[MUSIC] Hey, everyone. Welcome to another episode of Hitbox. I’m your host, Shayan Tamayo joined by Blood Talon. Blood Talon, how are you doing today brother? -Good. Good. -Yeah, thank you for coming… thank you for coming by and showing us some Tekken 7 tips. Today, you’re going to show us some Jin stuff, who to me is like one of my favorite-looking characters anyway. He always is a clean on the character select screen. He’s a pretty badass and also there’s a devil version of him. But we’re doing regular Jin today. Now, Blood Talon, are you ready kicking Paul’s ass? I mean, tell us a little bit about Jin. What are some of the things… what is like about Jin that you like? Jin is like kind of like a mix between like a poke character and like a very heavy-execution character. -Hmm. He’s very… very versatile in the ways you can play him. And like I say, if your execution is not on point for some reason, like my hands right now.

[LAUGHING] You can start resorting to pokes if your execution isn’t on point. Yeah. Of course, the electrics play a big part in his offense. It will make his execution… the execution barrier so hard with him. -Yeah. So like, when it comes to Jin, what are some basics that people have to know? So you mentioned he’s a kind of a poke character but he’s also very heavy on executions like you have to execute with him if you want to do well with him. So, is that basically the advice you would give anyone who’s trying to pick him up? -Yes. I would say, you know, his mobility is very good too so you’re going to have to learn to wavedash and get your electrics in. And also, you got to understand like Tekken with him. You really have to understand Tekken with him because he’s not the type of character where you can just kind of… how do I put it? Like do well without understanding the game first. Something that’s very unique about Jin is his parry like a lot of characters either have a punch parry or kick parry or no parry.

[CHUCKLES] Yeah. Jin is however cannot actually parry punch, jabs… jabs, kicks, and shoulders. In this game, we can’t parry shoulders. -With Jin’s parry, you can parry shoulders… -Only one parry? Yeah, he’s the only one with a parry in the game. Oh my goodness! That is only one parry. -It’s like… -Yeah. -…lower… -wow! Oh, no. He has to manually still… you still manually [inaudible] -Oh, got you. Got you. For like… for like the shoulders. See, he parried and I get the punish for a full launch. Wow! So, that’s what makes his parry unique in that sense and he can also parry [inaudible]…

-Really? -…which is ridiculous. All right, so let’s activate the [inaudible] -What? -Yeah. Wow! That’s pretty intense. So, like what are some basics when it comes to using Jin aside from the parry, like what are some moves that players like really need to know when it comes to… Okay. So, for your pokes, you have down [inaudible] 4, so really good low, plus… plus three on hit, I believe, which means, if your opponent tries to mash out, you can follow up with some jab pressure or some [inaudible] ones. There’s two… two, one which is like kind of his… his standard jab pressure. -Yeah. It’s high mid, safe on block and it kind of opens up like your opponent for other attacks.

Lows, of course, there’s a string to it you can complete the mixup. -Oh, wow! And it kind of like sets the pace, in my opinion, for like what your opponent can do out of it. There’s a four, four, three, which is a plus on block launcher. It’s overhead. You can do some damage. There’s the mid… mid electric that launches him up. And this is a cool move, his rage drive. -Whoa! -Yeah. That’s pretty badass. Now, when it comes to Jin, it seems like a very…

He seems like a character that takes a lot of execution. Now, what are some of the bread-and-butter combos you have with him? Bread-and-butter off of electric, it is very important. When you do land on electric, it’s very good to have like an easy combo and… and a hard combo. So, if you’re… you can know your executions off, go for the easy combo. If you know you’re on point, you can go for the hard stuff or see which one I’m at today right now. Okay. So, this is kind of like the easy combo. -Wow! -That’s sort of like the easy combo. It does fair down of damage. Yes, and you get the wall. Get the wall. Then, there’s combos like that. Wow! Now, he did a lot more damage. Yeah, and you can get like really good stuff off of his crouch dash one.

For instance… -Whoa! -Stuff like that. Is… so, is there any other tips that you want to give someone that’s looking to pick up Jin? Because like I said, Jin is like one of the iconic characters of Tekken. -Mm-hmm. So, like what is… like is there… is there anything else that you want to tell them before we go? So, of course, I mentioned before, execution and then the poking type of blend together with him. -Yeah. It’s very unique with his parry. -Spend a lot time in practicing those. -Yeah. [LAUGHING] Spend a lot of time with the game. Understand what Tekken is about and then like he is like the perfect character. He has answers or pretty much every solution and your job as the Jin player is to kind of… kind of gauge what your opponent is trying to do and then make him pay for it.

Like I said, shoulders being parryable and lunch punishable, not doable by other characters but with Jin, you can do it. So, just be aware of like those new unique situations with Jin. And of course, you want to get your… your execution to a point where you feel comfortable enough to basically play the match. Because a lot of times like if your execution is not on point, you don’t feel comfortable and Jin is starting messing up in other areas. -Yeah. And it’s because it’s all big mind game. This is like stay calm, know your combos. Stay calm, know your combos, know your pokes and that’s pretty much it. -Cool. Well, that’s going to do a fuss here on the episode of the Hitbox.

Once again, I’m your host, Shayan Tamayo and joining me, once again, today was Blood Talon. Thank you again for coming in and showing us some Jin stuff. -No problem. -But like I said, guys, make sure you guys hit the subscribe button, leave a comment, let us know what you guys thought of this video… what you thought of this video and any other characters you want to see you in a future episode of Hitbox. Also, make sure to tap that little bell for little notifications. Those are always nice, right? -Really nice. Ting! -All right. Well, that’s going to do it for us, guys. We’ll check you later. [MUSIC].

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