What’s up guys, I’m back with another tutorial. Today we’re gonna talk about some common Nash strategies that you’ll probably see online, and how you can counter them. So the first thing I wanna show you is Nash’s overhead, people love this move. It’s super fast, it’s hard to react to, and you can’t block it low because it’s an overhead. If you do block it, if they’re really abusing this and you see it coming and block it, they’re actually minus 6 on block, which means that you can get a pretty good punish for most characters. That’s the best that I’ve found with Ryu that you can get off 6 frames. So if they’re getting predictable, just block it and punish it.

Next thing I wanna show you is sonic scythe. People love Nash’s Sonic Scythe move. It’s safe on block which means after you block it you can’t punish him, no matter how hard you try, he can just keep applying pressure afterward. But what you can do is you can interrupt it. So you can anti-air him out of it, you can air-to-air him, depending on your character you can do some sort of swag stuff, and if you’re Ryu nothing is more swag than parry. So Ryu can parry, and you can get a full combo. So you can get pretty good damage if you see this move coming, if they get predictable. So hopefully this helps you guys out online, and thanks for watching, bye!.

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