Low hit in Stand position. Low hit in Stand position. (He forgot this.) d LK, d RKLK, d LKRK, you should push the buttons quickly . fd RK bd RP… bd RPLK. Okay I’ll show you one by one. d LK. This also catch any direction of side step. And d RK. It’s Homing skill. This is Homing skill. But there’s to warn you. It has high frame loss. So you always have to guard after hitting 1st hit. Okay? Guard! And 1st hit is -15 frame.

And originally d RKLK was -14 but, It changed to -13. So to the characters who has no 13 frame lifting up punish, It’s okay to hit 2nd LK. Okay? And d LKRK, few years ago, it was unparryable skill. It was unparryable skill, but changed. Its advantage is that- – except opponent’s side step, For example, suppose I hit it. Then b LKLK beats definitely even opponent’s small frame attack. Okay? It’s imba skill. but its disadvantage is that – – it’s vulnerable to opponent’s side step. You shuld mind opponent’s pattern. Opponent can choose to counterattack or side step, If he chose counterattack, then b LKLK. It beats all other skills. And if opponent takes side step, Use d RK again. Okay? It beats all except side step. And fd RK. It was originally had +1 frame, but changed to minus frame. So don’t try any serial attacks.

Just take back dash . Okay? Hit and back dash. Hit and back dash. Okay? Don’t try serial. It has long range. It has longest range and strongest damage. 18 damage. It’s strongest. It took an advantage and lost other advantage. It was originally +1 frame, so after hitting it, One jab beat other all skills. But because it has now minus frame, One jap hit simultaneously or loses.

I didn’t determine the actual frame. Anyway it’s minus frame. And bd RP. It also has long range and high hit avoidance. Its advantage is that- – you can use LK serially when opponent tries counterattack. Opponent’s punish is ignored. You should commoly use only 1st hit. And when opponent seems to try something, then use 2nd hit. Okay? And. Ah right. And after fd RK on counter, this is definite. After fd RK on counter, this is definite. It’s definite. You should hit this(u LK). After this, you should. MUST. Okay? These are low hit skils in stand position. And finally I’ll teach you common skills in field(no wall). fd RK(counter hit) ~ u LK is definite.

Okay? These are for Eddy beginners. And now, Common Field Skills. Good skills in close distance are fast frame skills. One jab, fd LPLP fd RP d LP, AP Fast frame with counter hit, and b LP And, fff LK. (Viewer : By the way, What does field mean actually?) In stand position. It’s all field situation. This confrontation. It’s field. I think you are not good at korean (???) No wall situation. This confrontation is called as field. No wall. It’s field. – This confrontation is field. Do you understand? – (Viewer : Field is English. You idiot…) Do you understand? Oh, don’t you know word field? Okay? It’s field. No walls with confrontation. So in close distance, One jab, fd LPLP, LPRP, LPLK And d LP. I use d LP in minus frame situation. fd LP ~ d LP, fd RP ~ d LP. Like this. You should use it sometimes. And… b LPRKLK. Use it to the 2nd hit and make a handstand. And b LP. I heard it got nerf so I don’t use often. But to make opponent confused, it’s essential. For cunfusing. b LP. And fff LK. And if you want to make counter, fd RP(Upper) is effective.

To Eddy, it’s inevitable. You should use it. (Viewer : Show me back dash please.) Back dash X 4. Speed Back Dash! Okay? (Viewer : Can I watch your stick move?) How do I say it? I have to inform that it’s an education broadcast. Okay I’ll show you. Okay? Okay? BBABABAM! Something appeared. Is it Follow? It’s Toonation. Wait please. It may be Follow. Okay? These are common skills in field. (Viewer : Is Japanese Joystick nice?) Yes. Nice stick. Japanese stick, Nice stick. Okay. From now, common skills in long distance. This is close and It’s long distance. Firstly, Side step ~ RK Side step ~ RK Second, Side step ~ RKAK. It’s for counter hit. When opponent comes and tries to hit me, Then like this. Like this. Okay? What happens on counter hit is that- -LP RK RK AK LP RK RK AK LP RK RK AK LP RK RK AK LP RK RK AK. Okay it becomes combo like this. When AK hits on counter. This is. Okay? LP RK RK AK Right. Only when it’s counter hit.

