Talisman Online PK Guide


Talisman Online PK Guide by bloodphoenix

~How to PK~

1.) Right click your portrate. (on the left)
2.) Go to PK modes.
3.) Select the PK mode that you wish to use.
4.) Target the player that your going too kill.
5.) Kill.

once you have finished killing all of the people
you want too kill, remember too change your
PK mode back too peace, or caputre.

~PK Modes~

? Peace [Can not attack other players unless attacked first, other players can still attack you.]
? Capture [Can attack YELLOW and RED named players, can not attack white named players.]
? Team [Can attack anyone outside of your current team.]
? Guild [Can attack anyone outside of your current guild.]
? Free [can attack anyone includeing team and guild members.]

~Rewards & Punishment~

? In talasman online there are no rewards for PK. [no items, xp, energy, or gold]
? If you PK in talasman online your name will go yellow after one kill, and red after two kills and on the third kill you will not be able to use your skills.
? If you are red named, you can be killed in towns, with your killer not reciveing any punishment.
? If you are yellow you can only be attacked in red zones, so towns and low level areas are ?safe zones?.

~PK Value~
When you PK someone, you gain a large ammount of ?PK value?, think of it basicaly as a count down for how long you have too wait before your name goes yellow / white again.

~Methods of PK~

[Normal PK]
Run up and attack another player, eventualy you will go yellow, then red.

Allow one of your freinds to go yellow or red from PKing, next team up with that account and a few freinds?
remember too only attack people with purple names, this will stop you from going yellow and eventualy red
allowing you too have alot of fun, without any of the punishments.

[Spawn PK]
Used in a few games by older players with ranged classes, basicaly if you know where a strong boss is going too spawn, stand behind the spawn point and attack the player a few times (dont kill him/her) in most games the re-spawn time for bosses is about 1 or two minuits, so if you can time it right, you can have the boss kill the player. (this can get annoying.. i would not advise people too kill people this way when they are alredy killing a boss.. its a bit rude)

*on a side note, if you kill yellow / red named players there is no punishment, and when attacked they will go into self defence status (they will not gain more PK value from defending there exp)*

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