Smash Ultimate: How to use the Remote Bomb #1


The Bomb has completely changed for Link, thus changing how he plays in general. It all comes down to when and how you use the Bomb for each matchup, as it can easily checkmate some characters in a ton of situations. It’s a constant projectile that Link can play with and detonate at any time to keep the opponent guessing? unless they are holding it, in which case you can’t detonate it. The Bomb is generated at Frame __ from the moment you press down B. The Bomb is generated at Frame 17 from the moment you press down B. Detonating it takes __ frames, and the explosion will only last for _ frames. Detonating it takes 12 frames, and the explosion will only last for _ frames. Detonating it takes 12 frames, and the explosion will only last for 2 frames. The Bomb cannot be picked up if Link has already started detonating it, though, and if the opponent picks it up on the same frame you begin to detonate it, you will actually blow it up while they are holding it. It can tank __% damage or be It can tank 60% damage or be detonated if it touches fire while it’s still.

If there is an active hitbox on the Bomb, it will block the fire attack, like Mario’s Fireball. This means that it’s good if you Z-drop it immediately onto recoveries with fire. It also lasts for __ seconds ’til it explodes, It also lasts for 30 seconds ’til it explodes, allowing you to use it as a projectile? ?trap? ?as pressure during close range? ?for ledge trapping? and even as a “football” during neutral, together with your kicks and projectiles to hold stage control. And, because it can be detonated at any time, it will always either condition shield or punish someone for not shielding. It also interacts really well with your own projectiles. If the Bomb hits the opponent at 0%, it stuns them for roughly __ frames, If the Bomb hits the opponent at 0%, it stuns them for roughly 14 frames, so it’s gonna be pretty hard to combo the Bomb into the explosion? unless you, of course, detonate it early so that when it hits, you’ve already detonated it. But, starting at around 60%, it’ll start being easy to connect, as by then, it’ll do __ frames of hitstun. But, starting at around 60%, it’ll start being easy to connect, as by then, it’ll do 19 frames of hitstun.

If you do this at mid-distance, you’ll be able to dash forward and forward throw, dash forward into grabs starting around 90%… ?and even Spin Attack, starting at around 120%. The Bomb has really good physics. So, you can throw it downwards to have it bounce to potentially better positions. Or, Z-drop, and while it’s moving, it’ll also have a hitbox. Same goes for throwing it down. It’s a constant hitbox as long as it’s moving, and it’ll always bounce four times.

Once it hits once, the hitbox goes away. This becomes really good pressure if you use it in combination with spaced neutral air and mix in Z-drop neutral air as well, as if you Z-drop or throw the Bomb down, it’ll bounce once on the shield and then come down with a single hitbox. If they try jumping after the first bounce, it’ll get interrupted. If the hitbox is blocked, it’ll go away. And, if you space with a preemptive neutral air, you’ll also cover their jump out-of-shield option. If you see that that the opponent jumps out of shield and gets hit by it, you can detonate it, and if they parry, you can also detonate it, while jumping away.

Or, just land with neutral air. After this pressure, you can also do retreating Boomerangs. For more mix-ups, you can also short hop and space your sweet spot neutral air low on shield so that when you land, it’s basically safe. And, throw out jabs? ?or even another aerial for pressure. And, of course, you can also easily cross up with neutral air, both with the sour spot and the sweet spot, and mix up your pressure even more. If you’re daring and you got nothing to lose, you can sweetspot the neutral air and immedieately up special to basically hit them for trying to punish you. Or, throw the Bomb first and then use up B. Keep in mind that the neutral air needs to be spaced at max range if you want to jab the opponent for being aggressive out of shield. If you misspace and get too close, the only realistic thing you’ll be able to do is spotdodge or roll away. If you land with the sweetspot neutral air low on the shield, it’ll be safe, and you can either roll, spotdodge, Spin Attack, and even possibly jump.

And, if you cross it up, you can up tilt. Of course, if you space the sweetspotted neutral air, it’ll become even safer, and you can add pressure from long range. And of course, at any time you can also mix in a shield with this pressure, and you can counterattack or bait out up specials out of shield. If you Z-drop the Bomb and recatch it while falling with the sour spot neutral air, you can connect it into the Bomb explosion for a kill confirm. Having a quick and low-risk grab allows him to find more grabs with this kind of pressure, and because neutral air can connect into jab or jab can connect once they try attacking, it’ll jab the Bomb as well and send it off with them during the tech chase.

He can even kick the Bomb while falling with neutral air, which combos and kills. To catch jumps out of shield after landing neutral air, you’ll need to jump and neutral air, yourself. The Bomb can also be buffered out of full hop, double jump down thrown, and kicked towards the opponent to cover a large area and anti-air opponents in neutral or punish them for double jumping back to stage. The Bomb will actually get moved by anything, like tilt, spaced forward air, shooting it with an Arrow, or hitting it with the Boomerang, giving it unique launch angles.