You got it? Isn’t it easy? LP RK RK AK. Only on counter hit. And now, Uhmmmmmm… LP RK RK AK. LP RK RK AK. If this AK hits on counter, you become sit down position. Pay attention. Opponent may want to come to me when I do Side step ~ RK. So he comes and tries something. Then AK is definite you know, If it’s normal hit, then RK is unbeatable. Unbeatable. Unbeatable. If opponent holds standing, Then LPLK. (Viewer : If you are to teach something, You should practice clearly before…) Should I practice before? It’s my tongue problem. It’s different matter. (Viewer : You should practice left and right first) Do I have to? (laugh) They can understand it.

It’s okay. Do you understand? Don’t you? I did rehearsal once before. Is it really hard to understand like that? Is it my tongue fault really? Okay, I’ll explain again. Am I fast? Okay I’ll slow down. I’ve told you should hold your lever down so that you make sit down position. (Viewer : He is focusing only on his way.) I’ve told you guys can ask. I always gave chances. Why don’t you guys ask? I’ve told you guys should ask what you don’t know. (Viewer : Fuck, I’ll teach you about programming. Then I’ll test if you can understand at once.) Hahahaha. Programming lesson? The advantage of Sit down ~ LPLK is… Even if it’s guarded, except Low parrying, Let me see, Its damage is 27. Right? It has 27 damage and also catches both side steps. With catching both side steps, With catching both side steps, after guarded if you hold lever down, it doesn’t get big punish.

You should… You should hold lever down after LPLK. Either be guarded or hit, always. It has frame loss even hitting it. Frame loss. But hitting it has no punish in field. In front of the wall, it has punish. In front of the wall, hold you lever down after hitting it. But in field, after hitting it you should turn back and make handstand. (Viewer : Is it effective to JACK-7? I mean, to hold lever down after LPLK.) Umm…

Jack has sledge. Jack has sledge. In field, hold Back. In front of the wall, hold Down. But if you hold lever down in field, and if you try something serially, you lose. So just hold the position. Down. Okay? It’s really good in sit down position. REAL IMBA. (Viewer : Eddy is fucking hard;;) Eddy has so many skills like Lei. In long distance, Side step ~ RK is commonly used as I said. Side step ~ AK Side step ~ AK Pay attention. I’ll teach the other advantage of these side step skills. You can use it immediately, You can also make delay between Side step and RK. It has so long delay. Can you see it? Like this.

(Viewer : How many frames can I get after fff LK?) I don’t know the actual frame but RK beats all skills. You have to make delay well. To slowly or to immediately. So does [ Side step ~ AK ] To immediately or to slowly, it’s also two- footed choice to opponent. These two option can somewhat confuse opponent. So you should not use it only with no delay. Sometimes slowly like this. Like this. Can you see it? (Viewer : Can [ Side step ~ RK ] and [ Side step ~ AK ] be two-footed choice?) Right. I use this pattern often. Okay? It’s no delay hit now. (Viewer : How can you use fff LK in so close distance like that? ) It has no other way. ONLY PRACTICE. I can’t explain. I can only say you should input fff quickly. ONLY PRACTICE! [ Side step ~ RK/AK ] is staple and Secondly staple skill is [ fu RK ]. [ fu RK ] And [ qcf LK ]. It’s front movement skill and catches right side step. It’s front movement skill and catches right side step.

It’s effective to use sometimes in long distance. (Viewer : Is [fff LK]’s next hit two-footed choice?) Yes. It is. RK or LPLK or Windmill ( Sit down ~ RKLK ) It’s certainly two-footed choice. If you want to play safely, You can use RK or, LPLK. And if you want high damage, then RK or Windmill. Use these two options. If you have confidence, use windmill. If you have confidence. Okay? I’ll explain its specific meaning. This RK is unbeatable. It’s unbeatable. But opponent also has own thought, so he will not be hit always. Right? So if you think he will crouch, then use LPLK. But if you have confidence, then you Windmill. It totally depends on your mind during match.

Okay? These were the common skills in long distance. Okay?.

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