Talisman Online Assassin Complete Guide


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?Refer to the Glossary of Terms, located at the end of the guide, for any definitions needed.




As an Assassin, you get two weapons. The Chain Simitar, and the Dagger. You must be thinking that you must choose one. The great Lite vs. Dark Beer, Pepsi vs. Coke dilemmas were easier choices for you. Well, you can use both, and my advice is to use BOTH. The Chain Simitar is better for PvE, due to the fact it has two AoE skills. Which also makes it good for PvP. The Daggers on the other hand are better for PvP. They have lower damage, but higher DPS and critical hits. These are also good for PvE, for one by one mob killing. They both have advantages in both categories. I would recommend both, to see what you like for each category. When you first create an Assassin, the Chain Simitar is what you are given, but you can change this at any time. Here is a list of weapons available in Talisman Online at this current time.

Chain Simitars

??????????? Blue Field Chain Simitar ??????????? Required. Level ? 1

??????????? Purple Crystal Chain Simitar?????? Required. Level ? 10

??????????? Sky Thunder Chain Simitar???????? Required. Level ? 20

??????????? Hundred Fights Chain Simitar???? Required. Level ? 30

??????????? Demon Ruin Chain Simitar???????? Required. Level ? 40

??????????? Greedy Wolf Chain Simitar???????? Required. Level ? 50

??????????? Loyal Toast Chain Simitar????????? Required. Level ? 60

??????????? Valiant Song Chain Simitar???????? Required. Level ? 70


??????????? Blue Steel Dagger???????????????????? Required. Level ? 1

??????????? Sky Iron Dagger??????????????????????? Required. Level ? 10

??????????? Green Rock Dagger?????????????????? Required. Level ? 20

??????????? Ice Block Dagger????????????????????? Required. Level ? 30

??????????? Cold Blood Dagger?????????????????? Required. Level ? 40

??????????? Soul Recall Dagger?????????????????? Required. Level ? 50

??????????? Flighty Spirit Dagger???????????????? Required. Level ? 60

??????????? Black Fire Dagger???????????????????? Required. Level ? 70

Weapon Skills

??????????? Chain Simitar Skills

??????????????????????? Lightning Lash ? Attack target, cause ?x? points of damage, increased damage

??????????????????????? Lash Faint ? Stun target for 2 seconds, increased duration

??????????????????????? Double Lash ? Attack target, cause ?x? points of damage, increased damage

??????????????????????? Thunder Slow ? AoE skill, slow down 5 enemies for 80%, decreased cooldown

??????????????????????? Lightning Sweeping ? AoE skill, cause ?x? points of damage, increased damage

??????????????????????? [Passive] Improve Lightning Damage ? Increase lightning damage 2% each level

??????????????????????? [Passive] Improve CS Rate ? Increase CS rate 1% each level

??????????????????????? [Passive] Improve Dodge Rate ? Increase dodge rate 1% each level

??????????? Dagger Skills

??????????????????????? Poison Sting ? Attack target, cause ?x? points of damage, increased damage

??????????????????????? Rush Faint ? Rush and attack, stun target for 2 seconds, decreased cooldown

??????????????????????? Poison Bash ? Attack target, cause ?x? points of damage, increased damage

??????????????????????? Poison Thorn ? Poison target, speed slow down 50%, increased duration

??????????????????????? Soul Lost ? Faint target for 3 seconds, wake after attacked, increased duration

??????????????????????? [Passive] Improve Poison Damage ? Increase poison damage 2% each level

??????????????????????? [Passive] Improve CS Damage ? Increase CS damage 10% each level

??????????????????????? [Passive] Improve CS Rate ? Increase CS rate 1% each level

Skill setups are entirely up to you. I will share mine as a guide for you to follow, you can always change these later with an Inherence Reset Charm, available exclusively in the T-Shop. You get a total of 25 points to use as you level up your weapon, choose wisely. You can put those points into a deadly combination of attack skills and passive skills.

Chain Simitars

??????????? Lightning Lash ? 5 Points

??????????? Lash Faint ? 5 Points

??????????? Double Lash ? 5 Points

??????????? Thunder Slow ? 0 Points

??????????? Lightning Sweeping ? 0 Points

??????????? [Passive] Improve 5 Points

??????????? [Passive] Improve CS Rate ? 5 Points

??????????? [Passive] Improve Dodge Rate ? 0 Points


??????????? Poison Sting ? 5 Points

??????????? Rush Faint ? 0 Points

??????????? Poison Bash ? 5 Points

??????????? Poison Thorn ? 0 Points

??????????? Soul Lost ? 0 Points

??????????? [Passive] Improve Poison Damage ? 5 Points

??????????? [Passive] Improve CS Damage ? 5 Points

??????????? [Passive] Improve CS Rate ? 5 Points


Combo Points System

As an Assassin, you are introduced to the Combo Points System. You can build build up points, like a Monk, but they are used differently. They will appear under your Stamina Bar as Crystal-like dots. You get one for every skill you use. Every 3rd hit, or point gives you a much higher damage output, especially the 9th hit. Here are some sample combos:


??????????? Basic Grinding / Bosses: Lightning Lash ?> Lightning Lash ?> Double Lash (Repeat)

??????????? PvP / Duels: Lash Faint ?> Lightning Lash ?> Dragon Cry ?> Double Lash ?> [Buff]


??????????? Basic Grinding / Bosses: Poison Sting ?> Poison Sting ?> Poison Bash (Repeat)

??????????? PvP / Duels: Rush Faint ?> Soul Lost ?> Dragon Cry ?> [Buff] ?> Poison Bash (x2)




There are five grades or ranks of armor and three different types.

