Summoners War Speed Tuning Arena Team Guide

Summoners War Speed Tuning Arena Team Guide?by iPodbiak

This guide will include 3 parts:

Part 1: How Atk-Bar works

Part 2: How to Speed-Tune your Arena Team

Part 3: Speed-Tuning with Buffers

Part 1: How Atk-Bar works

Before we head to the Speed-Tuning you might want to know how the Atk-Bar mechanics work in general. These are the most important points you need to know:

1. A battle starts by everyone having 0 Atk-Bar

2. Every monster will tick up his Atk-Bar until one monster passes the 100% Atk-Bar mark.

Definition Tick: At every end of a turn a monster will fill up his Atk-Bar by 7% of his Overall Speed (Example: A 300 Speed Chloe will fill up her Atk-Bar by 300 * 0,07 = 21% every time a monsters turn ends). It?s also important to know that even if a monster procs multiple times violent, it still counts as 1 turn.

Definition Overall Speed: Base Speed + Speed from Runes + Base Speed * Spd Leader Bonus + Base Speed * Speed Tower Bonus

3. The monster X with the highest Atk-Bar moves (Please note that there is Atk-Bar Overflow, that means a monster will still fill up his Atk-Bar even when it?s above 100% ? It?s not whoever reaches 100% Atk-Bar next will also move next)

4. After monster X ends his turn every monster ticks once again and the monster Y with the highest Atk-Bar moves

5. Speed Buff increases the Speed by 30%, not 33%

Easy Example: Our Team (Following Speed is Overall Speed)

  • 300 Spd Purian -> Tick: 21% (300 * 0,07 = 21)
  • 200 Spd Chloe -> Tick: 14%
  • 150 Spd Lushen -> Tick 10,5%
  • 100 Spd Slime -> Tick: 7%

Round 0: Battle starts

Purian 0% Atk-Bar

Chloe 0% Atk-Bar

Lushen 0% Atk-Bar

Slime 0% Atk-Bar

Round 1: After 1 Tick

Purian 21% Atk-Bar

Chloe 14% Atk-Bar

Lushen 10,5% Atk-Bar

Slime 7% Atk-Bar

Round 5: After 5 Ticks

Purian 105% Atk-Bar -> Purian moves since he passes the 100% Atk-Bar mark and Buffs 50% Atk-Bar

Chloe 70% Atk-Bar

Lushen 52,5% Atk-Bar

Slime 35% Atk-Bar

Round 6: After 6 Ticks and 50% Purian Buff

Purian 71% Atk-Bar

Chloe 134% Atk-Bar -> Chloe moves

Lushen 113% Atk-Bar

Slime 92% Atk-Bar

Round 7: After 7 Ticks

Purian 92% Atk-Bar

Chloe 14% Atk-Bar

Lushen 123,5% Atk-Bar -> Lushen moves

Slime 99% Atk-Bar

Round 8: After 8 Ticks

Purian 113% Atk-Bar -> Purian moves (Purian moved twice before Slime moved once)

Chloe 28% Atk-Bar

Lushen 10,5% Atk-Bar

Slime 106% Atk-Bar

As you can see you can even predict a whole arena fight if you know the speed of you and your opponent. But since we don?t know the exact speed of the enemy we can just do 2 things:

Option 1: We can assume that the enemies fastest unit isn?t above Speed X and calculate with that in our mind. (Example: We assume that the enemies fastest unit isn?t faster than 255 Spd and Speed-Tune with this in our mind) Disadvantage: You would have to aviod enemies who you think are faster than 255 Spd (Usually ADs with Bernard or/and Spd Leader)

Option 2: You don?t want to be that picky and have a great Speed-Tune against every enemy you can outspeed.Disadvantage: This results in having very fast Damage Dealers in exchange of giving up damage

Which of these 2 options you want to take advantage of depends only on you. But we will discuss both in Part 2 & 3.


  1. ?Are you sure Atk-Bar buffing can overfill the Atk-Bar? I thought it was shown that it can only buff up to 100% and then tick from there.?

Please watch this video: Since Leo reduces everybodys Speed to his own, everybody starts with the same Atk-Bar as Leo. After Leo moves everybody gets the same amount of tick and is basically over 100% Atk-Bar. Now the monster with the highest pre-reduction Speed will move (in this case Megan). Megan pushes the Atk-Bar of Lushen/Zaiross by 20% so both move right after Megan. What does this show? If Atk-Bar buffing can just buff up to 100% Megan should be useless in this situation. Also the 2nd fastest monster should move after Megan, and not a 130 Spd Zaiross/115 Spd Lushen. I hope this proves, that it is indeed possible to buff someones Atk-Bar even if he has more than 100%. That?s also why Bernard + Megan comps work

Part 2: How to Speed-Tune your Arena Team

This is the important part if you choose option 1. Since I took this option myself I?ll show you how I Speed-tuned my Arena Offense. I was assuming the enemies fastest unit is max 255 Spd, intending to avoid every AD faster than 255 Spd. My AO:

