SWTOR Sorcerer PvP DPS Guide for 1.2

SWTOR Sorcerer PvP DPS Guide for 1.2 by Garricus

First introductions,

I play a Sorc Inq named Stellvia on the pvp server Black Vulkars. I switch between healing (operations) and dps for pvp. I really like Sorc?s, they are a very strong class. Here is a guide to my build for pvp/pve.

I?m writing this guide to show how to play the sorc inq class to its fullest potential that I know how. I?ve messed with every combination that I can think of and this is the best spec that I have found for pvp and pve.

Here are some screenshots of some of my warzone games, so you can visually see that my build works.

PVP Stats:

PVE Stats:


Hutt Ball:

*NOTE* The point between 2/2 Static Barrier or 1/2 Static Barrier and 1/1 Lightning Spire is purely personal preference. I like the extra reach even on just 1 skill. So please stop posting about it, decide for yourself on your play style where to put that point. Thanks!

New Build Spec:


Madness: 0 points
New build will come for patch 1.2

Lightning: 0 Points
New build will come for patch 1.2


Single Target:
New rotation will come for patch 1.2

You open with Force Lightning until Wrath procs > Cast Deathfield w/ Deathmark on target (20% damage increase for DOTS) > Instant cast Crushing Darkness (20% damage bonus from Wrath proc + 20% Bonus from Deathfield w/Deathmark) > Affliction (15% Bonus from Force Horrors + 20% Bonus from Deathfield w/Deathmark) > Force Lightning spam until Wrath procs > Instant cast Chain Lightning (20% damage Bonus from Wrath proc) > Rinse repeat. You can use Force Lightning, an instant Chain Lightning, or Shock to finish someone off that is close to death.

New rotation will come for patch 1.2

Multiple Targets:
New rotation will come for patch 1.2

Useful Tips:

This will be updated in 1.2

Extrication can be used to pull a party member to you in Huttball, this can help with quick scoring. You can pull someone over a fire pit, or up from the bottom put area to the goal line.
Recklessness is used when I have all my damage cooldown and an instant chain lightning, so I can get a 5k hit medal.
I alternate between Crushing Darkness and Chain Lightning, they don?t share a cooldown and one is faster than the other, so I can usually cast both instantly when they are up using Wrath procs.
Try not to waste Wrath procs, if it?s up cast Crushing Darkness or Chain Lightning on someone.
I use Jolt to interrupt heals and grav rounds or other high damaging skills.
I use purge to remove negative effects, but I don?t like wasting a GCD while fightning.
Force slow people I?m killing if they try running away.
I use all 3 of my cc abilities, overload, instant whirlwind, and electrocute to either help me win a fight, or run away to safety.
I use force speed to run away from melee, chase down someone, or run through a fire/acid pit in Hutball.
I shield myself consistently

I have a Naga mouse, a very good investment for MMO?s.

Here is my layout, atm I am playing a healing spec, but the layout is the same for dps spec. I have my S key unbound from ?backpeddling? or moving backwards, and it is bound to Jolt. A and D are bound to strafing instead of turning. I turn with my mouse.

Top Bar 1 Heal Spec:
1 ? Affliction
2 ? Resurgence
3 ? Innervate
4 ? Dark Infusion
5 ? Dark Heal
Num 5 ? Static Barrier
V ? Overload
Num 1 ? Electrocute
Num 6 ? Revivification
Num 4 ? Force Speed
Num 2 ? Unbreakable Will
Num 3 ? Consumption

Top Bar 2 DPS Spec:
1 ? Affliction
2 ? Crushing Darkness
3 ? Force Lightning
4 ? Chain Lightning
5 ? Shock
Num 5 ? Static Barrier
V ? Overload
Num 1 ? Electrocute
Num 6 ? Death Field
Num 4 ? Force Speed
Num 2 ? Unbreakable Will
Num 3 ? Whirlwind

Bottom Bar:
Q ? Rakata Medpack
E ? Rakata Power Adrenal
R ? Rakata Power Relic
F ? Warzone Expertise Adrenal
S ? Jolt
Num 7 ? Force Slow
Num 9 ? Purify
Num 11 ? Throw Hutt Ball

In either spec, I can switch between my top bar 1 and 2 for heals or dps, so 1 bar is strictly heals and the other dps.

For instance lets say I?m healing my team and an enemy runs past me with 400 hp, I?d shift+scroll up on wheel mouse to go to my DPS bar, and then hit 5 for shock.

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