonuses are temproary or cooldown related. They have to pay closer attention to their health bars, and if they take a spike of damage use a cooldown to survive until the healer can heal them. They have less permanent bonuses, and overall their bonuses rely upon defense chance mainly. Meaning either the enemy will hit them or not. The only saving grace that Juggernauts get is Sonic Barrier, which I can tell you from experience in Hard-Mode heroics will not last for more then 1 attack.

There is a HUGE disparity between Juggernaut?s and Powertechs in their ability to tank damage effectively.

This comparison above doesn?t even begin to go into the offensive bonuses for each. Powertechs have an easier time grabbing AoE aggro, while Juggernaut?s have difficulty with it. Offensively, the only gain that Juggernauts get is they get a quite a few Crowd Control abilities, but this matters little on bosses.

Edit: I?m not trying to make the classes the same. I like asymmetrical classes with different bonuses. And I?m not saying to nerf Powertechs. They have an obvious synergy with all of their talents that works well. Their entire core of their design revolves around shielding for the most part. But I would like to see Juggernaut talents brought in line with this as well.

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