  • Shimitae 106 Base Speed; 158 Spd with Runes; 198,28 Overall Speed (24% Speed Lead and 14% Tower)
  • Purian: 97 Base Speed; 246,25 Spd with Runes; 283,11 Overall Speed
  • Galleon: 108 Base Speed; 167 Spd with Runes; 208,04 Overall Speed
  • Julie: 103 Base Speed; Since she moves last we need to Speed-Tune this monster; The exact Speed of Shimitae and Galleon are not important, just make them faster than your slowest Speed-Tuned monster. What I did is creating more than 1 Julie (103 Base Speed) and calculate the arena attack order:
  • Julie A 140 Spd with Runes; 179,14 Overall Speed
  • Julie B 150 Spd with Runes; 189,14 Overall Speed
  • Julie C 155 Spd with Runes; 194,14 Overall Speed

Now we need an enemy: Let?s call her Chloe; 111 Base Speed; 255 Spd with Runes; 271,65 Overall Speed (I advise you to calculate the enemies fastest unit with a Lv.10 Tower Building!) If you use Swift Runes, please calculate yourself the correct amount and don?t just copy the Speed from the stats overview

I?ll write it down again for us to see it more clear: You can also use this Excel sheet

  • Chloe (Enemy): 271,65 Spd -> Tick: 19,0155
  • Shimitae: 198,28 Spd -> Tick: 13,8796
  • Purian: 283,11 Spd -> Tick: 19,8177
  • Galleon: 208,04 Spd -> Tick: 14,5628
  • Julie A: 179,14 Spd -> Tick: 12,5398
  • Julie B: 189,14 Spd -> Tick: 13,2398
  • Julie C: 194,14 Spd -> Tick: 13,5898

Now let?s simulate the arena battle (I will skip the unimportant parts since I already showed you how it?s done):

Round 6:: After 6 Ticks

Chloe 114,093

Purian 118,9062 -> Purian moves and buffs everyones Atk-Bar by 50%

Galleon 87,3768

Shimitae 83,2776

Julie A 75,2388

Julie B 79,4388

Julie C 81,5388

Round 7: After 7 Ticks and Purian Buff (From now on I will exclude the monsters who already moved)

Chloe 133,1085

Galleon: 151,9396 -> Galleon moves

Shimitae 147,1572

Julie A 137,7786

Julie B 142,6786

Julie C 145,1286

Round 8: After 8 Ticks

Chloe 152,214

Shimitae 161,0368 -> Shimitae moves

Julie A 150,3184

Julie B 155,9184

Julie C 158,7184

Round 9: After 9 Ticks

Chloe 171,2295

Julie A 162,8582

Julie B 169,1582

Julie C 172,3082 -> Julie C moves

This is where we stop. If you look at Julie A & B you can see that the enemy Chloe will move in between and interrupt your Combo (a 150 Spd Julie would not be fast enough). Julie C is barely outspeeding Chloe so you can pretty much say that your slowest monster needs to be atleast 155 Speed.

This is how it?s done, the hard but definitely worth way 🙂 And once you have more experience this doesn?t take long to calculate. I advise you to do it like it?s shown in the Excel sheet.

Part 3: Speed-Tuning with Buffers

This is the important part if you choose option 2. Instead of showing you how to calculate it a third time, I?ll just give you the wanted data (I worked on these numbers a little for safety purposes): Also note that this data is justoptimal for 4vs4 Arena! This will also work for 3vs3 GW of course but you could theoretically be slower.

  • Bernard: Everybody higher than 75% of Bernards Overall Speed
  • Purian: Everybody higher than 71% of Purians Overall Speed
  • Megan: Everybody higher than 89% of Megans Overall Speed (o.O You probably just want to take her in a Leo comp or with a 2nd Buffer)
  • Orion/Kabilla/Tiana: Everybody higher than 83% of Orions/Kabillas/Tianas Overall Speed
  • Orion + Megan: Everybody higher than 71% of Orions Overall Speed; Megan higher than 77% of OrionsOverall Speed (Assuming Orion faster than Megan)
  • Bernard + Verde: Everybody faster than53% of Bernards Overall Speed; Verde faster than 74% of Bernards Overall Speed (Assuming Bernard faster than Verde)
  • Orion + Verde: Everybody higher than 59% of Orions Overall Speed; Verde higher than 77% of OrionsOverall Speed (Assuming Orion faster than Verde)
  • Bernard + Orion: Everybody higher than 59% of Bernards Overall Speed; Orion higher than 74% of Bernards Overall Speed
  • Kabilla + Frigate: Everybody higher than 53% of Kabillas Overall Speed; Frigate higher than 77% of Kabillas Overall Speed

These stats are a bit overkill to make 100% sure nobody will move in between. Why overkill? Because I was assuming the worst case scenario: your buffers speed = fastest enemies speed (won?t happen often).

Hope this helps 🙂


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