Summoners War Powerstones Farming Easy Guide

Summoners War Powerstones Farming Easy Guide?by TowelieSC2

Preface: the whole idea behind farming lots of powerstones (or any of these events that have a chance to drop ?y? item from any location) is to run something that yields the most amount of runs per energy and preferably runs per time.

  • 1st: Get your Roaq, Fire Reaper, or whatever unit you use to farm Faimon (or any scenario) normal as quickly as possible.
  • 2nd: Run the shit out of that normal scenario map.

Once you get to the max reward or close to it you can switch to a hell scenario if you desire to get more xp/run. If you instead prefer to accumulate the most amount of powerstones, repeat step 2.

Other tips:

  • Avoid running any dungeons (drag, giants, essence, etc) during the event. The fact that powerstones can drop from ANY chest (u know that big ass thing you click on after you kill stuff) means you are wasting your energy by running the higher-cost dungeons since instead of a pretty rune or those x3 high essence drops you might get powerstone x1?. Of course you should still do the daily quests once just to get the 10 crystals but you knew that already.
  • Try to use all your powerstones the final day you can grind them NOT the final day before they expire. Com2Us is notorious for ?accidentally? removing items like powerstones from your inventory prior to the date they say they will. Typically they give you a few extra days after the event ends before they expire but well?Com2us has a different calendar then you. Don?t get screwed by it!
  • Want even more profit? You?re running the shit out of a scenario anyway, why not pop a double xp boost and level up some fodder. Even if you don?t have something to 6* now you will one day!

Edit: For those of you further along in the game who can solo a Hell scenario just as quickly as a normal one, here?s some helpful info on which zones will net you more xp/energy. Just make sure you have the crystals to pay the extra refills since it?ll be less runs per energy!

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