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100% USELESS Mii Brawler Tech! (CAREFUL, Disrespect Warning!!)


People often wonder how I find so many useful and original techs and strategies for Mii Brawler. And the answer is: by finding even more absolutely useless tech when playing around in training mode. So buckle up for some amazing and revolutionary tech, which I personally named, with only ONE purpose: Advanced disrespect. The SUCCplex. Suplex windbox, which is SUPPOSED to help the move work, is a really messy thing, Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn´t, and sometimes it isn´t even close to doing what it should. And this is how the SUCCplex was created! Did you ever feel like it´s a total pain to push your opponent all the way to ledge after a shieldbreak? Well, there´s a way more elgant way, which is to succ them all over the stage. Just jump pretty much anywhere close to your opponent and try to side B, and you already got it. Now, some people might say “but wouldn´t pushing them be faster?”, and to that I say: Well, maybe, but would it be just as disrespectful? Forward air 1, also called the “not-so-funny-aerial”, is horrendously bad. It doesn´t connect, doesn´t drag down, doesn´t combo….or does it? Cause actually, if you have the worst spacing ever, ignore how unsafe the move is and hit it at unreasonably high percents, it CAN combo! For example, into thrupper.

And at a meager 140 percent even into upsmash! So take this forward air haters! Take your patch 4.1 whining somewhere else! Most people will agree that jab backair, or jair is a pretty good kill confirm for Roy and Chrom. And admittedly, it´s not bad. But you know who else can do that? That´s right, Mii Brawler. Sick of you opponent living at 210 percent? Just go for a quick jrupper. Feel a little more spicy? Why not a jashattack at 611%? Or even a jeutralair at 739? Now nobody can tell you Brawler has no kill confirms or something. With the removal of perfect pivots and the implementation of easy dash dances, micro movement has become a lot more scarce in ultimates meta.

But that didn´t quite satisfy me. So I present to you a tech rivalling even Pikachu pancaking. The Gen1 miss. Why Gen1 miss? Because in generation 1 of Pokemon, there was a 1 in 256 chance even a 100% accuracy move could miss. And as that is about the chance of anyone actually dodging an attack with this, I saw it as a fitting name. The tech can by the way be executed via upsmash, uptilt, and most importantly uptaunt. Have you ever had enough of those campy Samuses and Banjos online? Did you ever want to just pay them back for their annoying campyness? Well fear no more, cause I have the solution! Hop into a doubles match with a friend, pick Soaring Axe Kick as upB, and run over one of your opponents just until you get a stock lead; preferably with somewhat of a disrespectful method. Now both hold your left stick upwards, press B once every second, and relax. Just like the Luigi ladder, thanks to the low knockback, you will never die to the upwards part of SAK.

And it´s even easier to do because of the large hitbox. You can either go as far up as possible, or hang around blastzone distance just to mess with your opponents who can´t reach you. And enjoy the sweet sweet justice of the “Soaring-no-Axe-Kick”. After you´ve done this for a few times, you feel kinda guilty. You and your teammate are taking such a nice trip, and they have no chance of following you. So, as the nice guy you are, you drop down and take them on a never ending trip towards the blastzone. Just Mach Punch over and over again while their teammate struggles to interrupt you through your invincibility, just to get sucked in as well.

Even though they might be ungrategul, you are still happy you got to show them the Muda Muda Squared. After so much doubles action, it´s time for some 1v1s again. But this Snake still keeps throwing grenades at you. And simply shielding them would be way too simple, right? There´s a way more stylish way to deal with them. Just give´em some left´n right punches and they explode into nothingness without harming you.

Now you have a way more disrespectful way of showing your opponent what you really think about his grenades. Same goes for Isabelle downBs, Pac-Man hydrants and any of the Links bombs. You know what else is really cool and stylish? Jablocks. Now you might think you already know all of the setups there are, which would be weak Nair, strong Nair, Ftilt, Backair and even suplex. But don´t forget our old friend, not-so-funny aerial! That´s right, at a reliable 878 percent, fair1 can setup into tech-chases and jablock setups.

If you´re not sure your opponent is already at kill percent, you can even extend it with some jab jablocks. And while you might already hear VyQ and cFive say “could´ve teched that”, cmon, who really expects a jablock setup at 878%? There´s only one thing more hype than jablock setups. Footstool setups! And wouldn´t you know it, our lord and saviour neutral air is here to save the day. To execute this immensly potent tech, start by hitting a weak nair around mid percents, run up and footstool.

Then, if you get the timing right, you have just enough time to get a good amount of nothing after that. “Wait…nothing?”. Yes, nothing. The only true follow up after footstool is onslaught, which won´t kill, so…..yeah. But you don´t go for the infamous “nair-into-nah” for any damage or kills. You do it, so your opponent knows his life is in your hands. You COULD´ve gone for the nair fsmash, but you chose not to. And even if you loose the set, he will have to live with that knowledge for the rest of his life…. Speaking of onslaught: Onslaught is a pretty disrespectful move. And by that I mean bad. But you know what else is disrespectful? Spikes! And you know what else is bad? Onslaughts spike. Onslaught has this weird moment in middle of the move where it looks like a opportunity to tech, which, however, is untechable.

But it does send you downwards; which means, if you´re close enough to ledge, you will get spiked. The fact, that the spike has fixed knockback, meaning that it won´t even kill little mac at 999%, MIGHT seem a little underwhelming to you. But fortunately, onslaught spike into buffered directional airdodge is a true combo in about 50 to 70% of cases, so don´t worry about that too much! Some of you might now be overwhelmed by onslaughts power and versitality. So to compensate, here´s some more side B tech: The “Budget Bomber”! Peach Bomb stalling is quite a thing in smash Melee, which is why it fortunately doesn´t exist anymore in ultimate.

But you know which move is similar but worse than Peach Bomber? Burning Drop Kick! And so, as you might suspect, there is some small potential for stalling with BDK wallbounces. Can you use it to recover? No. Are you exposed to attack from above the whole time? Perhaps. But can you pretend to know a secret and busted tech to bait your opponent into their death? Absolutely! Or maybe not. But whatever. And finally, this wouldn´t be a video about tech if it didn´t feature the most complex and most versitaile move in Brawlers kit: Exploding Side Kick! As I said earlier, there are few microspacing options left in ultimate.

But fortunately, Sakurai blessed all Mii Brawler players with the most accurate microspacing tool in existence; that´s right, Exploding Side Kick. Forget Pikachu pancaking, Mario fsmash leanback or Game and Watch crouches. ESK moves back almost FOUR small training room squares! That´s around one and a half bananas! And it only takes around 10 frames to get into position! Such a potent tool is too mighty for me to give a simple name, so I ask you to leave your name suggestions in the comments! Now if that isn´t the most useful tech in existence, then I don´t know what else is.

Wait, what´s the title of the video again…..? Thank´s for watching! I´m trying to hit 243.8 trillion subscribers by the end of the year, so I´d really appreciate your help! Until the next video!.

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