Grades of Armor


White ? This is just mainly there to sell to an NPC; garbage gear in a sense.


Green ? This is the armor is not highly used; garbage gear as well.


Blue ? This is the lowest rank of the good armor; most used.


Gold ? This is the best rank of armor you can get besides purple.


Purple ? This armor has almost the same stats as gold gear, but adds bonuses. Details will follow.

Types of Armor (Blue grade and above)

Dexterity / Vitality ? Higher dexterity and vitality than green armor.

Dexterity / C. Strike ? Higher dexterity than dual armor, added C. Strike, no vitality.

Vitality / Dodge ? Higher vitality than dual armor, added dodge, no dexterity.

C.Strike is the chance you will hit a critical hit. Dodge is the chance you have to dodge a hit. There are three types of dodge: Complete Dodge, Minimum Dodge, and Dodge. Complete Dodge means you take no damage. Minimum Dodge means you take -1 damage. A regular Dodge is just half of the normal damage you would take. Dex/Vit armor is more of a balanced armor between tanking, and PvP. C.Strike gear is mainly for PvP, while Dodge is meant for tanking. You CAN use either set for either activity. You also can mix n? match sets. For example, you can do five parts of C. Strike, and one part of Dodge for a high critical chance, and decent vitality. You could also do three parts Dex/Vit, and three parts C.Strike. You are only limited by your imagination, and creativity.

Key Aspects of Armor

??????????? Defense

??????????? Elemental Resistance (Only available after combination)

??????????? Damage Absorb [Only available after combination (Only on Boots, Armor, and Armguard)]

??????????? % HP Bonus (Only available after combination, increases per plus after +7)

You will need defense on your armor for PvE, and you will need Elemental Resistance for PvP. Also a key note, Dodge does NOT work in PvP for skills, only normal hits. My armor build is a full Dex/Vit build. I prefer to be balanced, but if I were to choose a different one, I would do a half n? half build; C.Strike and Dex/Vit.If you would like to see the differences between gold Loyal Toast armor and the two purple sets or armor, Sun Chase and Loo?s Graves, click here?and go to?post number 54.


Assistant Talismans


Assistant Talismans are items you can use for special skills, and buffs. The four Assistant Talismans you will get as an Assassin are: Hasty Shoes, Theurgy Bell, Array Flag, and Dragon Roc.

Assistant Talismans

Hasty Shoes (Required level 5)

??????????? Swift Move ? Increases speed by 50%, can be increased to 75%

??????????? Shadowy Walk ? Increases dodge rate by 50% for 15 seconds, duration can be increased

Theurgy Bell (Required level 10)

??????????? Soul Rocking ? Freeze a monster for 15 seconds, duration can be increased (PvE Only)

??????????? Soul Shield ? Increases a player?s physical defense by ?x? points, increased points

Array Flag (Required level 20)

??????????? Puzzling Array ? Enemy Value decreased by ?x? points with each attack, increased points

??????????? Elements Array ? Increases Elemental Resistance by ?x? points, increased points

Dragon Roc (Required level 30)

??????????? Dragon Cry ? Stun enemies around, 5 targets, cause ?x? points of damage, increased damage

??????????? Roc Sing ? Recover from slow status, cooling time decreased

Do not think you need to choose only two assistant talismans to have, although you can only equip two at a time. It is best to have all four, their skills are very advantageous. The Hasty Shoes are very good in my opinion. I use those and the Dragon Roc for grinding and such. I like the Swift Move in case I get into trouble, or need to chase someone. The speed is great if you jump on your mount afterwards. The Shadowy Walk is also good for tanking, and when you get into low HP situations. The Theurgy Bell has a much needed defense buff, which is self explanatory why you need it. Soul Rocking is only important when you want to solo bosses, and such. The Array Flag is mainly geared for PvP, with the Elements Array. It is also useful in a party situation, with the Puzzling Array, so you don?t take aggro from the tank, thus getting yourself and possibly the entire party killed. The Dragon Roc has two useful skills, Dragon Cry and Roc Sing. Dragon Cry is much needed for PvP, and grinding if you use simitars. Roc Sing is good for running away from someone, or to run after someone if you are slowed. All in all, you need to decide what is best for how you play for each situation. I would always suggest the Array Flag and the Dragon Roc for PvP. I would also suggest the Hasty Shoes and Dragon Roc for grinding.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Which weapon is better, dagger or simitar?

A: It depends on your situation and what you want. Refer to the proper section above for more info.

Q: I level too quickly to keep up with the energy needed to level my talismans, how do I fix this?

A: Grind out your levels, making sure to do every quest you can. Also, use your soul experience.

Q: Assassin gear is expensive, how do I get better stuff without paying too much?

A: There?s not many ways to get around this. The best way is to farm for your own gear.

Q: What are the best two assistant talismans to use?

A: It depends on which ones fit your situation better. Refer to the proper section above for more info.

Q: What?s the best build to use for an Assassin?

A: It all depends on what you like. Refer to the proper section above for more info.


Glossary of Terms


DPS ? Damage Per Second

PvE ? Player vs. Environment (Player vs. Monsters)

PvP ? Player vs. Player

Passive ? Always on, never ending skill

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