Talisman Online Frequently Asked Questions

Talisman Online Frequently Asked Questions by Opeth & Magister

I?ve been getting bombarded with questions on talismans. Which I don?t mind, but I figured I?d put it here.

Q: When do I get my next weapon talisman?
A: You will get your next weapon at level 10. It is a quest from someone in the next town after the one you start in. If you do not have it at first, do all the quests in that town, eventually you will come across it. You can also find a master and enroll as an apprentice, you will receive two blue weapons by mail at level 10, absolutely free of charge!

Q: Should I upgrade my weapons before I merge them?
A: Personally I?d make sure your old weapon is maxed out. Then merge, as your new weapon will have the level of your old one.

Q: My talsimans won?t merge?
A: 1. Calm down? 2. The higher level one must be in the left box, and the new one on the right.

Q: Where do I get my next next weapon talisman?
A: A common answer I gave to everyone for A LOT of questions was? keep doing quests. Eventually you?ll get to them. You can also choose to purchase them from players. Or hunt from scenarios with guildies/friends. At the lower levels, if you have a master, you will receive free blue talismans and green talismans. Check the Master/Apprenticeship Guide somewhere in the same forums.

Q: Where can I buy Talismans?
A: You can buy talismans from most reputation vendors. These vendors require you have to have a certain level of reputation (usually level 2 or 3) with the village they are in in order for you to be able to purchase them. To gain this reputation you must complete the reputation quests, just look around you?ll find them. Along with reputation they are still fairly pricey at about 10 gold; more or less.

Q: If I get a new Talisman do I get new skills, and where does my inherence points go if so?
A: No you do not get new skills, from weapon talismans. The only way you do get new skills from weapon talismans, is if it?s a completely different kind of weapon. One that isn?t a direct upgrade from your previous one.

Q: If I merge a talisman with a + on it will it keep the +?
A: You have a chance of keeping the + or losing some +?s. It is completely random as far as we know right now, unsure of the chance % of it going down, but it seems most likely you will lose a + or two.

Q: If I combine an item what will happen?
A: As of the new patch, you will no longer lose all your +?s if it is fails at a high level.

Q: What do the PvP modes mean and/or do?

Peace mode: You will and cannot attack anyone.
Capture mode: You can attack players with red/yellow names.
Team mode: You can attack any player not in your team.
Guild mode: You can attack any player not in your guild.
Free mode: You can attack any player.

Newbie Help Guide


Ok, so you have decided to play Talsiman Online.

You have your game installed, you have gotten your key, created your account and have your character made?

Now, first off here are few things you should know:

1. You CAN NOT buy weapons (with 1 exception)
2. You CAN NOT buy ident gems
3. You CAN NOT buy pet food (unless its a tamer for its summon)

Now, if you want a weapon, these are the ways to do it:

a) Do all the quests in a given area, usually there is a weapon at the end (ie: all the quests in sky village = lv10-20 weapon, all the quests in wounded camp = lv20-30 weapon)

This of course depends on your class, and where your 2nd area is (if your in sand village, subsitute that for sky village, and so on, etc?)

b) you can do reputation quests, and buy ALTERNATE weapons with money once you get your reputation to lv3. Each area has it?s own reputation quests, so if you want items from each area, your going to be doing ALOT of quests.

c) the final way is from SCENARIO bosses (Instance Dungeons). These are the only bosses I have seen drop weapons.

Now then, with all that said?

A few tips:

1. If you see a boss or elite ? do NOT attack it by yourself. These cannot be solo?d for the most part. (Depending on your level vs the mobs level.) There are a few low level ones that people can solo, but take at least 1 or 2 people, it?s usually enough.

2. Do all the quests you can! When doing quests, you unlock more quests, and usually better rewards!

3. Watch your energy meter. Do not let fill to max, if it?s getting close, fill up some of your talismans so you dont waste any.

4. The main difference (at least at lv1) between Alchemy and Charm crafting, is this:

Alchemy lv1 = 150hp or Mana = Instant Drink = 3min Cool down
Charm lv1= 150 hp or Mana = 10 sec drink = 2min Cool down
Lv2 = 360 Hp/Mana (rest stays the same)

Both can be used in battle, however! ? If you get hit while using a charm, it will stop working.

5. You cannot talk on the WORLD channel until level 10. So don?t bother trying.

6. You need to be level 30 to start a guild

7. You can only type TWO message per MINUTE on the WORLD channel. (anti spam feature)

8. Do NOT spam up WORLD chat with items for sale. Use the auction system, it?s there for so you don?t have to do that!

9. Don?t KS, Don?t Flame, Generally try to be a nice person. The game has a small community and you need a team for alot of stuff here. So better not to burn your bridges ? well at least if you want to enjoy most of the game.

10. There are 4 Instances that I know of atm. One is west of wounded Camp, near the Caocao Demons (Snake Cave, 25-30), the 2nd is on the Tiger mountain map (lv20), it is all the way to the west near the forest altar. The 3rd is Mercy temple (west of stone city, lv30 or even 35+), the 4th is on flower mountain, which is west of Sand Village (45+ ?).

You will come across quests that say ?Scenario?, these are where you complete them.

11. Concerning Pets:

In order to view your pet, you need to click on it, then right click on its face (the little picture at the top of the screen.

12. Concerning trading, parties, etc etc:

Click on a player, then right click on the picture at the top of the screen, there is a menu there with all sorts of options (add to friends list, party invite, trade, etc)

13. If you wish to ?Link? an item, so people can see it on a chat channel, simply (SHIFT + LEFT CLICK) on the item in your inventory and a link will show up in the chat box.

14. If when you first login to the game and everything is smooth, doesn?t feel laggy at all, but after an hour or two, the game starts to lag after each kill (just as the mob dies) .. simply restart your client to clear this up. The game seems to have a small memory leak that needs to be fixed.

15. When a pet runs out of food. Nothing happens, other than it loses it?s bonus. It will not die, or run away.

16. To ID a Item: First, goto a blacksmith, next, open up his menu and select ?Identify?, then place the item you wish to ID in the left hand box, and place the gem in the right hand box, click OK.

17. To Merge weapons: Use the merge skill, place the weapon you have been using in the left box, place the new weapon, in the right box ? if you did it correctly, a 3rd weapon will appear in the bottom box. Click OK.

18. Mounts can only be earned upon reaching level 25. then you need to kill a boss and collect a scroll from each of them. Each boss is in an instance dungeon. These are:

Tiger Mountain (lv20), Snake Cave (25-30), Mercy Temple(30 or maybe even 35+)

19. /t = team chat ? /w = world chat ? /s = say ? /name = tell to the name of the person ? Hit enter to enter chat.

20. two kinds of PvP:

Duel: invite another player to duel, loser will not lose anything
Free PK: this may cause PK value increasing to the killer

some area are safe, can?t free pk

If your name is red, everyone can kill you without a penalty, and will get one item from you, which is equipped on your body. (Weapon or Armor!)

21. How to raise inherence skills:

1. Get a weapon!
2. Get energy Points
3. Get xp!
4. Get levels!
5. Use energy points to fill up weapon
6. As weapon (talismans) raise in levels, you will get skill points to spend on inherence.

Finally: >??Hug your GM?s Daily! (waves to How and Gangs)

This concludes the newbie help guide. I believe I have answered just about every question I have heard asked since the game opened up, by some person at one time or another.

If there is something I missed that a newbie should know, feel free to add it at the bottom and I will add a response.

Finally, if Gangs or How could sticky this up top, it would be grand.


Magister (aka. Crowley)

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