What’s up guys, I’m back with another Street Fighter 5 quick tip. Today I’m gonna show you how to use the training mode dummy to train your reactions and get really good at dealing with some things that new players tend to have a hard time against. So the first thing is we’re gonna use the recording setting on the dummy. First thing we’re gonna set him to do, in slot 1 we’re gonna have him throw a fireball and then just stand there for a few seconds. So new players especially tend to have a hard time dealing with people who throw fireballs at them. So we’re gonna set slot 1 on, now he’s just gonna throw a fireball and he’s gonna wait. So whatever your character’s best way is of dealing with fireballs, practice reacting to the fireball. So for cammy it’s EX Spiral Arrow, for someone like Ryu or Bison it’s gonna be their V-Skill, which absorbs fireballs, so just practice this a little bit and get good at it.

Next thing, new players tend to have a hard time dealing with people who jump at them, so we’re gonna have the dummy jump in, and then just stand there for a few seconds again. So we’re gonna turn slot 1 off, turn slot 2 on, and the dummy’s gonna jump at us. So practice anti-airing the jump. So for Cammy, her best anti-air is cannon spike, which is her dragon punch. For some characters it’s gonna be a normal, like crouching hard punch, or it might be their DP, or something like that. So just practice anti-airing the jump, get consistent with that. Once you can do both of those things, we’re really gonna throw a wrench in things here. We’re turning both slots on, Street Fighter 5 lets you do this and it’s super handy. He’s gonna randomly switch between jumping and throwing a fireball, and you gotta react – if he jumps, anti-air him. If he does a fireball, go through the fireball or absorb it, whatever your way of dealing with fireballs is for your character. So it’s gonna be random, you have to react.

It’s pretty tough guys, it’s gonna take some practice to get good at this. So once you can do that, we’re gonna throw another wrench in things. We’re gonna set it to automatic record, and we’re just gonna have the dummy stand there for a few seconds. So that’s gonna be slot 3, and when we turn that on it’s really gonna mess things up. So now you don’t know, is he gonna throw a fireball, is he gonna jump, or is he just gonna not do anything. So this is actually extremely difficult to react to, I’m not consistent at all, so with some practice you can get much more consistent.

If you mess up, don’t worry, just keep trying, keep practicing guys. And pretty soon you’ll get consistent. And any amount of practice you do here is really gonna help you online, dealing with people who are doing this stuff to you. So practice this as long as you can, get as consistent as you can at dealing with the jumps and the fireballs. So I’m gonna sit here and practice this for a little while longer, clearly I need some work to so good luck out there guys, thank you for watching, and I hope this helps..

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