Leaving the Bomb on the ground allows you to punish up specials out of shield that you’ve conditioned forth through a bunch of kick pressure. It also becomes a hazard for the opponent, as they can grab it without wanting it and screw up their combo. You can Z-drop the Bomb out of shield, which will create a hitbox earliest at Frame _, since Z-dropping it is _ frame which will create a hitbox earliest at Frame 4, since Z-dropping it is _ frame which will create a hitbox earliest at Frame 4, since Z-dropping it is 1 frame It’s very hard to do since it needs to be timed perfectly, but if it’s done right, you can connect this into a neutral air, which regrabs the Bomb, and it could combo into the Bomb itself. At low to mid-percents, the strong hit of neutral air will also allow the Bomb to reset the opponent and combo into an Arrow that covers all of the options. At around 90%, you can shot hop, Z-drop, land with back air and catch the Bomb, throw it at them and combo into a grab or jab? and even Spin Attack at above 120%.

Okay, and now as good as the Z-dropping thing is, you still need to remember that this Bomb can still be used as a projectile, which means that being obvious that you want to be Z-dropping, you instead throw the Bomb at them and pressure them immediately into considering shield. Because, if they do?great! You can run in, grab them, throw the Boomerang, or jump in with an aerial. If they don’t, just let it rip and start making them shield. The Bomb can be Z-dropped as you recover and detonated to have you flying across the stage.

It’s basically like a faster and longer Monkey Flip. The trick to pulling this off is to understand that Link can start Z-dropping the Bomb while still holding it above his head. However, if you wait a little bit until the animation where Link holds it closer to himself, THEN Z-drop it and immediately detonate it, it should work every time. And, the Bomb will always launch you away from it, so make sure the Bomb is behind Link if you face the stage or in front of Link if he’s facing the blast zone. If done correctly, Link can do this multiple times in a row.

He can even use the Bomb during the ledge trapping phase. It can be thrown at the ledge so it covers regular get-up, get-up attack, double jumps in, and ledge stalls… ?AND even ledge jump. At this point, you can just calmly wait at higher percents for the Bomb to hit them first and then detonate it to kill them. And, because the hitbox of the Bomb stays active for roughly 3 seconds, the opponent can’t keep stalling. This means that in this specific ledge trap, the opponent can only choose ledge roll, which Link has a very easy time covering by himself.

The only other possible counterplay is that the opponent will ledge jump and press grab to grab the Bomb. If this is what you’re up against, then as soon as you start seeing movement from the opponent, you should already be detonating the Bomb. The Bomb can also be used to get back from the ledge. If you press yourself back and immediately throw the Bomb towards the edge, it’ll bounce right behind you.

Detonate it and tech to gain many more ledge options and mix up how you get back to stage. This works on all stages. On some stages, however, you have to release the ledge and Z-drop immediately after so that the Bomb is dropped while it’s still behind you. Other than this, the Bomb can also be Z-dropped as you ledge jump to have it drop below you. Most importantly, the Bomb is for edgeguarding, and because Link himself can easily punish air dodge, detonate it before they grab it or [detonate it] before or after it gets reflected, it becomes incredibly hard to deal with. Some reflectors have to be timed perfectly to avoid it. This means that neutral air, jab, Boomerang to forward air, Spin Attack, or forward throw now becomes his primary tool for starting an edgeguard, as you can easily throw the Bomb after immediately to try edgeguarding and killing, giving forward throw just as much if not more potential than his other throws. While they are offstage, Link’s projectiles and neutral air are amazing at edgeguarding by themselves and are there to try exhausting the opponent’s recovery options.

And, since you can also Z-drop neutral air to cover low recoveries or air dodges with down thrown Bomb or high recoveries with up thrown Bomb, it makes Link an amazing edgeguarder. Staying above the opponent and Z-dropping the Bomb to punish where they will inevitably recover is the best edgeguard so far? ?as not only can it punish someone below Link at earliest Frame 15 with a large hitbox, but it also leads into an Arrow. On top of this, it can also be Z-dropped to cover the 2-Frame, and once it hits, it’ll lead into the explosion as well.

Now you might be thinking that this is easy to tech, BUT it’s not, because Link can detonate it at ANY time and if you try teching too early, you’ll air dodge and die. The Bomb will keep being experimented with, and new discoveries will be made, of course, as we keep getting better at the game. So, stay tuned for many more episodes on anything from how to specifically edgeguard certain matchups to more advanced techniques with the Bomb. For more videos like this, please make sure you Subscribe and hit the Notification Bell to receive constant knowledge on Smash Ultimate. Until next time!.