Hey everyone, welcome to Body Count Fighting! This is the Hitbox and I’m your host Shayan Tamayo, and I’m here with BushinStyle. -BushinStyle. And also, Kyle is not here. He ditched us today because he’s a… he’s a jerk. Sorry, Kyle, I love you, but yeah. Anyway, Hitbox, we’re here. BushinStyle is going to teach me some Street Fighter tips with Rashid, right? -Right! Right! Cool! So BushinStyle’s profile… that’s always at Wednesday Night Fights, he’s always putting his hands down on people. So if you guys ever watch it, you’ll see his face there all the time and also you’re going to see his face here kicking my butt. -So let’s get into it. -Fight. Oh! Good thing he missed. Damn it. Those aren’t working. No! Not fair! Get out of here. No! Oh man, he’s going to do the desert storm right here.

-Nice block, by the way. -Thanks! -So I noticed that you kept me in the corner a lot. -Right! Is there anything I could have done to get out of that? A safe bet… a more safe option instead of doing an EX Flash Kick is V-Reversaling. You would have to use your resource for that. -I know you want to save it up for the booms, right? -Yeah. But sometimes in situations like that, you have to get them off. -Hmm. Like, you know, to build your control gain back up… -Yeah. …which is the booms and keeping me out. So V-Reversaling in the corner is a good idea with Guile. -That makes sense. -That’s worth the sacrifice. -Yeah? Because when Rashid starts getting a hit on you and especially if it’s in the corner, it’s… it’s trouble, no matter which character you are. Yeah, because like it was…

This pressure was really on, like you were throwing tornadoes, I was getting crossed up like… like Guile just… his hair couldn’t keep up. He was swearing a little bit. -It was just a lot of things going on. -Right! -But… so let’s get into it, let’s… if you can… -Uh-huh. …can you just teach us some of… player controlled… some of like your favorite bread and butter combos with Guile… -I mean with Rashid. -Oh, Rashid? Yeah. Sure! The basic one of course is this, this, this, which is stand, medium, punch, low forward, into medium mixer. And what’s good about this is that it sets you up for a setup, so if you wake up quick… do you want to try… are you in control? Oh, yeah, yeah. -Yeah, so wake up quick… quick. -Yeah. -Oh, you have to stand. -Punch me. You can roll and then… and if you were to wake up quicker, like… -Yeah. -It… it’s a meaty setup to go in…

-Yeah. -…to stand short, so they can’t press the button or grab or anything outside of Reversaling, but that’s risking it. -Hmm. So… but it gives you that meaty setup that you want to keep the pressure going. Can you… can you just run through it one more time because it seems pretty easy, because it’s low, medium and then… Yeah, it’s just a stand medium, it’s a low forward into medium mixer and then roll. How do you do a medium mixer? It’s down to forward medium punch. -Hmm. Like that, and then if you do… of course, if you keep pressing it, it keeps going. -Oh, I didn’t know that. -Yeah, uh-huh. And it… it can go with hard as well.

It’s the same aspect except just different directions. Yeah, would you say… like why would someone go for the medium one instead of the hard one? The medium one gives you a good corner carry and decent damage and a mix up. The hard, it just gives you better damage, but you don’t get a setup and that’s about it. -Oh. Like you just get more damage.

So if it’s like for a kill situation, you would go for the hard version if you’re in the corner. If you’re outside the corners, it’s better to just go for medium because it gets them into the corner. -Hmm, I see. And then that’s where you can just let them have it and go nuts essentially with Rashid. Yeah, like you did to me basically, you pulled me into the corner. -Essentially, yeah. [CHUCKLING] Is… is there another like combo that beginners should at least learn with Rashid? There’s several. You can go into… like a beginner combo is, down short, into down light punch, into light mixer. -Hmm. So it’s just this, this… oops. -Like that. -Yeah. Then you can keep matching it to give more hits, which gives you the setup, so if they… if they wake up after it, you know and just… -Yeah, yeah! …start pressuring them with like… with lights. -This is a three-frame move. -Yeah. So it’s really good to abuse them in their face, like with that, because it’s +2 on block, it’s three frames.

So they have no one-frame move, so you’re like constantly harassing them essentially. And they have to guess between a grab, like this, you could do in between it, or if they think you’re going to grab, you… just go like this and shimmy, you know. -Wow. Like if they go like this and then… So it seems like a lot of Rashid’s like tools basically rely on that spin, that spin mixer. Basically, everything ends in the spinner. Unless you want more damage, you can end in a light eagle kick. -Hmm. So like the combo we were doing before with the medium mixer… …instead of doing that, if you wanted more damage, and they’re already in the corner anyway… -Yeah. …you can go like this and it does a little bit more damage and you still get a setup because they’re in the corner.

Now, if they’re outside the corner, you don’t really get a setup, a true one at least, because if you wake up right away, it’s not a true meaty. So you could press like a three-frame button and it will hit me out of whatever I do. -Oh. -Yeah. -That’s pretty interesting. So, we learned a couple of really cool combos with Rashid basically for beginners to learn. Is there one that you like to use, like your style on the combo where it’s like, I got you, or like a big damage combo for Rashid? There is definitely one I really like. Well, there’s a couple actually, but… Your favorite one? If you… it… it relies me crush countering you off a roundhouse. -Hmm. -So keep pressing jab and I’ll show you. -Okay. Whoa. -It gives you good damage, like half life basically. -Wow! Let’s do that again, that was crazy.

All right, so basically off a crush counter, I go into… Oh yeah, so there’s a certain range where that won’t connect. But that’s why this is better as a meaty setup, doing it like off this, it’s… it’s tough, because otherwise what I would go for instead, I’ll show you. -It’s like right at the… -Yeah. -…at the range. You just go and do this instead. -It’s still decent damage. -Yeah. It doesn’t give you a setup, but it does push him towards the corner. -Hmm. But… but now if it was a meaty setup, like you were getting up… -Yeah. …and then like I did this and it crush countered, then I’ll go into what I was trying to do earlier.

Let’s see if I can get at the range. Oh, like that. So basically what you do is after the crush counter, you go into forward medium punch and to medium tornado shot, and as that’s hitting, you do down V-Skill, which is the roll… -Hmm. that… and then press kick. And then when that kick hits, you cancel that into super, which is down forward, down forward punch. -Wow! So what’s… what’s the move you use to crush counter? -Stand Roundhouse. -And which… which one is that? That’s the stand hard kick, it’s the… -Oh, okay, just the regular hard kick? -Yeah. -Let me get you… let me get you out of the corner.

-Okay. There’s another combo I can do off it, if I don’t have… -Oh, yeah. -Yeah, so… -That was a lot of damage. That was… basically 299, 300 damage… -Yeah. …for no bars, and if you get the crush counter like that. All you do is… it’s the same thing I was telling you before, the forward medium punch into the medium tornado shot. But instead of going into the V-Skill roll kick super, you go into just run into eagle kick. -Oh. And it’s meterless, so it’s good damage. Yeah, for… because in the other one you’re using all your resources pretty much… -Right! …now in this one, you don’t even need them. Yeah, like the one I showed you earlier is more of a I’m going to kill you with this… -Yeah. …you know, kind of thing. -Wow! Well, that’s really cool man! Thank you so much for showing this! -I appreciate it bro! -Oh yeah, man.

-Thanks for coming by! -No problem. Once again, this is Body Count Fighting. Make sure you guys hit that thumbs up, hit the Subscribe button with whatever it is, and this is the Hitbox, your host Shayan Tamayo. Kyle ditched us. We have BushinStyle in the studio with us. Thank you guys so much for checking it out! We’ll check you later!.

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