What’s up guys, I’m here with just an addendum to my last Street Fighter 5 tutorial, someone in the comments reminded me of a pretty cool technique called Buffering, and I’m gonna show you how to do it real quick. So if you look at the input display, you can see what I’m doing here is I’m doing a crouching Medium Kick, then I’m doing a spiral arrow, but since I’m doing it so fast the spiral arrow doesn’t come out. What happens is if I’m in range, the spiral arrow does come out. So basically what you can do here is you can stand just outside of the range of this move, and you can do this with any character almost, just anyone who has a low cancellable normal and then a special move. So if you stand just outside of range, you won’t get the special move, but if they step forward or if they put out a normal, you will get it and you’ll get the combo. So I’ve set the dummy to just kind of walk around a little bit, and you can see how this works: I’m just kind of whiffing, but the second he comes into range I get it.

And he can’t quite block it in time because he’s still walking forward. So we’ll do it just out of range, and as soon as he steps into range he gets hit by it. Like everything in this game it’s not foolproof, so if the Ryu is someone who is trying to use this technique on me, you can get whiff punished for it because you are whiffing a normal.

So if they’re really on point they can whiff punish you, or they can just walk up and block, and then if it’s an unsafe special like spiral arrow then it’ll get blocked and you can get punished, but if they’re not looking for it, if you’re not too obvious with it then you can use this buffer technique to pretty good success. So hopefully this is helpful to you guys, thanks for watching, bye!.

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