Hey, everyone. Welcome to another episode of Hitbox. I’m your host, Shayan Tamayo joined by Galo. Once again, thank you for coming back brother. And today, we’re bringing you more Tekken tips, but this time, Josie, right? -Josie, yes. Cool, awesome. So like, Josie… what do you say? Is Josie like a top-tier character or… ? Josie is around the mid-tier. She has a lot strengths and not too many weakness. In my… so, so in my opinion, she’s… I would say mid-tier. You know, top-tier characters have just like really good strengths. -Sure. But she’s definitely just, you know, hanging in there. -So can you show us some of her basics? -Yeah. So, Josie is a, is a very standup character. There really are no… you know, she didn’t have any back turn, she has no like real stances besides like her Muay Thai stance there… oh, sorry, they used to be called Muay Thai stance when she use speed boost back in the old games. In this game, it’s called Switch Dance, which is basically… she switches her right foot forward and then sways in, right? Or she does an attack afterwards.

So, you have two options, either hold forward and you sway in after an attack that puts her in Switch Dance or you can press a button to do an attack. That’s the only thing she has as far like stances go. For sure. So, the way I played Josie, because I’ve seen a lot of different styles with her. I played her in a pesky manner. I really want to chip away with lows. So… and she has a really good lows. One of her most annoying lows is her down forward, which is this one.

Relatively safe, it’s only minus 10, so you can really just throw it out. The only problem is that it’s… it doesn’t do a lot of damage, if you notice the life bar… -Yeah, very little. -It’s very little. -You’re just using it to annoy your opponent honestly. -Yeah. Another good low is from crouching, she has this one, very long range low, it does a lot of damage. On counter hit, she gets a, she gets a secondary hit, so she gets like there’s small combo I guess. And one of her most famous lows that she acquired from Bruce from previous game is her crouch dash three.

-Whoa! A big hitting low, really scares the opponent into ducking. And once you get the opponent ducking, that’s when you start going with the… with her ugly meds, which she has a lot of. In my opinion, her best mid is going to be her down forward two. -Whoa! This move just has so much range. You know, it hits a croucher and launches them. It’s mid… it’s only minus 13, so you know, if you want to take that risk it won’t… you know, you won’t be punished too hard for it. So, in my opinion, it’s probably the best down forward 2 in the game. I’m going to go ahead and… go on record with that and say it’s the best one. -Yeah. Some may not agree with me. I think it’s the best one. I don’t think anyone has this much range for a down forward 2 that launches crouchers.

You know what I mean? It’s about this range. Boom! -Wow! Like, what are you going to do? I’m so far. Some characters don’t even reach that far in order to punish. It has some good damage too. Yeah, and she gets pretty decent off it. And another reason this character is really good, because she has a lot of wall carry. She can carry to the wall really easily. She also has her infinite… infamous Butterfly Edge. -Whoa! So this move is really strange as far as characteristics of the move, move properties are. Because she can do it by going forward, going backwards and neutral. Wow! Now, the funny thing is, it has the same properties from all three positions that she uses. What do you mean by that? -I, I mean it launches every time… -Oh! -…no matter what. So normally, an attack like that would never…

Would only launch when going forward and it will only launch if you do it neutral, if it’s a counter hit. -Oh! And if you’re going back, it would never launch. But with hers, it launches all the time. -Whoa! Making it a really cheap attack. And the funny thing about it is it crashes, crashes low, sometimes crashes high and sometimes crashes mid oddly enough. So, you know, sometimes your opponents throwing out of mid, you do this and you hit them, you bit them and it’s like the weirdest thing in the world.

So… That’s a, that’s a low, but… -It’s a punish. Yeah, it’s definitely a punish. She’ll definitely hit the crouchers. So, that’s one of her primary moves, this move, the Butterfly Edge. So you know, with her… talking about mixing up lows with the mids and then going from there, you know. So, can you show us like one of your favorite combos to do with her? Yeah. So like, most of my combos are going to start from down forward 2 because that’s the move I use the most, simply because it’s easy to throw out…

-Yeah. And it’s a mid and you’re almost always going to connect if the… you know, if they’re messing around, if they’re whiffing or something. You can hit… as long as you know your range with that move, you’re always going to hit them. And they may or may not punish you. It’s the beautiful thing about that move, it just hits from so far away. -Wow! So, yeah, that’s one of my favorite combos. So, walk us through that again like the buttons you’re pressing. All right. So, I start up with down forward 2. Hit forward 1 plus 2 and then going to 4 afterwards.

So let’s do it from over here. Forward 1 plus 2, 4, 4, 3, 4. And then the ender, you can choose. She has a lot of different enders. You could choose… you can just 3… 3 into sway to 1 and 3. And that’s the one for wallccarry, you know. Yeah. And then she also has like forward 2, 3, 4, which is for damage. So, it really just depend on how do you want to end. I usually end with forward 2, 3, 4 because that’s the most damaging one. You could do a 3, 3 for a wall carry if they’re close to a wall like that. -Wow! And do a wall combo. Wow, that’s a lot of damage. So, yeah. So, with… you really just have to choose which end you need for the situation at your end.

Of course. So what if, what if you haven’t train them yet to be a crouching, what kind of combo would you do? Like it’s… because that’s when you got into mind… to like mind games in the croucher. Right. So, if… like I said, if they’re not crouching just… it’s pesky, be pesky, chip away with lows, you know. Do a big low, do some small lows, maybe throw some jabs in between. Because you just really want to like pester them. If you’re throwing jabs, they might want to duck. If you’re throwing lows, they might want to duck. You know, once you get them ducking, throw this move out to begin with because it’s safe. Oh, yeah. The move is safe. You can throw that out all day. So, that’s why I think Josie is really good and she has a lot of good mids as well besides her launching mids. Like forward 3 is a really good mid, which is actually a launcher on counter hit as well. So, that’s also a really good move to throw out. She has a forward 4, 4, which is also mid.

She get to counter hit combo for that as well. -Oh! So you really just got to know your ranges with her. So, it’s basically like just a big mind game, because like you want to train them to crouch and then punish them heavily because that game that you did about launch is crazy. Yeah and then she has like range attacks like, like her double knees. So if you feel like you’re not going to reach with like a down forward 2, you throw up the double knees. That launch too? No, it doesn’t launch, but it’ll hit them in the face when they’re crouching. [CHUCKLES] So, yeah… and it’s a really good punisher, it’s 14 frame startup, easy to punish like any 14 frame attack from any range. Awesome! Well, thank you so much brother for showing us that. This has been another episode of Hitbox, giving you Tekken tips. Make sure to follow us on Twitter. His link would be right here in the bottom, but make sure you hit that subscribe button, make sure you like, comment and let us know who you want to see, see tips of. Thank you guys so much.

We’ll check you later. [MUSIC].

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