Summoners War Damage Multipliers


Summoners War Damage Multipliers?by boerks

I was pretty surprised that 3* and 4* have pretty much the same damage multipliers on 1st skill and how good the Drunken Master 3rd skill scales. I kinda regret foddering them all?.






Summon Name1st skill2nd skill3rd skill
Fire Amazon300%200%*2500%
Dark Chimera350%
Fire Dragon350%66%*4380%AOE
Fire Drunken Master300%150%*3600%
Water Drunken Master300%
Wind Drunken Master300%
Fire Grim Reaper280%160%AOE250%AOE
Wind Harpy300%180%*4600%
Fire Hellhound300%300%*2
Light Imp275%300%310%
Fire Inferno300%200%AOE300%AOE
Fire Inugami300%300%
Wind Joker250%200%AOE65%*3AOE
Fire Nine-tailed Fox116%*3
Water Nine-tailed Fox116%*3350%300%AOE
Wind Nine-tailed Fox116%*3300%500%
Fire Ninja300%200%*2
Water Ninja300%400%
Wind Ninja300%400%%120%*6
Light Ninja300%400%300%AOE
Fire Occult Girl300%350%133%*3AOE
Wind Occult Girl300%250%AOE133%*3AOE
Fire Oracle116%*3200%AOE
Water Oracle116%*3350%AOE
Wind Oracle116%*3650%350%AOE
Light Oracle116%*3200%AOE
Fire Phantom Thief300%500%
Wind Phantom Thief300%500%120%*3
Fire Phoenix350%
Water Phoenix350%
Wind Phoenix350%
Water Pierret160%*2350%70%*4-6AOE
Wind Pierret160%*2450%150%*5
Fire Samurai290%185%*2180%*2AOE
Wind Succubus300%500%150%*5
Light Succubus300%500%300%
Wind Sylph300%100%*3AOE600%
Wind Valkyrja350%500%300%*3
Fire Vampire125%*2400%
Fire Werewolf300%200%*2
Fire Dragon Knight400%up to 600%

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