Hey guys, today i’m gonna show you how to punish R. Mika’s drop kick. If you’ve played against scrubby R. Mikas online, they do this move pretty much constantly so I’m gonna show you how to beat them. First thing you need to know is this move has 2 versions: this is the version if she doesn’t hold down the button. It’s really quick, but it’s actually minus 4 on block, which means any 4 frame move can punish it. So that right there was Ryu’s standing light kick, it’s 4 frames so you can punish it into a combo. So you can do that every time, whenever you block that move you can punish. The other version you need to worry about is, she can hold down the kick button to charge it up, and this is actually plus on block which means if you stick a normal out, you’re gonna get hit.

So to beat this move, you’re gonna have to interrupt it. So you can try to hit her out of it, but that’s pretty hard to do. You can neutral jump when you see her charging, that’s a little bit easier and you can get a full combo if you do it right. But the best thing I’ve found, if you’re playing Ryu, you can use his parry move to parry the drop kick, and then you get a full combo after. So you can get pretty much whatever you want after you parry it. So if you start doing this, you’ll be able to beat up on all those scrubby Mikas, so good luck out there guys, thanks for watching!.

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