Smash 4 Four Ways to Improve Your Level 50 Amiibo


Smash 4 Four Ways to Improve Your Level 50 Amiibo by?Glenn Cravens

You?ve trained your Amiibo through thick and thin all the way to Level 50. You?ve beaten it up plenty when it was at its early stages, and it beat you up when it approached Level 50. All of the training has resulted in your Amiibo getting to Level 50.

It?s ready to take on others! But wait. Just because your Amiibo is at Level 50 does not mean it is completely ready yet. Amiibo training is a long journey.

In today?s post, I wanted to share with you four things you should do once your Amiibo reaches Level 50. I do all four of these exercises, and it has resulted in some of my Amiibos becoming great sparring partners and others becoming tournament champions. You don?t have to do any of this in order, and you can mix and match the frequency in doing these exercises.

1. Have it go up against another Amiibo: This is a great test to see how well your newly-minuted Level 50 Amiibo acts against other competition. Put it into tournament settings (2 out of 3 games, 2 stocks, 6 minutes, an Omega-style stage or Final Destination), and have it go up against another Amiibo that is at Level 50.

When you?re watching this match, here are some questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Is it fighting back? Your Amiibo taking a while to fight back can be normal. It is likely trying to size up its opponent. But if it is running away and not fighting back at all or barely fighting, then that?s an issue.
  • It is playing defense? You can teach an Amiibo any offensive moves and strategies you like, but if it is not playing some defense, its chances of winning are very slim. Make sure your Amiibo is at least trying to shield and dodge attacks that come its way.
  • How quick are the games? Regardless of the outcome, keep in mind how quick each of the two or three games are in this match. The quicker the games, the more likely the Amiibos are using smash attacks and not playing defense. The longer the games, the more likely the Amiibos are using grabs, pokes and trying to wear down their opposition.

2. Have it battle Ganondorf. Ganondorf is one of the most powerful characters in Smash 4. Each hit does impressive damage. You can take advantage of this by putting your new Level 50 Amiibo against Ganondorf in a team contest.

Enter a 99-stock no-time-limit team game. It will be your Amiibo vs. three Level 9 CPU Ganondorfs. Team attack should be on, and the stage should be any Omega-style stage or Final Destination.

Start the game and let them have at it. You could watch, but the game will likely take at least 45 minutes and it will be ugly. Your Amiibo will try to fight the 3-on-1 disadvantage, but most likely it will lose. However, in losing, your Amiibo is getting pounded by all sorts of Ganondorf attacks. It?s not a surprise if your Amiibo gets grabbed by one Ganondorf and then forward smashed by another Ganondorf with the third Ganondorf doing a forward-air all in a span of a few seconds.

The end result is your Amiibo hardened from all of the abuse it took. It will stay grounded and use its most powerful moves in future games.

3. Give it bonuses and equipment upgrades:If you haven?t given your Amiibo any bonuses or upgrades yet, you can do it now since you?re done with the tedious part of getting your Amiibo to Level 50.

Decide which concentrations you want to enhance. There?s Strength, Defense and Speed. As you feed it more equipment upgrades and it continues to play in games, you can level out the points to where it will be 40 points for each concentration. That is recommended for starters. You can mix and match how you please based on what you?d like your Amiibo to eventually be focused on.

As for bonuses, there are many you can mix and match to your liking, ranging from healing bonuses, to offensive bonuses to even shielding bonuses. There?s so many combinations, you can mix and match as many times as you can.

There is also the option to just give it equipment upgrades and no bonuses, but since you?re already giving it equipment upgrades, give it bonuses and make it much more of an awesome Amiibo.

4. Keep playing against it: Your Amiibo gets better the more it plays games. The Amiibo getting to Level 50 is just the beginning of its journey. And while it might still play like a rookie at Level 50, you can change that by continuing to fight against and continue to teach it what you want it to learn. The more the Amiibo stays active, the more it will learn to be versatile against other opponents in the future.

Amiibo training doesn?t stop once your Amiibo reaches Level 50. There?s still plenty that can be done. By doing these four tasks, your Amiibo will eventually become the ultimate champion.

To help you out, I?ve come up with a one-page cheatsheet that will help you focus on each of these four tasks so that your time spent training your Amiibo. You can go get it for free at

Glenn Cravens is the host of the Amiibo Trainer Podcast, which comes out Monday through Friday on iTunes, Stitcher and Soundcloud. He has won several Amiibo tournaments and shares information about Amiibo training constantly at

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